....ohh and pencils and paper

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mixed Bag

Well where to start. Firstly the clever ladies from the "Quilted Gumboot" in Taihape in New Zealand have been working on my little reindeers in Down Reindeer Lane and have sent me a photo...want to see??
Last year these lovely ladies stitched Christmas Bakeshop. I think they might be a little partial to Christmas like me. Big thanks to Pauline owner of "The Quilted Gumboot" for sending me the photo to share and for her wonderful support across 'the ditch'.
I have a little sneaky peek of my little Friendship Birdie that you all were so kind in your comments about.

And in the 'what's next' in the stitching department.....the Frosties won out.
They all drawn out and ready to go.....little excited. Love a new project. Especially Snowmen!!!
Now you just knew there would be more baby pics so if you are not that way inclined look away now.
My first cuddles...

Very proud Nanna and Grampy.
Wide awake...
Such a dear little girl....and we are not biased at all. The exciting thing is that little Charlotte is going to have some company in just 3 weeks and we get to do this all over again.
Have a great day everyone.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, April 26, 2013


Look what I was blessed to receive early this morning.....
A brand new little Granddaughter Charlotte Ann.....adorable little girl. We are all so thrilled. Mother and Daughter are both doing well.
Lots of cuddles coming my way later today. I am sure I will have a better piccie tomorrow but just couldn't wait to share her with you.

I would also like to share some lovely show and tell from Illene. My little "Lend a Hand Angel" received some lovely stitching love from Illene....
Thank you so much Illene for sharing her with us.
Well I must fly....lots to do. I don't think I will get any stitching done today. But hey, that's the good thing about stitching it always waits for you.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Diamond Day

Sometimes we are very fortunate to have one of those 'special days'. Yesterday was such a day. In a favourite place with favourite people. I travelled up the range with my lovely friend Teresa to Highfields to visit gorgeous Fiona.
Don't they look happy amongst all that gorgeousness at the Quilter's Angel.
We had a lovely play in here. (Don't you love Fiona's bag that clever Marina made her. Tried to work our how to sneak it into my bag but Fiona wouldn't give it up) A couple of my purchases....
I said a much ya buy on the mountain remains a secret.
I was also spoilt rotten by beautiful gifts from Teresa and Fiona. Very naughty but oh so nice.
My fingers have flicked that gorgeous charm pack a dozen or more times already. As we each have one of those fantastic mugs, it will be so nice to know we are all sipping our favourite brews from them....whilst blogging of course. LOL. Aren't you impressed that the chocolate is still intact.
Fiona showed us some of the other lovely sites and we had a yummy lunch at the Danish Flower Farm where I am afraid to say Teresa and I ran amok....check out lunch. We also had the company of the most gorgeous silky bantam chookie while we ate.
Loved every moment of our day....even being stuck in the road works on the range coming home didn't dampen our spirits. Teresa and I just did what we do best....chatted and laughed.
Thank you Fiona for being our wonderful genereous hostess and Teresa for being such great company on our journey.
NOW! Sewing! Well as I am still deliberating my next project (snowmen vs bears on holidays???)I thought I might do a little catch up so I have been doing a little stitching on my Christmas redwork blocks that "Miss Mistletoe" threw out of my basket with relish last year and hence they never made it to being an actual quilt.
I am enjoying them and I was surprised to discover I had done more of them than I thought...3 more to go.
That is about it from me. I am off to package up some more of my "Christmas Memories" BOM  as I am very excited to say I sold some at AQC....thank you lovely people. Don't forget you can still get yours at the
"Patchwork Teahouse"

Lastly to all our Service Men and Women both past and present I would like to say Thank You!
Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick Post

Good morning everyone. This is just a very quick post from me as I am off to have a lovely day out with friends. I have been trying to catch up on some projects that needed finishing off and I am very pleased to have finished both little boys I Spy quilts. As both are about to become big brothers. They are their "Big Brother" quilts.
Thank you so much everyone that sent me fabric to help me get these quilts finished.
I also wanted to share another piece of Show & Tell from our flash-fingered  friend Joy (no blog)
Joy has stitched my "Teacup and Roses" recently featured in Country Threads Magazine.
It looks so lovely. Joy has done a great job. Thanks for sharing Joy.
Love the sweet cup and saucer too.
That's it from me I shall be back to report on my doings up the mountain tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day.
Blessings Michelle xx

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ta Da!

It is a very cheery place here down in the woods as the last two bear blocks are finished.
Yes the last little bear is all stitched up.
Any ideas about what this new quilt might be about???? I think it is perhaps obvious now that my new design is called "Calendar Bears" and there is a sweet little bear for each month of the year. Some will be clearly celebrating well known events for that month and others are more personal to me but I am sure that you can identify with them e.g. August has little heart raindrops to signfy the raindrops that fell just after our wedding ceremony which took place that month. June is a little busy quilter with touches of lavender as a tribute to a lovely lady called June who gave me my best friend Ann. I am a bit scared about November as I think maybe I could have been channelling myself on the beach. EEk! I am really thrilled with these little furry people and I am now choosing fabrics to help them become a quilt. I loved choosing their colours and outfits too. Time to start something new. I have some cute snowmen trying to get my attention, some Dresden plates I fancy and of course a trillion UFO's I could pay attention too....hmmm!
Lastly I wanted to share with you a photo my lovely friend Diane sent to me of a gift she made for a friend of hers using my "Stitcher's Alphabet".

She made a lovely shoe bag for her friend Fionna. It is gorgeous! I hear Fionna was thrilled with it too.
I am really pleased that lots of you are really enjoying creating with the Alphabet.
That is it from me. Lots to do.
I wish you a joyful weekend with those you care about.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stitching with Friends by the Bay

Today I did one of my favourite things and that was to take the lovely drive down to our Bay area for our Stitching group which was hosted today by my friend Gaye.
We had a great day. Cups of tea out of Gaye's gorgeous china. Loads of chatting, laughing, a little bit of stitching in my corner (too much talking as usual) and there was also some gorgeous show and tell from our lovely friend Lorel. First there was this simply stunning black/white/red number....and it is huge.

Lorel is on the right and Gaye is on the left. Next we have a clever little quilt made from a Jelly roll which apparently you stitch together in one long strip and then bring the ends up to meet the beginning and then start joining them ( Lorel explained it a whole lot better) It is called Quilt 1600 (hope that is right)
Clever isn't it....I might even be able to manage this never know.
Lastly but certainly not least. In fact this block Lorel is working on had us all drooling into our cuppa's.
It is an absoloutely gorgeous design from our very own Brissy designer Nikki Tervo. I forgot to ask the name of it but I have a link here if you would like to see Nikki's gorgeous work. Look at this gorgeous block.
Isn't it just so yummy? Lorel also does exquisite work, such tiny beautiful stitches which being the humble girl she is would vehemently deny. I cannot believe the work in this and there are more blocks of equal gorgeousness. Lorel can piece, hand applique any embroider equally as beautifully.
I had such a lovely day as I always do with these girls. They are all each and every one a true gem.
I hope you are lucky enough to have some "gems" in your life too.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bit and Pieces

Well I am still down in the woods today with the little bears. I have finished 2 more blocks.
A little close up....
Only 2 more to go....actually one and a half.
I have also at the behest of DD being playing with all this.
I'll let you know how it turns out.
Lots of instructions writing today and I can't believe I am quilting a Christmas project to go with them.
That's it from me for today. I have earned my lunch and coffee and I am going to take it on to my nice verandah and enjoy this glorious day (AND sunshine) that we have been blessed with here today.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lunch at the Bay

What's the antidote to a wet day and a depressing visit to see an elderly relative in hospital...a lovely lunch down at the Fish Cafe, Manly Harbour by Moreton Bay.
Our view from the cafe...
We had delicious local Tempura whiting, chips, fresh salad and aioli.
At first we were just going to finish with one of these...
But then we espied the "Poached Pear Tart" with Vanilla Bean ice cream......oh my goodness!,
Devine is a word that comes to mind. We were very good though and thank goodness we had decided to share it. We would have licked the plate clean if it wouldn't have been so unseemly. LOL.
So I am now taking my very full tummy to hibernate with a little bear stitchery block for the rest of the afternoon. Moods have lifted considerably though.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, April 12, 2013

