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Friday, September 17, 2021

Almost A Finish

 Good morning friends. Hoping you are all well and managing to find some bright spots in these strange days. As we are staying very close to home due to hubbys immunity issues some days you do have to look harder for those sparkles.

When we could gather more freely Sunday Stitchers began Natalie Birds Heartstrings Quilt as a SAL for the group. I got really behind but last week all of the last border applique was done and attached finally. Its a sweet project and I have enjoyed the stitcheries and EPP so much.

I decided that I would like to hand quilt it and so it is now in my hoop.

Making this my night time stitching has allowed me time to get back to Where You Love Is Home quilt by Anni Downs. I have started putting the first row together as I go along.

These 2 blocks are now also together.....
And the last block in the row is what I am working on getting assembled.  Sorry its a bit gloomy here today so the pics aren't the best.
Tags are up to date with a new one due this evening.
Tag 36 - Slow Stitching in Neutrals. This was a very calming piece to work on.
Tag 37 - Fabric Weaving. I didn't embellish this tag as I wanted the weaving to be the focus.

Reading has been my other favourite past time as usual and these stories have been taken to heart. There was a lot I  loved and related to in "Thursdays at Orange Blossom House"......I have been a Yogi for many years albeit a less active one these days but still practising, I  have family who live in cane growing regions, have dedicated teachers in my family and have enjoyed the area in which the book is set.....really enjoyed it!
My current read was a lovely gift from a friend.
A biography Of Georgiana McRae. Another woman who lived an amazing life....whose artistic ambition was thorted because she was a woman. Just getting started on this one. Love diving into a new book.
In the garden the Clivia are starting to bloom....LOVE that gorgeous orange!
And another of my orchids has been putting on a pretty. All my other tree orchids were blighted by a nasty Dendrobium very pleased to see this one managed to escape them.
Ok folks.....the kettle is on the boil.....cuppa time.
Stay safe and stay well.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx