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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Victor Harbour

Warning: lots of photos!!! I have long wanted to visit Victor Harbour and it has certainly exceeded my expectations. It is such a pretty place and the park in which we are staying is just lovely. Right on the ocean front. One of the things I love about being in the southern states is the flowers that seem to grow so abundantly and beautifully here like one of my favourites lavender.
One of the things I wanted to do like all tourists who come here was to visit Granite Island via the famous Horse drawn tram. Our gorgeous hard working horse was "Carmen" who is 23 years old at the time the brochure was printed. Isn't she just beautiful. They are truly beautiful animals. As we were a little early for the first trip of the morning we saw her getting her rub down after her daily morning paddle along the foreshore which apparently they love.
We travelled across the causeway on the tram which is 630 metres in length and didn't go all the way to the island until 1875. We bought a one way ticket as we decided to walk around the island and then walk back across the causeway. We sat up the top of the tram because I am short and I like to be up high. It was a bit tricky and steep coming back down the narrow steps at journeys end.
This is how far we had come from the mainland.
We had a meeting of the minds (scary I know) and decided that a coffee and cake was required to fuel us for our walk around the island. I have to say I always credited Victoria for the best coffee in the land but ours today was pretty good and went so well with our Lemon Citrus Tart.

We set off on our island walk along the Kaiki trail 2.9kms which began with just a couple of stairs. But hey after 10.6 kms around Uluru this was a walk in the park I can tell you.
The ocean vistas were awesome with views out to Seal rock and the ocean beyond. Granite Island is situated in Encounter Bay and the protected Southern Right Whales come in the cooler months to give birth and raise their young in the warmer protected waters of the bay. We looked but weren't lucky enough to see any. It makes me very happy though to know they have a safe place to come to. When whaling began here there were 100,000 southern right whales.There are many viewing vantage spots along the walk all just beautiful.
You can also have a seat along the way and soak up the peace and quiet of the place.
There are also lots of unusual granite boulders some of which have been eaten away by the rust coloured lichen that apparently over hundreds of years turns them to dirt. This one was like an umbrella and you could stand right under it.
I have noticed down this way these sweet little yellow flowers that seem to carpet areas. They have a clover like leaf and are so cheerful in little spots everywhere. I'm sure someone knows what they are. Gary says probably weeds!!
We started to make our way back to the causeway and it occurred to us we were in a 2 hour parking spot (old age). We had decided to take the tram early on a whim. So thinking that the damage was probably already done  we may as well take our time. The causeway is there behind me.
The end was in sight. We both agreed a really enjoyable experience.
We walked back across the causeway to the car expecting the worse but phew! No ticket!
On the way home Gary (yes Gary) pointed out a cute little quilt shop called "The Quilt Basket". Of course I had to pop in for a little visit. It was the cutest little shop.
A couple of fat quarters caught my eye from amongst the lovely fabrics, so they had to come home with me.
Diane "The Quilt Basket's" lovely owner was very helpful and it was lovely to have a chat. You can check out what's on offer at Lovely to meet you Diane.
After lunch we headed to a spot called "The Bluff" hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of a whale but all we got was a sensational view of the bay. So we were very satisfied.
Every post I tell myself I am not going to make it too photo heavy but I just can't seem to help myself as I just want to share everything.  There is just so many beautiful places in this country of ours. I just hope it is not like looking out someone's holiday slides LOL! Well I did warn you all when I started it was my trip dairy.
Tomorrow we are off to Handorf about 80 kms north of here for a day trip. I am hoping to visit artist  Hans Heysen's house and gardens and studio. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us as there has been a terrible storm up that way this afternoon. We are getting a little rain here now and we are hoping that will be it.
Take care everyone,
Blessings Michelle xxx
P.S. Finally managed to get a copy of Homespun and check out my little "Chrissy Chaps" and I have to say I am very proud of them.


  1. Michelle, I've been quiet not commenting but I've been LOVING your trip pics and travelogue - since I'll probably never get there myself, it's the only way I can enjoy it too, lol!

  2. Hi Michelle - Victor Harbor is such a beautful place - I love visiting there also. Your photos are great. Quilt shop - bonus!

  3. Great photos and the Lemon Tart looks delcious...

  4. Those little yellow flowers are soursobs and they ARE weeds. My garden is full of them and they are almost impossible to get rid of !

    Victor is a great spot to visit. So pretty. That pie looks delicious - I may have to pop off and buy one at Assaggio tomorrow!

  5. Lovely tour of Victor Harbour. We haven't been there before but it's on our list. Enjoy Handorf. There's lots of lovely shops there including an old fashioned lolly shop!

  6. Michelle i havent heard of this place before,such pretty pics and glad you didnt get a ticket,love Handorf i have been there a couple of times,take care.xx

  7. Victor Harbour is such a great place to visit - I'm so glad you had a good time.

  8. Oh I loved this post as this is one of the few places in Australia that I have been to! I do so love to read your stories too.

  9. We visited Vitor Harbour back in 1987 - 25 years ago, pre children days. It was absolutely gorgeous, looking foreward to visiting again once we are retired.


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