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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And Then There Were Three!

I have to say these little blocks are very addictive....although I am only using my stash for the blocks, background or joining block fabric is required. On the horns of a dilemma....if I do all the blocks and then decide it leaves one mammoth job to join them all....decisions, decisions!! Part of me is telling me to be true to the pattern and paper piece the whole thing and the other part is saying applique them....hhmm! Help! I knew I should have kept on ignoring them.
I am also sewing the binding down on a project for Country Threads which is due VERY soon....instructions are next!!!
So not a lot to share to continue pounding the keyboard....oh a have a nice cuppa!
Aren't my Crotons pretty....just love their fiery foliage! Enjoy your day.
Namaste & Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some Treasures

Good morning all, I just thought I would show some of my treasures that I bought at Glenrose Patchwork and Canning Town Patchwork in Warwick.
Love these yummy fabrics...

I also loved these pretty pale blue sweet fabric some of the girls were using and so had to have some as well as some pretty ric rac and trim. I also have been flirting with the idea of making some blocks using the paper lozenges in the style of the Lucy Boston blocks.
So much fun. I do have to work on my fussy cutting quite a bit but I am pleased with the result. I am wanting the more muddy vintage looking fabrics so diving into the fabric draws is in order. I am going to aspire to using only those fabrics in my stash...hhmm! I just love playing around with them in different combinations.
I think though I am probably going to cheat and applique the blocks to a background rather than paper piecing the whole quilt....still thinking!
Big Happy Birthday wishes to my lovely friend Fiona from Bubzrugz xx
Enjoy the rest of your day,
Namaste & Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Friday, February 21, 2014

Last and Final Chapter

Are you bored yet?? This cute little wall hanging was hanging in the work room to inspire.
I was really pleased to finally finish a UFO that had been hanging around for ages. You may remember it and I still am not sure what possessed me to choose these fabrics but I have to admit that I am now quite fond of it....who knew! Fancy that!
 So here is "Hooray it's Stitching Day!" Table topper.
A lovely lady called Leonie stipple quilted it for me so just a bit of hand quilting remained and the backing had to be trimmed back and sewn down.
Each corner has a separate little stitching related stitchery
In the pile for instruction writing now.
Most of my stitching however was concentrated on my Michelle's secret project sewing and although I didn't get as far as I would have liked (it's called making a miscalculation in the design process) progress was indeed made.
I had lots of encouragement from the girls (even some requests...not naming any names of course) which was so nice. I loved seeing all these clever ladies at work on their projects. Caught Tatyana late in the day with her lovely blocks.
And then as all good things came to an end.
I would like to say a huge big thank you to Teresa for inviting me, Sandi for organising such a wonderful retreat, Tatyana for keeping me company on the drive up and home and to she and  Teresa being such lovely 'roomies'. To my lovely friend Fiona for 'gatecrashing' and driving all the way over to spend time with us and spoiling us. To all the girls for being so friendly, kind and such good (wicked) fun. My lips are sealed!!!! I loved every second.
You know, I had wanted to visit this lovely place for so long but it didn't eventuate and I was disappointed but strange things happen.....when I did get to go it far exceeded my expectations and I think that has to be the lovely girls that kept me company. So the lesson here? Don't give up on something because there may just be a much better version right around the corner as there was for me. Thank you everyone...big hugs xxx
Ok! That's it from me I think I am done. One very happy and contented stitcher here.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Retreat Chapter 2

