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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rainy Saturday

Well it absolutely poured here overnight and has been raining on and off all day. That means of course...perfect sewing weather. I have mentioned once or twice that I am not a good machinist by any stretch of the imagination but I really did want to try and make my girls a couple of these simple little summer dresses (perfect for hot old Queensland) and I have managed to make 3 and one half. Here is the first one.
I will finish the other half a one tomorrow....hate sewing the same thing twice. Anyhoo! I was quite pleased with my little efforts.
During a break in the showers I was gazing out of my dining room window at the pool when I saw a head pop out of the water so I grabbed the camera and scooted down there and this is what I found..
He /she was about a metre long and stayed under the water for ages until it was sure I had gone away.
Never had a water dragon at our place before that I know of....curiouser and curiouser!

I  wanted to share with you some very sad news. I lot of you may have already heard that our very talented Aussie designer Viv Robinson from Viv's Creations has lost her battle with cancer and is finally at peace. Viv will certainly be missed and is a great loss to our Designing community. All her beautiful work is a lasting legacy for us all. My heart and deepest sympathy goes out to her Family.
Which brings me to a very special quilt that always graces the top of my stairs each year and that is
"The Joys of Christmas Thyme" designed by Viv Robinson.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, November 29, 2013

Stockings are Hung (Almost)

So as Santa gets everyone's gifts in the right spot, I have over the years made all the immediate family members their own stocking with their names embroidered on them. As we now have two new members in our Clan, 2 new stockings were in order....all done!
I have one very important job left to do and that is to add these two little treasures to our family quilt.
There names will be embroidered in a heart and appliqued to the quilt. I am all set to go. I adore this design by Christine Book and it is one of my most favourite Christmas quilts.
Want to see a little more of my decorating?
Well I had to of course have a "Frosty corner".
and a new and old Frosty Favourite. The very cute wall hanging was a gift from my lovely friend Cheryl and the other fellow is one I designed many moons ago called "Walter" and seems to be a fav with a lot of you too.
Another favourite that has to go up every year now is a darling stocking with a Frosty featured by lovely friend Melody. I just love it! It is also BIG! So it fits lots of goodies in it when I am on the "nice" list! The back is gorgeous too.
Now this gorgeous fellow was a gift for my 60th Birthday from my best friend Ann...
and I have to say he has settled right in with all the other Heartwood Creek Santas!
As I am sure you are aware by now I am a very sentimental old girl. Aren't you glad I didn't get ALL the decorations out! LOL!

Before I go I want to wish my lovely Daughter-in-Law a very Happy Birthday and big hugs on your special day. Hope My Son spoils you!!!
From Let's Enjoy Beauty
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Santa's Sleigh Dropped By!

A knock at the door revealed Santa's Sleigh ready for a secret pick up for these....
Destination definitely "TOP SECRET"! Wonder where it is headed for????
Speaking of Santa Stuff, a couple of other piccies of Christmas favourites.
My wooden tree complete with hand painted ornaments I did a number of years ago.
My first ever pattern...Gifts of Christmas Cushion (a friend actually stitched it as my sample is never home)and a gorgeous little quilt I received as a gift from our lovely Shez in a Redwork swap.
Some of my treasures on the China cabinet...
Sewing wise I am still gardening in my little house block and I have started a little commissioned project for next year. So just a little sneaky....
Lastly I wanted to share a photo of my two gorgeous little girls....Miss E & Miss C. Aren't they beautiful?
Apparently Miss C just had to get a handful of all that gorgeous black! and tears ensued!
This photo of Miss C was taken by her Aunty M (my Daughter) and I just love it.
The girls are so different and just so beautiful....of course I am unashamedly biased.
Ok! I am off hunting and gathering....
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Lunch

Yesterday after a beautiful Yoga class dedicated to healing, peace and gratitude we had our Yoga Christmas lunch to celebrate the coming season and our very special friendship.
Cathy was our very gracious hostess and we sat down to a very pretty table and some bubbles...
Sam, Cathy and Lindy enjoying the delicious lunch we all bought to share.
You have to have fruit mince pies and gingies!!!
We have clockwise, Lindy, Irene, our gorgeous teacher Helen, Barb, a little peek of Andrea and Sam.
These little folk also came to see what all the fuss was about...we really enjoyed ourselves with much laughter, chatting, lovely yummy food and there were pressies (forgot to take a piccie)
Huge hugs and thanks to my dear friend Helen for her inspiration, loving lessons, beautiful Yoga and kind and generous are such a treasure xxx

What have I been stitching??? Well I have been building a little house...
and having lots of fun. The garden will be next! Another block in the "long term project".
I decided this year that rather than be like a crazy person to get all the Christmas decorating done as I usually  do and be totally exhausted, that I would go for Quality rather than Quantity and so I am going to decorate a few little areas with my favourite Christmas treasures, put up my Christmas tree with all the beautiful ornaments and memories that make my heart sing and enjoy them all.
So I have made a start...
Gingies of course!
Can you see the silly photographer in her nightdress in the! No one could ever accuse me of being "posh"! No sirreee!!
I will share the other little spots with you as I get them done.
My husband still does not believe that this is possible! But I am now looking forward to creating a few special little displays.
I hope you all enjoy your week. I have a date with my pencils and sketchpad and my little cottage's garden.

"Friends are the Family you choose for yourself"
Take care,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, November 22, 2013

A Very Nice Catchup & Lovely Mail.

Good Morning everyone. I have been very busy being Nana and minding in turn my little Granddaughters so I haven't had time to get to a post. You forget just how much work little people are.
Yesterday I met up with a lovely friend of mine of long standing, Trish. We now live on opposite sides of the city and have been trying to organise a coffee and a chat for ages and finally it happened.
We chose the coffee shop right outside the Paddington Antique Centre (Trish's Choice) as she is a girl after my own heart with a love of all things vintage. Particularly gorgeous old china.
Boy the time just flew by in a flash...
and of course we had to have a wander through the Antique Centre. We discovered they now have the most exquisite section full of vintage buttons and notions...ohh! Delicious! I can't show you what a bought as it is a giftie and I don't want the surprise spoiled. Trish bought some cute bits and pieces including some gorgeous vintage fabric. My friend Trish is also a blogger and has the sweetest blog called Red Cardinal  which is a lovely read, highlighting Trish's love of sewing, art, vintage finds and lots more.
Thank you Trish for such a lovely time.
Here is a photo of one of the gorgeous homes in the street where I parked yesterday.
It had a gorgeous verandah in the round but as there were folks out there I wasn't brave (or rude) enough to take a piccie of that bit. I also love the streets around Paddington...full of large leafy tropical typical of the old early areas in Brisbane.
This morning the postie bought me a very sweet letter from Liz  from Village Quilters who was keen to have a little Angel to go with the Christmas Hearts pattern. Liz was lovely enough to stitch me my very owne little Angel Heart. Looky...
So she will be going on my Christmas tree this year. Thank you so much Liz. It was a lovely surprise.
Do you ever have moments when no matter how good you try to be you just cannot resist? Well that happened to me when I saw the gorgeous colours in these pens and watercolour pencils earlier in the week.
I am definitely going back for was so nice to choose my own colours because I always find in the sets there are colours I don't use. I can't wait to have a little play.
I wish you all a lovely weekend. I am doggie-sitting Miss Sophie this, fun, fun! LOL!
Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Gift for You and other Things

Happy Monday all. Well I have started my week with a lovely Yoga class which always helps me start on a good note. Today we had a very cute little visitor. One of my friends little 8 week old Grand doggie had to be doggie sat......and you know me, I have a great love of little Staffies...
Meet darling little Lola...
Of course I was smitten absolutely and she stole mine and everyone else's heart. Lola was such a good girl and spent the whole class, meditation and relaxation in her bed and seemed very happy to stay there all cuddled up with her teddy.
Must have been all that wonderful energy....isn't she just gorgeous!
Now back to stitching. I have started hand quilting the little girls stockings. First...Mrs Claus.
and Santa...
I  also have some lovely show and tell to share. Liz from Village Quilters purchased my patterns Christmas Hearts and from last year Christmas Stars and boy has she been busy. I came over all Kris Kringley when I saw them all together.
and a little close up...
Thank you so much Liz for choosing my designs and for allowing me to share them.
And our friend Joy from Joyful Stitching has stitched my little Sunshine Angel which was featured recently in the latest issue of Country Threads....I just know Angels would have a Sunflower Brolly.
Thank you Joy for sharing and as always your very kind and caring words.
NOW!!! The "Freebie". Liz has been hankering after a little Angel which could be used in the Christmas Hearts pattern featured above. So I decided to create this little Angel and share it all with you and Liz as an early Christmas gift from me. You can also thank Liz for her inspiration...She can of course be used on her own if you don't have the pattern. (which you will find on my sidebar)
I hope you enjoy using her to bless yourself and others and I am sure I don't need to say (because you are all such lovely honest folk) that this is a gift for you and should be used as such. Just click on her on my sidebar to download her.
Well folks this post has been quite the epistle...thank you for hanging in there.
another lovely graphic from yogaoneness

Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Did you all enjoy your stitch-a-long last night? I was quite pleased with my efforts although a miscalculation in supplies had me heading for something else not on the agenda. But I did get started on a little stitching for  my little Granddaughters.
I got the little girls' names embroidered on to the top of their stockings.
I wanted to get started on the quilting but did not have enough Pellon and so that put the kybosh on that. So I finished another little Christmas Tree Deco that was cut out and waiting to be finished.
and then settled down to do a few more stitches on my Angel redwork.
With the aid of a few Tim Tams to keep the energy up I had a very nice evening stitching along with you all whilst watching Inspector Lynely that I had recorded earlier. Well  I am off to visit all the other "Friday-Nighters" to see what they got up to.
Thanks Wendy for having us at your place again this month.
I wish you all a lovely weekend.
Inspiration from Yogaoness
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lovely Sewing World Ladies and FNSI

Good morning everyone. Sewing World  at Underwood is my local Patchwork and Quilting store. The lovely owners Irene and Angie and their right hand woman Angela have been a wonderful support of my designs and patterns from the beginning of my foray into this field. Sewing World is an Aladdin's Cave of all things patchwork and stitching with beautiful fabrics, inspiring samples everywhere and loads of threads and notions. They are also agents for Bernina and Janome...great to have all this so close to home.
The girls invited me along yesterday to both their daytime and evening stitching club to have a little chat and talk about my work, view their beautiful show and tell and share a cuppa.
Here are all my bits and bobs spread about for the ladies to have a peek at.
and the other end...
Here I am with the lovely Irene.
The ladies of both groups were very kind and loads of fun. I really enjoyed spending time with them and seeing all their gorgeous show and tell. So thank you everyone for a great day.

Tonight I am linking up with Wendy of Sugarlane quilts for..
where we bloggers from all over Australia and sometimes even overseas stitch together and visit each other the next day to share what we have been working on. I have not decided what I will be working on yet as I have several things to choose from but I think perhaps the little girls stockings need to get started.
So I shall have the Tim Tams on ice ready to share.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.
A cuppa certainly tastes better shared with a friend. (graphic from Let's Enjoy Beauty)
Blessings Michelle xxx