....ohh and pencils and paper

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Hexie or Three

The hexies have been coming along in nice little piles for Brinton Hall. Very relaxing but definitely not a quick undertaking. But that is just fine with me!
Still I have a top and bottom and one side set of pieces together for the fill ins around the  centre medallions....
The other side set is well under way. Feels good using up all those little scraps. Somehow you never seem to run out do you lol!
So not very exciting for you folks  I am afraid but I  have had a very nice time with needle and thread, stitching quietly when I  can.
Lots of pencil action has also been happening but nothing to show you just yet. I quite like those in between times of working away at a project, caught up in the process.
The postman bought me lovely mail this week all the way from the UK. I had ordered an art book by a colour pencil artist I really admire, Alan Woollett called Bird Art! I had been longing to get my hands on it! I was not disappointed.
What a beautiful and inspiring book. I am loving reading about the artists process and enjoying the gorgeous art work. Such a treat to have it to hand for inspiration. Appreciation of the creative work of others can be so uplifting....whether it be a quilt, embroidery,  beautifully crafted knitted piece, a delicious meal prepared by a friend, a painting or a favourite book. I am always fascinated by something created by clever hands and about you? Appreciation and gratitude of beauty in turn creates joy.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Road Trip

Yesterday I set off up to our beautiful Sunshine Coast with friends to visit our dear friend Jan who was having a holiday there at her families home. It is a beautiful home. She invited us for a stitching day by the sea.
How is this for a view to stitch by. ..
It was a wonderful enjoying our Queensland winter sunshine and taking in that view.
We were able to catch up with friends who now live there Robyn M. and my best mate Ann. We got creative with photography lol! Panoramic photo...
Loved this huge canvas piece in the dining peaceful and calming to look at.
And hows this for a stitching chair...just had to have a turn! Oooh so comfortable. I could also imagine reading and snoozing here quite easily!
Unfortunately it wouldn't fit in the car! I took my hexies but didn't do a stitch! They sat waiting patiently on the table but never came out of their box! I am blaming the company and the view! The only sewing to show is this gorgeous pouch stitched by my friend Diane for early birthday gift (everyone, including me thought I was going away) Also a gorgeous soft pashmina! Beautiful! I  just love them xx
I was allowed to open it right away..... Diane is a beautiful stitcher....we have her hooked on hexies now...I did warn her it was a downhill spiral lol!
The icing on the cake apart from our delicious lunch...thanks Jan....was spending time with my best friend Ann. Who I don’t get to see as often as I woukd like!

So in a nutshell our day consisted of dear friends, lovely hostess, fab view, delicious food, wonderful chauffeur and loads of fun and blessed were we.
Enjoy your weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Country at Heart

I spent the day today assembling my Country at Heart Alphabet quilt. I had hoped for borders as well but they will have to wait for another day. I was very pleased with my days work.
I just joined the blocks up in a simple snowball pattern, sprinkling the extra blocks throughout.
It felt great to almost empty out my container of orphan 2 1/2 inch squares!
I am continuing to work on my hexies for Brinton Hall but shan't bore you.
There are a couple of art pieces to share with you that I finished this week....both were almost done. Teacher managed to grab a sneaky of us all working hard when we weren't looking lol!
I have been working away again on another Scratchboard piece....a beautiful Silverback gorilla. The reference permission given by my DD good friend Kerryn xx
The other project was a coloured pencil piece of our crazy and cute Staffy pup, fur Granddog.....Diesel.
A very nice creative week so far......
Earlier in the week on a trip out to the bank I wandered past our local bookstore. Big end of year sales happening. I was very pleased as I had a voucher that was a mother's day of course I went in. Last year I contemplated getting the new edition of What Bird is That?.....but as I often do, I talked myself out of it.  Well it just happened to be in the sale....cue happy stitcher dance here!
Well sustenance is required and I am looking forward to a relaxing evening, unlike last night where a great deal of breath holding took place as our fantastic Queensland Origin team fought to stay in the series....what a game! We made it by 2 points..phew!
Have an enjoyable evening.
Namaste And Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, June 19, 2017

Stitcheries Done!