On arrival at Glenrose Patchwork B&B we were greeted so cheerfully and a delicious Devonshire Tea awaited us...oh such pretty teacups! It was hard to chose.
the scones went down a treat!
After settling in Sandi (organiser extraordinaire) gave us the sweetest "blue" gift. It was presented so beautifully none of us wanted to unwrap it...
But we forced Isn't it pretty. Please note my Oreo's are still intact.
The first evening everyone bought something delicious to share and our first meal was something to see and taste...So much laughter and friendship....lovely!
We had a visit into Warwick to a cafe and gift shop called Bryson's a favourite of the girls and a very nice lunch was had. We enjoyed it so much we had to go again. This time however we had a very special visitor with us, Fiona from Bubzrugz who came to spend the day with us...Yours truly and Fiona.
The rest of the girls...
Sandi and Teresa.
Tatyana and Noreen
Jen No1 and Miss Helen.
Yours truly and Jen No.2
Noreen Tess and Jen
As you can see we spoilt ourselves with lovely treats.
Fiona left us with a lovely bundle of gifties to play "Naughty Santa" after dinner that evening. Tess gets the game under way while Helen supervises.
It was so much fun and much thieving, hilarity and keeping your gift close to your chest took place.
Jen and Teresa remained friends even after some extreme stealing.
My gift was a lovely needlecase that I was thrilled with.
We did actually do some stitching which I will show next chapter.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Retreat at Glenrose Chapter 1

Good morning everyone. Well I am back from my retreat and I had the most wonderful time. I thought I would break it up into smaller epistles. So first a tour of the venue.
This is the gorgeous Glenrose Patchwork shop....a couple of donations were made here. Not far away is the fantastic workroom where we spent our time stitching, laughing and other activities that I am sworn to secrecy about...
The grounds are beautiful with little secret places and gardens to inspire you.
Beautiful roses...
This cute little shed was the venue for sweet Tatyana's Baby shower..
We had a lovely teaparty in the garden in beautiful teacups...

The little cottage that Teresa, Tatyana and myself shared was called "Wisteria"
Isn't it sweet! Want to take a peek inside?
There were lovely quilts gracing the walls to inspire you.
Lots of niches filled with lovely things..
This little darling minded my bed all day while I was away playing.
Tune in for the next chapter shortly,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Little Blogging Break

I will be taking a little blogging break for a few days because some very nice friends invited me to go away stitching with them. So I have my sewing gear packed....oh and of course some "Timmies"! I have had a dozen and 1 projects in and out of those boxes. Decisions! Decisions! Well it is just that I have so few projects to chose from NOT!!! Anyway all done and dusted now and I am sure I will not care as long as I have a needle and thread in my hand.
My suitcase is on the bed waiting for some last minute things.....very excited!
To pass the time until I go I have been quietly stitching and watching our Broncos in the NZ Rugby League 9's under the aircon....bit warm and muggy here!

I shall tell you all about my time away when I return but you already knew that didn't you. LOL!
Namaste & Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Friday, February 14, 2014

I would like to wish you all a very...
If you do not have a partner in your life at this time.....Love Yourself!!! You are so worth it!
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Clever Friends!

Last night was my Wednesday night stitchers group at my friend Diane's home. I have to say the girls out did themselves with their show and tell. So I begged permission to share with you.
Clever Robyn had two beautiful quilt tops to share which were part of a challenge she took part in. The first is a cotton reel quilt with gorgeous applique around the edge. Each cotton reel is made up of 1 inch strips...
little close up...
Her Cottages quilt was made using a similar principle.
and of course I could not resist the little birdies on this one...
Aren't they just fabulous ways to use up your scraps...beautiful!
Mary also was working on a gorgeous quilt.
Look at that braided border...
There are beautiful Red Brolly stitcheries, Applique blocks, log cabin, dresden plate blocks and crazy patch hearts...just so lovely!
Diane had another gorgeous bag that she had made in Lynette Anderson fabrics...
Cute....very cute!
Sue was knitting squares for a charity that sends knitted quilts to Ethiopia. I don't know what happened to the colours in this photo because they were a gorgeous Peacock blue and a Cerise.
Sue modelling her work...she is a lovely knitter unlike yours truly!
Monica and Theresa were very busy stitching too....loveliness in progress.
So as you can see a throughly inspiring and fun filled evening with friends. Missed seeing you Robyn M. xx I am still working away on my Dresdens....nothing new to see there.
Ok must dash! A little something to ponder....
Michelle xxx