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Friday, January 31, 2014

Another Little Date With Me

Good morning! Today I had to venture across town to pick up some theatre tickets at Brisbane's Powerhouse Theatre Precinct at New Farm on the Brisbane River. Want to come for a wander? It is a photo heavy post folks. I did try and cut down but was not very successful.
I hadn't been since it was repurposed ( which was ages ago by the way). I just love how it looks. incorporating the old powerhouse building with the new. Great recycling!!
Love, love love the urban rustic look inside...
This lighting fixture is made from electrical components from the old powerhouse. It gave a lovely soft glow to the space. The restaurant bar beckoned so I treated to is this for a Jam drop bikkie???
I decided to have it out on the deck overlooking our Brisbane river. Even though the day is very overcast it was still very nice to sit and watch the world go by.
Down this walkway...
leads to New Farm Park which was a much loved family destination on a Sunday afternoon when my children were and running free in the park. The park features many of our majestic Moreton Bay Fig trees which are a cool canopy on our hot summer days.
A picnic or BBQ can be had overlooking the river.
The gardens are lovely.
I have no idea what this shrub is but it was very interesting...
It opens to reveal this...
There is a very old Bandstand and we have on many occasions listened to bands playing there.
The park has beautiful rose gardens...there were still quite a few blooms even with the hot weather. That was a lovely surprise. There were so many varieties but believe it or not I restrained my photo snapping...
Gorgeous Pink with a blush:
Sunshiney Yellow:

Oh and pretty Coral Pink:
I was going to share them one at a time but hey if one rose makes you feel good, many make you feel great. The Poinciana trees were a picture wearing their burnt orange blossom.

On the way back to the car park from my wander I noticed this great sign..

I hope you enjoyed coming with me to pick up my tickets this morning. Thanks for your company.
A little bit of stitching this afternoon now I think...
Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Sneaky & Show & Tell

Good morning all. As I am tied to the computer today I thought I would do a quick post before I get to it. I have a little sneaky to show you that is a project for one of the craft Magazines later in the year.
Yes there are little mousey ears there!! I really like the country/picnic type look of that fabric.
Sometimes I really think my brain goes on vacation without me and just sends me a postcard that reads...."something is wrong with this picture!"
Yesterday I happily began assembling my little Dresdens....I was oh so pleased but....
it suddenly occurred to me that...(postcard from the brain!!!)
little Dresden Plates really do look better with their little circles in the middle!!!! I honestly think it is the lack of chocolate. You see I have been trying very hard to cut down and it is obviously not good for me!!
Show & Tell:
Two ladies who do have their creative brains in gear are Shez who made my "Cherish" cushion featured in Country Threads Magazine Vol 14 No 9..and Pauline.
My brief was "soft vintage with a touch of coral" Look at Shez's gorgeous version.
So pretty. Shez also personalised it with her friend's initials in the heart. I love how a different colourway just gives a whole different look. Well done Shez! I hear Jan liked it as well.
For those of you who are enjoying my new "Baby Alphabet"
You have Pauline (no blog) all the way over in WA to thank. Pauline wanted to get a special little gift made to send off to a special little someone in England. So I got a wriggle on so she could get it done in time.
Pauline has kindly given me permission to share with you her very pretty bunting that she has so beautifully stitched with my little letters.

I think it is so pretty and I am delighted that a little somebody across the waves will have a little touch of me.
As a firm believer that "creativity is good for your soul" it makes my heart sing when I see you very clever people tapping into your own creativity with something I have drawn.
Thank you Shez and Pauline for sharing you lovely work and allowing me to share it here.
Speaking of work I must get back to mine....perhaps a cuppa to help the focus a little.
Enjoy your day,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, January 26, 2014


****WARNING*****Just a quick post to advise you all to be aware of any blogs you may still have on your blog roll that are no longer active and you have not stopped following. I have had the experience of a very unsavoury and porngraphic Asian blog posting from a blog that the owner has not deleted and is no longer using.....quite shocking I can tell you. If my blog roll was on my blog I would have been mortified!!
I am a person who is slow to anger but these people infuriate me....they are so low!
So just thought I should warn you all in the hope of alerting you all.
Michelle xxx

Happy Australia Day

Happy Birthday Australia. I thought at the risk of making people cringe I would share a little lesson in Aussie  slang...
So I hope you enjoy your plans?
Me and the ol' bloke are shootin' thru to the flicks and then after puttin' on the nosebag for a spot of tucker. Home in time for arvo tea for a cuppa and a lamington or the ol' fella might 'ave a stubby.
Hoo Roo See ya when the weather breaks!!!
Translation : My husband and I are going to the movies and lunch afterwards. We will be having a lamington and a cup of tea for Afternoon tea or my husband may have a bottle of beer. Good bye!
LOL! couldn't help myself. We really are quite civilised. I for one am very grateful that I live in this beautiful but sometimes very harsh place in the world and that I have experienced some of it's beauty.

Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, January 25, 2014


I would like to say I was fully there for..
But I would have to say it was more like Friday Afternoon Sew In and then I caught very caught up making a photobook of our Grampians trip last is a new past time and very time consuming!! Also people you may escape ALL the holiday pics on future trips..LOL! Is that cheering I can here.
My afternoon efforts were a little redwork stitching on my little Angel.
She is slowly emerging in her red thread.
Thanks to Wendy for being our hostess again and bringing us all together. I will be visiting other Friday Nighters over the weekend to see what was in their hoops or on their hooks and needles.
A little treat to leave you with from Let's Enjoy Beauty....
Are you like me and love a pretty pansy or two? I read somewhere once a quote that said "Pansies are such happy flowers...they always look so pleased to see you" and I think they were right.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Busy Days

I haven't a great deal to share as I have been head down working and trying to stay cool. I did however have a lovely day yesterday at my friend Lorel's home for our first stitching group get together for 2014. Is there anything nicer than being with dear friends, catching up on news, a cuppa out of beautiful china, lovely food and of course a bit of stitching ( if you can be quiet long enough to get the needle into the fabric).
I worked on my little Dresden's and have now appliqued them to their background squares...1 to go!
I have also finished a couple of my little "frock" the word "Frock". Very unfashionable now but I think it alludes to a very special dress.
Aren't they cute! I received one for my birthday from Cheryll at Gone Stitchin' and I love it and I couldn't resist making a couple (with Cheryll's permission of course) They are all ready in their little packets waiting for their new owners.
Two of my dear friends have led me astray (yes Kay and Lorel) and it has resulted in yours truly going through a lot of my photos of our road trips. While doing so I came across a photo I took of a framed quote I took at Flagstaff Hill in the Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage at Warrnambool in Victoria and I think they are wise words we could all aspire too...
Well folks must dash! Hunting and gathering awaits me today.
Enjoy your Thursday,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Little Baking in My Hoop

Now that has confused you hasn't it!! But I have a cute little "baked" fellow in my embroidery hoop at the moment.....he is donning his brand new thread icing and looks very pleased with himself. Another sneaky I am afraid folks....

Before Christmas I treated myself to some new pens and watercolour pencils and have been having a little play with them....
One day I am going to go and sign up for some art classes, so until that day comes I just puddle about with the pencils etc. It was such good fun. I think it does us good to just "play" sometimes.
 I often just really like my own company and yesterday after delivering a large parcel to the post office I took myself off to see "Saving Mr Banks". I thoroughly enjoyed it....needed a couple of tissues though. I had wanted to see Philomena but missed the start so that is next on my list. I love Judy Dench.
When I got home and saw the devastation the heat and bush fires are causing in South Australia and Victoria I was so sad for all involved. After visiting the beautiful Grampians National Park last year and staying in Halls Gap it hit home even more. The park where we stayed was evacuated and the township is still under threat. I pray there is no more loss of life from these fires and to think apparently some were deliberately lit...
It really does beggar belief!! Anyway I thought I would post a couple of piccies from that beautiful area when we were there.

It is hard to believe that 6 months ago it looked like that. I am very thankful we got to see it looking it's best. Still Mother Nature will regenerate herself given a little time but I am so sad for those who have lost homes and even worse their lives. I am very thankful that our lovely friends Cheryl and Mick who live around that area are safe. Huge cheers once again for our Firies who do such a dangerous but amazing job. Bless each every one of you xx
Well that is it from me. I hope you all enjoy your weekend....a cooler one hopefully for those in Victoria and SA. Hard to believe our blogging friends in other countries are very chilly while we are sweating it out.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Dresdens

I so enjoyed stitching the little Dresden's I have also been working on my large ones and now have quite a few appliqued to their backgrounds.
Have I mentioned how much I love French General by Moda????? Oh I have! Many times you say! Ok!
I also have not had any redwork in my work basket and I start to get withdrawals if there is none there so I have traced out a little Angel friend and have some stitches in her wings.
I am afraid she looks a little pale and pasty at the moment but I am sure she will come to life with a good dose of DMC 816....I am sure I have that thread in my it! Never tire of it! I think she will make a very sweet little sewing tote when I am done stitching. You can never have too many! Where else would you hide all your UFO' least this way they are in pretty bags. Or is that only me?
On a completely different note, I have been vetting some of my photos and I came across some that DD took many of which I have already posted but I just loved these....
You know how I love my little handmade bears, well this one is just loving her close up..
Oh wait! What about a black & white piccie while you are about it?
I love this pile of yummy fabrics in this one...
and just to prove a point...I really do love redwork stitching..
Thanks for indulging me...I did say I meander a bit.As my friend Ann would often tell  me... "focus" when I would wander off to far and change subjects without warning.
Before I go I just wanted to thank a lovely lady called Aunt Bea. I received the most kind and uplifting email from her which just made my day. Unfortunately when I tried to respond my email was bounced back saying "Delivery Failure". So I just wanted to say Big Hugs to you Aunt Bea and thank you for visiting me regularly and taking the time to tell me how much you like your visits. I so appreciated your kindness.
Blessings Michelle xxx