Good morning all. A simply stunning day here in SE Queensland this morning.
Blue skies and sunshine streaming in through the window.
Last week I finished the little stitchery blocks I was working on from COME TO TEA and FROSTY FRIENDS.
I think the little teacups are rather pretty. I enjoyed stitching them.
And I have to say I love the little Frosty in the variegated reds.
I am planning a Christmas gift with these and a Yoko Saito pretty and understated.
My dear DIL wanted to learn to stitch and quilt before she had children and so we made a start and she made a lap quilt and a few other little  projects....and then all that was put on hold because of difficult babes etc. Recently however I was delighted to see her pick up her needle and thread and dive back in.....a very cute wall hanging for Miss C.
Who seems delighted!
Decisions about fabrics are next. Well done DIL....don't you just love a new generation of stitcher! The thread from one generation to the next continues.
A hint of a MOAN now folks...sorry!
There is an air of disappointment around the old homestead at the moment. Our long awaited trip north has been put on hold after discovering this unwanted addition to our ceiling. Compliments of Cyclone Debbie and other factors.

The cause.....uncaring Solar panel installers and an aging roof! We will have to live to be 100 to get any financial benefit out of these darn panels! They have been a pain in the proverbial from the get go! Thank goodness I wanted them for an environmental effect as well! Anyway that's life and we have to stop pouting and get on with it. I am really hoping they move themselves to get it fixed so we can get out of here soon! The open road is calling! I do know its miniscule compared to others problems but allowing myself to be just a tad pinged off! Thanks for indulging me.
Have a wonderful day folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, June 17, 2017


After wrangling the horrendous M1 on the north side of our city earlier in the day to collect our caravan, I was more than ready for a quiet bit of stitching with my other blogging friends for Friday Night Sew In.
I worked on this.
I had a little pile of hexies all ready to go.....I do a couple when I have time and stash them in my Brinton Hall work pouch.
So with needle threaded...
A-joing I did go!
I got two fill in ends joined.
These go at the top and bottom of the big hexie centre medallion.
 There are also 4 big corner units that also go down the sides....I stayed up rather late and got some of ONE of these done.
Very relaxing.....I enjoyed my about you?
Thank you WENDY for hosting us again.
Have a lovely weekend folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Some Treasure

Well they say " One man's trash is another man's treasure" or in this case 'woman's ' I had the opportunity when the girls came to stitch on Friday to make these my very own. They were no longer useful to their owner.....
Aren't I many possibilities! They will be great for those EPP projects where you only need a couple of papers....I can now do my own for that. Can't wait to try some of them out. They will be great for so many things.....thank you Vickie x
I have one of my teacups stitched and the other started. So I thought I would have a better look at the fabrics I had already decided on for the stitcheries.  I love these and have been saving them for a while.
They look quite nice with the teacup thank goodness as I kind of had my heart set on them being involved.
Still deciding on exactly what I am making and what will go where....nice to ponder and  plan.
It is a showery old day here today.
The plants are however very happy to have a wash down and a drink.
Perfect day for some quiet sketching or quilting. I haven't decided which......I am in no rush. I think a warm cup of coffee and a good old think about it is in order! We are after all Human Beings and not Human Doings....sometimes it is nice to just "Be" and not rush. Don't you agree?

Enjoy your Sunday....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Stitching Day.

Yesterday I had some friends over to my home for a stitching day.....loads of good fun.
ROBYN from Pidgeon Patch is our selfie Queen and did the honours for us.
We had two birthdays to celebrate Vickie and Theresa.
Our friend Diane made the delicious birthday cake....a Victorian Sponge cake.
Lots of laughter over teacups, we solved the worlds problems, some stitched some didn't. I perhaps did a couple of stitches on my PLEASE COME TO TEA stitchery.
It's nice to spend time with friends. Thanks girls for your great company.
I did stitch a little bit more last night watching my footy team get away with a very close win.....phew!
So I nearly have one hanging teacup.
It is a pretty colour but I was hoping for a bit more varigation. Ah well!
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, June 8, 2017


This week has been lots of going to and between I have been working on my little Frosties and completed the last 2.
Sorry about the crinkly blocks....seem to be apologising for that a lot lately...but hey that's where I am!
I really love this little foursome together and I fancy them as a wall hanging.
I love the little mitten bloke so much I am going to stitch him again in this...
I am also going to stitch a pretty teacup from my PLEASE COME TO TEA stitchery booklet....I thought perhaps CGT Vintage Rose might be nice. I have really enjoyed putting all the "must do's" away for awhile and just appreciated following my "needle woman's" heart with some revisiting of my own designs and quiet stitching.
Hand quilting is continuing on Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt but I won't bore you with my slow progress.
I do love this time of year....a lot of our native shrubs put on their prettiest dresses for all to admire....
I know I shared the Pendas the other day but they really are gorgeous!
Have a lovely day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx