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Monday, July 9, 2012

Damp in Port Augusta

Good Morning All. We set out very early yesterday morning for Port Augusta as our time restraints are constantly with us. The trip down was long with both of us taking turns at driving. The country side was mostly flat for as far as your eye could see and what most would describe as arid and uninteresting but what struck us was the vastness of it. You could not help but be awed by it.We did see a few Emus feeding on the plains beside the highway and we were every happy to see two different Wedgetail Eagles which has become a sight which delights us both We passed Lake Hart which seemed to have a lot of water in it. Other lagoons and lakes we passed were dry. This was pretty much the vista from the car.
We only stopped for fuel until we reached Pimba which is the turn off to Woomera and Gary's eyes lit up and so we decided to drive the 6kms in and have some lunch there and he went off to check out the rockets etc.
I was a good travelling companion and took the necessary 'boy' photos.
Photo opportunities over he went to investigate further. I however took this opportunity to pull out the stitching. Poor thing has been quite neglected.
Gary and I have learned on this trip that the reality between the caravan park brochures and the actual place (even though they may have been featured on travel shows) have often been poles apart. Like the place where we are currently staying. Now the brochure said the 'quiet alternative' with views of the Flinder Ranges and water views. We do have water views but we also have across the gulf the main railway line to Darwin with loud shunting rail trucks in front of the lovely view of the Flinders Ranges. LOL! The train spotter I live with was quite chuffed by all the train activity, especially when he espied the magnificent Ghan snaking it's way along the track with the sunset glinting on it's shiny carriages. He remarked that  we were so lucky as it only leaves on Sundays & Wednesday's between April  and October. I can tell you I was impressed. Ahhhh! What ever makes your heart sing.
Still we have also learned a warm bed and a hot shower are our necessity these days and we are so spoilt at home and take so much for granted and that we all have far too much stuff that we think we need. So we have embraced our 'quiet alternative' for the duration of our stay. It was however lovely to walk beside the water after seeing so little of it for the last 3 weeks. I have decided I am certainly getting that 'well travelled' & 'windswept' look about me and what's worse......I don't care!!!
The sunset here at Spencer's Gulf was breathtaking and so pretty over the water.
Check out the colours filtering through the clouds. Note I said clouds.....a fact missed by us!
We awoke at 5am this morning to the sound of rain on the canvas and it has been pizzling down on and off all funny, no water for 3 weeks, now it's all around us and falling from the sky. We are going to jump in the car shortly and go for a little drive to have a look around. Tomorrow Gary is hoping to hitch a ride on the steam train at Pichi Richi railway at Quorn. I have decided to bow out of this experience but I am going to have a look around the little town and of course will have my stitching with me.
I am sending lots of love and hugs to my lovely friend Liz xoxox
Michelle xxx


  1. Sounds like you stayed at the same park as us! And it started raining when we were there too! We wanted to go on the Pichi Richi railway too but we weren't there on the right day!

  2. such wonderful pics Michelle and i do love your stories,thankyou again for sharing.xx

  3. I hope you can hunt up a sewing shop, too. There should be one or two around.

  4. Ah yes I remember the caravan park. We stayed there a couple of times.
    I agree we have too much stuff and it is surprising how well we do without it.
    When I was there a few years ago there was a gorgeous craft shop.
    Have fun looking around and stitching.

  5. Those sunset photos are beautiful. Keep stitching, I see a little bear in there, can't wait to see what it is going to be. Hugs Noela.

  6. It's tempting to think that inland Australia is just full of emptiness - until you get there and realize its just the opposite! Love your photos Michelle :)

  7. Gorgeous sunset - cant beat sunsets and sunrises. Keep on enjoying!!

  8. I so enjoyed reading your post, it's always a bit hit and miss what you're going to get at your campsite! I love your sunset photos, beautiful colours.


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