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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Just Scraping in Again!

Good morning. Its It's a bit cool around here this morning for this thin blooded Queenslander. Well it did drop to single digits....that's cool to me!
Anyway I digress. I have gotten May's Rainbow Scrap Challenge block done just in time before the next one is due. GREEN was the colour for May.
It was a butterfly turn as well.
This years blocks are starting to look very "Rainbowy"....
Ok bring on June!
Something struck me recently when I was preparing some patterns to go out. My process is usually getting the image in my head down on paper.....sometimes they get stitched and sometimes they have gone into my stitchery alphabets and patterns and I don't get to stitch them. Whilst packaging this one....Frosty Friends...
A few of the cute Frosties just stole my heart all over again and I really felt the need to stitch a couple.
I have chosen Country Garden Thread Blue Wren (washed and tested) and it is stitching up so nicely.
I am not sure what they will become yet but they are so darn cute.....even if I do say so myself lol! I must remember to have a look see in my own pattern drawers from time to time for some more stitching projects.
I am off for a cuppa in a nice sunshiny warm spot.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, May 28, 2017


As the car ad says "oh what a feeling! "Heart's Desire" binding attached, is finally finished.
I am a very happy quilter! It really is a beautiful design by Robyn Pandolph and I love that my quilt is made with all her fabrics too. I have long been a fan.
When I look at all those tiny stitches I think I may just be a tad crazy......but I don't want any help lol!
I am really going to enjoy snuggling under this one!
As I said last post I was off to a Rainbow birthday party. It was great fun and our littliest Granddaughter had a blast.
As you can see everyone got into the swing of rainbows.....especially Mr.R. alias Grampy! The kids just love him getting into the act lol!
Oh dear! There was indeed cake....
And it was definitely of the Rainbow variety....
We weren't too indulgent as DD made these beautiful rainbow cups of delicious fresh fruit and cream!
Big birthday hugs to our little Batgirl....note batgirl wristband lol!
Enjoy your Sunday,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Binding Time.

I spent yesterday getting the binding on my Robyn Pandolph Heart quilt. I also found the original pattern. Turns out it is called "Hearts Desire"....not sure if it is still available but there it is for those who asked me.
I was a bit concerned about what I could match up with regards to the binding as I had purchased the fabrics sooooo very long ago. I bought this pretty blue for another project but changed my mind....I think it works. Looks much better than the photo.
As this was the best option I had, slicing, dicing and sewing it on took place.
It took a while. I haven't bound a quilt this big for quite a while. I love seeing the little valleys the quilting makes. Aren't we blessed to be quilters.
Now some quiet hand work to stitch it in place. I really look forward to this part of the quiltmaking journey. With each little stitch observing and reflecting on your work.
Hopefully not too long away from a finished UFO of long standing and then it is back to Grandmother's Flower Garden quilting. I really want this one done this winter!
Managed to fit in some reading as well.....I enjoy Aussie author  Di Morrisey and this one is turning out to be a good yarn.
Well must away as I have a "Rainbow Birthday" party to attend for our littliest Rainbow scarf is already.
I forsee "Rainbow" cake in my future...yum!
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Talk Amongst the Teacups

Yesterday it was my turn to have my friends in my stitching group over to my place.
I picked some of my orchids for the table....the wind was knocking them around. So I thought it would be lovely to enjoy them in a vase.
We always get out our pretty teacups when its our turn, which I love doing. After advice from a friend many years ago after she lost everything in Cyclone Tracey in Darwin, I use all my treasures....her advice "stop saving everything for THAT special is special" What could be more special than good friends visiting.
Whipped up a batch of pikelets to have with delicious Aussie strawberry jam and cream.
I worked on my Gardener's Journal block......well 4 stitches is work isn't it?

