....ohh and pencils and paper

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Gossiping in the Garden

 Hello friends. My friend Fiona @bubzrugz and I joined together to sew Anni Downs Gossip in the Garden quilt. I was lagging behind even though we don't pressure each other to finish. I was behind because my sharp mathematical brain had completely stuffed up my border fabric calculations. But after some thought I used what I had left and added EPP scallops along the border strip's.

I had a lot of jiggling with the scallops to make them fit.....

I felt rather pleased with myself but when I sewed them all on they didn't quite meet but I cannot get them any better so calling it finished!

And no only my quilting Faerie will see that lol! I absolutely loved working on this quilt.
I have been also working on a little secret embroidery.....a sneaky.
Slow stitching has been my Seasons Trio. My Summer set is complete and just waiting on backing and a little sleeve. My inspiration was a piece of May Gibbs fabric. I have been a fan forever.

When my friend Shez came to stay she was very naughty and spoilt me with beautiful gifts. Earlier for my birthday she had made me a beautiful bee inspired drawstring bag with a set of her apple and pear pieces. I now have a gorgeous little project pouch to match.
..she knows that I love bees....even named my Daughter after them. Any guesses?

Look at that sweet zipper it!
But wait there's more. Shez added to my secret obsession with Erst Wilder brooches...a beautiful King Parrot....a perfect reminder of my Royal Visitors on my verandah. 

Completely spoilt!
I don't sleep well these days and read into the night. So I am giving into the weariness today and spending it quietly with a little stitchery project I am working on for Sunday Stitchers. 
I wish you all a happy Thursday. I am being completely indulgent and leaving you with a little ditty I penned long ago. I found it when looking back on my early blogging days. I have been a blogger for 13 years. My blogiversary being the 4th January. I think I am imagining myself there with the Faerie folk. Hope you enjoy it xx
"Silent Songs"
Amongst the bush ferns with tight curled fronds,
Dance wee faeriefolk to tunes of which they are fond.
I can't hear the music though I strain my ear.
The dancing butterflies let me know they are near.
They seem to enjoy the music so much, flittering and fluttering as they dance on the flowers with a soft gentle touch.
Maybe the tune is the wind through the trees or maybe it's birdsong carried on the early morning breeze.
Do I imagine that I can hear it?
Maybe not.
- Michelle Ridgway.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, February 23, 2024

Surprise! I Am Still Here

 Hello friends, I can't tell you where the time has gone and I can't believe it's been 3 months since I last posted. But a lot of days have been down days and nothing worthwhile to post I didn't. I decided it was time for a catch up. So grab a cuppa if you fancy.

I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with my loved ones even though we were all deeply aware of the empty chair at our table but I guess that's forever now. I celebrated with friends and did some festive baking and ornament stitching. 

I've had a lovely start to the new year, celebrating my two Granddaughters leadership ceremonies. So very proud of these young ladies.

I began a January challenge for art. The challenge being a time limit of 30 minutes for each drawing prompt. These a few of my offerings.
My Sacred Kingfisher is also complete. I loved working on this piece. He was such good company.
I have continued to love slow stitching and  enjoyed working on these projects in recent times.

I have begun the lovely Caswell quilt this year and have talked my friend Fiona into joining me. We never quite know who leads who astray lol! This is my first lovely to be working on some needleturn applique again.

Sunday Stitchers have a WIP challenge this year. I have chosen a Sashiko kit that has been in the cupboard for eons.....hoping to get closer to finishing it this year. 

My friend Shez came to stay this past week and we had the best time. We managed to set aside some time for some tution. She was very patient and helped me overcome my horror of zips.....don't laugh the fear is real. AnywayI am very chuffed to have made a sweet little zippered pouch.....woohoo!

Shez and I met up with friends for fun and laughter over her time here in the big smoke. Lots of mischief was achieved and even a country drive up the mountain for an early birthday celebration for Miss Fiona @bubzrugz Good times xx

With all the humid showery weather we have had my "garden of neglect" has exploded...a collage of mine and Fiona's Summer blooms.
So that's bought me up to date. I hope you are all well and enjoying your stitching and interests in this brand new year.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 
P.S. thank you Tanya.....for your kind enquiry about my welfare it was deeply appreciated. You came up as a noreply blogger and I couldn't respond xxx