Damp Friday

Lots of showers coming and going here today so after my Yoga class and some yummy pumpkin soup for lunch I settled in for a spot of stitching and my little bear block just happened to be dodging showers too.
I have just finished it....
She doesn't look all that pleased about the weather either. I am quite pleased at my progress with these blocks and only have a few more to go IF I don't get side tracked.
I have been meaning to show you the "hubby tripper" aka a wooden towel rack/ quilt rack I bought on holidays at a bargain price (where I bought the lovely Winton plate). I think I am going to be one of those old ladies that will never consider whether or not it fits in....I'll make it fit....hang on I already am!!!!
It now lives at the top of my stairs....side view.
I think it looks lovely with it's quilts. So far only a few toe bangs by No 1 Husband. lol.
Tonight Hubby is cooking (chinese takeaway from our favourite shop) so I am not sure if I will continue on with the next bear block or do a little quilting job.
Decisions, decisions! Are you kicking up your heels to mark the end of the working week or are you like me and doing some quiet stitching?
I hope you find some stitching time this weekend.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stitching with Friends

Good morning all....bit bleary eyed here this morning. Last night I visited my lovely friend Diane for an evening of stitching with some other friends. Is there anything nicer??? It was a very late night with lots of chatting and laughing and sharing. One of our friends the very delightful Monica bought a long some  gorgeous show and tell and of course being a dedicated blogger I just happened to have my camera handy.
Have a look at this gorgeous quilt Monica has made..
It is just so soft and pretty. Monica is on the left and her helper is Robyn who has to have a sleep over to come and sew with us as she lives a good 2 hours away. A little close up of one of the blocks..
Monica loves birdies too. Now that was not all Monica shared. She also had a couple of other gorgeous projects too. The embroidery on the coat hanger is just exquisite and look at that cute sewing machine.
Oh so beautiful stitching. Thanks Monica for allowing yourself to be harassed by my camera and sharing your beautiful work.
I did far too much talking but did manage to applique a couple of birdies...
A really lovely evening. Thanks girls.
I can also tell you I managed to complete "Winter" in my "Season's Stitcheries" group of minis. YAY!!
So a bit of pattern writing ahead and also I am going to draw up an alternative for all those Anti Frosties out there....sounds like something you put in your car radiator in Winter doesn't it. LOL!!
Be kind to yourself today.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday's Treasures with Melody

Today I am linking up with my dear friend Melody for Tuesday's Treasures where we all get to share something or someone we treasure. What are you sharing???
My treasure today concerns my Mum. Most of you that are regular readers of my blog will know she recently turned 80. This was quite a milestone for anyone but considering my Mum is a breast cancer survivor of nearly 30 years it was extra special. My Mum decided she wanted to give each of her children a little gift as a memento to mark the occassion. My gift was a lovely china coffee mug in it's own lovely box.
So pretty! And you all know how much I hate pretty china....not!
I love this little memento of my Mum's special day and it is a reminder of the odds she overcame to be here and how fortunate we are that she did. So My Mum and her little gift is what I am treasuring.

On the sewing front a little sneaky peek.....
I really seem to be going through an even bigger 'red' phase than usual at the moment. Not complaining..Love it.
A question: Do any of you out there have fabric that you adore ( I know silly question) that you get out all fired up, look at it, stroke it, whisper sweet nothings to it and then promptly put it back in the box until next time.....
I know most of you have made wondrous things with this range already and I had planned to but  the 'just right' design for it evades me. So....yep it's back in the box. Very frustrating as I love it to bits. If it doesn't speak to me soon it is going to become a cover for the campervan.
That's it from me. I shall take my frustration and put it to use on all of  the admin stuff I have to do today.
I wish you a day worthy of you....."Magnificent!!!"
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Belated FNWF & Quilt Handover

Well I didn't get much stitching done and sadly the Tim Tams remained intact due to a bad headache which saw me off to bed early.....I did however make up for it yesterday and got a fair bit done on my birdie.
I am really liking how it is turning out and just have a wee bit more to go and then it will be time to dive into the fabrics to finish it and also decide what it would actually like to be....still listening but she is not talking yet.
Today we had a little celebration for my DDIL to mark the impending arrival of one of my new dear little babies. Due VERY soon.
The quilt and little singlets were all wrapped complete with a present minder.
My DDIL loves red. The quilt was revealed and very well received....
Myself and little Grandson....soon to be a 'BIG Brother'
I really wanted a photo of DDIL & DD together in their "ladies-in-waiting" phase. Thankfully they obliged.
Baby Bump 1 and Baby Bump 2. I cannot believe how the years have flown. Seems like just yesterday they were in each other Wedding Party and now both are waiting for Baby No 2. It was a lovely morning.
I do hope you all enjoyed your weekend however you chose to spend it.
Blessings Michelle xxx