So enjoyed catching up with the girls....too busy talking to snap their piccies.
On a completely different you know, like many of you I love our natural world and I feel sick when I think of what our ridiculous addiction to plastic bags etc. is doing to our planets oceans. I use reusable shopping bags for the weekly shop but it annoyed me trying to find a solution for loose fruit and vegies instead of those plastic one time use things.....well very happy camper now!
I bought them online from
I bought the 8 pack, they come with a cute little bag to keep them in your bag, nice and handy for use.
The bags themselves are light enough not to effect the weight of your purchase and they are sheer enough for scanning at the checkout!
If the cost is prohibitive another great idea was told to me by my friend and fellow Aussie designer Vicki Knight......Vicki buys net curtaining at charity shops, chops them up and makes her vegie and fruit bags from that idea.
Reusuing! Recycling! Fantastic! What do you do? Love to know.
If we all as individuals do what we can, when we is no small thing folks.
Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday With Lucy Boston

Today was time for Sunday Stitchers and trying to share the stitching love around I decided to work on my much neglected Lucy Boston blocks.
This was the state of affairs when I emptied my tin...

Some single blocks, some assembled and one with cream background almost completed. That's the one I chose to work on.
I realised that I am a closet perfectionist (probably not a surprise to some) and a not very well matched stitching thread  (that is visible to me) put me off and poor Lucy was abandoned in the tin. I am going to try and rematch the thread for a better fit.
I finished the almost done block....
And also got it sewn on to the assembled piece...happy camper! Just have to keep giving Lucy a turn out of the tin occasionally! However I do not think this will be a bed size quilt lol!
I also get sidetracked by other peoples pretties.... so want to make a scrappy Orange Peel quilt and seeing Lynda's cute little blocks just tempts me each time I see them.
A lovely day....lots of giggles and chat and we did stitch.
On the way home I just had to stop and take a piccie of  these Native Golden Penda blooms which are flowering profusely all around where I live. Stunning!

They are medium size trees covered in these fist sized blooms.
I hope you have enjoyed your weekend too.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Visitor and FNSI

Well nothing chases away the "end of holidays" blues quite like a special visitor. Thursday my lovely friend Raewyn from NZ flew in to town and came by for a cuppa and a chat. So nice to spend time with delightful lady.
Time just flew and it seemed she had only just arrived and I was waving her off. Such a special treat.
Yesterday was Mr. R's birthday.

I took him out for coffee and cake and cooked his favourite dinner....he is so easily pleased.....rissoles with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and vegies. He loved it!
He always blows out his candles with our youngest Granddaughter who has a birthday in a few days time.
So after the dishes were done....having given the birthday boy the night off I settled down with my other Friday night stitchers over at WENDY'S at Sugarlane Quilts
I was so nearly finished this little Gardener's Journal block that I did the last little bit of stitching on it.

That done I just felt like curling up with some hand quilting. So I worked on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.
This ticked my "keeping ufos out of the cupboard " promise I am trying hard to keep.
Sorry about the crinkly photo. I am over halfway there, quilting it very simply around each flower and centre. As it was the first ever hexie anything I had done and all the background are individual hexies it is a little difficult to hand quilt. But I am determined that it shall be done.
So that's me done for FNSI. Thank you Wendy xx
A little bit of excitement for me. My very kind and supportive friends, Fiona, Raewyn and Chookyblue are organising a Stitch-a-long to stitch my Holly Cottage Christmas quilt from my book.
I am so excited to see what fabric choices everyone makes and to have other Holly Cottage Christmas quilts in the world. You can read about it HERE or even join in!

Thanks lovely are the best!

Have a  lovely weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggerty Jig

I have had a lovely break away at a favourite spot in our home on wheels....bit sad to leave my delightful view....perfect for stitching by, drawing by, reading by...oh and the odd cup of coffee.

We had some very nice visitors....

Caught up with my little brother.
He lives at a beautiful place in the world....
After completing my goal of stitching my Country at Heart Alphabet blocks I worked on Gardener's Journal again...
Excuse the poor photos...

I did a little drawing for my son....a huge Holden fan....this one is a little well loved lol! Of course I didn't take all my art supplies so a bit of tweaking still needs to happen.
So that's me caught up now....looking forward to catching up on some blog reading and my new Magazine.
But first I am off to collect a special visitor for a couple of hours....excited!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx