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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Project Hopping

 Hello friends. I hope my Aussie friends that you are keeping warm in these cooler days and nights that we have been experiencing of late.....I know my southern friends are laughing at me up here with my 23 degree days but sorry not a fan of 5 - 8 degree nights lol!

The upside of the cooler weather is that I have been able to move along with hand quilting my little Heartstrings quilt. Its been nice to have it on my lap to work on at night.

June #tagroulettehannemade is up to date. This month we had.

No. 6 Buttons No. 41 Bullions and No. 46 Wrapped. I chose to wrap some little rolls of wool felt as I am making a spool roll and don't want any sharp edges.

I have continued working on my Postcards whilst visiting my husband and have 3 more for the pile. 

Last post I said I would share my recent art project. It is a gift for a very caring lady who has lessened the burdens of our days with her humour and kindness. She is a Kiwi expatriate and so I decided to draw one of NZ lovely birds the Tui. The beautiful reference photo is from New Zealand wildlife photographer Holly Neill and I was so chuffed when she gave me permission to draw it. I used some artistic licence and added Flax leaves to the bottom of the piece. I just love the interesting blossoms on the New Zealand Flax. 
I am a bit chuffed with how it has turned's always exciting when the tape comes off!

A bit pleased too, that my Kiwi friends said I did ok. I am really looking forward to giving it to my friend now.
With the Tui finished I have gone back to working on my white Magnolia. I am so lucky to be able to pick the brains of my teacher and mentor Sandra when I get stuck.....really happy to finally get the shadows looking better and starting to achieve the realistic 3D appearance I love! 
Well that's it from me. Darkness has fallen and I must dash to rescue my birdseed from the cheeky garage tenants.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Saturday, June 4, 2022

WHAT a Month

 Hello dear friends.....what a month I have had. Sadly my dear husband has deteriorated and now needs full time care.....a hard decision for all concerned but I could no longer provide the care he now needs. Even though you knew the time was coming is doesn't make it an easier to act on. It was certainly stressful finding the right place in what seemed like an impossibly short time. And hoping and praying you made the right decision! 

I have also had my Daughter, 2 Grandies and 2 cats staying with me whilst they waited for there new home to settle....and banks being what they are....managed to lose documents which made the stay longer and a stressful situation even more so. Now throw Covid into the mix for DD and you have a jolly old time!

Thankfully my Daughter and her children are now all moved lots of boxes to be unpacked. 

I have spent a lot of time still sitting.....keeping hubby company. So sewing has still been happening.

I finished the Broderie Perse applique on the Homespun BOM.....still not a fan but I at least gave it a shot....just needs its borders. And I like the inclusion of French Blue.

I have also gone back to my Postcards quilt. A SAL with my Sunday Stitchers friends. When Mr. R. was diagnosed I was so devastated at all the plans we'd made....especially travel that would now no longer happen that I couldn't face finishing them as they were of all the special trips we had made.
However the time we have spent together the last 14 months has given us time to reflect on the experiences we've had together. Wonderful and magical experiences sometimes. So I now take them to stitch each day. Hubby even gives me a little input in what we should include in each one.....which is special. So another one is complete. Looks wonky but isn't really.
May's Tag Roulette took me a while this month but I got there. 
No. 20 - Pekinese stitch....which I enjoyed much better the second time around. 
No. 19 - Blanket stitch Fringing
No. 43 - Words

I made quite small examples for May as I  had an area I wanted to fill in. Its almost time for June's prompts. Loving working on this so much.
Not much to report from my "garden of neglect" however Dear Daughter gave me this beautiful orchid that I am now charged with....NOT killing!

It's still flowering and hasn't keeled over so pleased about that.
We had birthdays...littlest Granddaughter. Right in the middle of DD Covid infection. We opted for individual donuts and a personal candle extinguish and wish.....and Mummy masked up and at quite a distance!
This young man also had a birthday grown up....doesn't seem possible!

Littlest Granddaughter is studying Japanese and made me an origami corner cute!
Such lovely mail yesterday....Fiona sent me a sweet Anni Downs pattern and gorgeous card because I missed the quilt show.....sweet friend.......or! Xxx
I have some artwork to show you but will save it for next time.....this novel has gone on long enough. I have a house to put to rights and if anyone can tell me how to get white cat hair off everything I would be grateful!
Take care everyone.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx