....ohh and pencils and paper

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Inside and Out

This weekend I have done just that...spent sometime indoors and some out of doors.
The indoors consisted of finishing off my violets...just a sneaky now!
Another snippet... a special gift for someone! All the stitchery is done and just needs putting together into ???
I then treated myself to some time practising with my coloured pencils...a sweet Crimson Rosella. We loved these pretty birds when we encountered them in our travels down south.
There is still lots of shading and the background to do but overall I am thinking not to awful! The other little person I have been working on is giving me all kinds of grief....self inflicted I think. I have drawn a composite of several photos (some generously sent to me by Sue - Kiwikid) who also is besotted by these gorgeous creatures. I think it is best left as is until I can show my very clever teacher who tells me nothing is ever lost! I do hope so because he is very cute....
and I have been longing to draw and Orangutan for so long! Definitely a WIP!

Outside saw me in the garden once I had bought home some bounty from the nursery.
 I have to accept that I live in the subtropics and not in a cooler climate and unless I want to spend every waking hour tending a garden I have to go with what grows here. My poor gardens in the front and side have been losing residents at an alarming rate, the horrendous heat didn't help either and there are bare bits crotons, tropical ground covers, geraniums have filled in some of the gaps now. I hope it will start to look a little better soon.
I also bought a few vegies and herbs to pop in my little vegie plot as well..
Some lovely rosemary, garlic, lettuce and tiny tomatoes hopefully will be in our future....
It feels so nice to be outside gardening but I think I may be a bit sore tomorrow.
Hubby is ensconced in his chair flicking between the motor racing and the cricket so I'll have to decide.....pencils/paper or needle and thread?
I hope you are enjoying your weekend too.

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Amongst the Teacups.

Yesterday my stitching friends came to my home for a day of stitching, tea drinking and lots of chatting.
So I got the table all set. The thing I love about these girls is we always get out our best teacups and use them well. Doesn't matter whether they are heirlooms or just favourites....such a nice thing to do! They also hear a lot of!
We had a little bit of Easter early as I won't see them before then. Out came some of my very old favourites and a few newbies too! They have made a sweet display on my cupboard.
My lovely friend Lorel is charging ahead with her "Country at Heart" alphabet blocks and I got to get a photo of her progress...
They are stitched so beautifully! Thanks Lorel for letting me share them.
I did do a little stitching....about 5 stitches in truth lol! May/may not have been chatting too much! But I am very happy with my progress on "Violets"
It is looking a lot less flat with the centres done and some details added.
I enjoyed the company of these lovely ladies very much.

A bit of catching up for me today, work wise and then I may get out my pencils and play my latest gift from my very nice hubby....I am an avid fan of the books and loved the first volume of the series and I am hanging out (as are some of my friends and DD) for the 2nd part which begins on April 4th! Yay!

I hope you are enjoying your day.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

90 Years Young!

Good morning to all. I have a few family things to share so I hope you will indulge me once again.
On Saturday I joined some of my family to celebrate my Uncle's 90th Birthday. He got right into the spirit of the celebrations and was thrilled to see us all there.
Lovely cake...
which was decorated with a tiny of his favourite pursuits.
Which he has actually played us a tune on in days gone by. He plays in a little ensemble still today. So of course we had to have a bit of a tune on the day. (sorry the photo is not too good) with cousin Ian looking on.
It was lovely catching up with my cousins..
We lived next door to them when we came to live in Brisbane when I was very young for 18 months and I even started school at their school and they safely accompanied me there and back each day. Even though they were rascals they were the kindest of boys. I was extremely close to their sister Helen with only 2 years between us. Many secrets shared during sleepovers and lots of fun had. We were the best of mates and continued on through our teenage years. Helen always wanted to be a police officer and realised that dream for herself. This is her Police photo after having all her hair cut short.
So I along with her family and friends were devastated when she was tragically killed in a car accident aged 20 years. We remembered her with love when Uncle Jack spoke about her so lovingly. I just couldn't do this post without mentioning this lovely girl.
The cake was cut and tasted...yum!
My Mum, Aunt and other Uncle enjoying the festivities.
My sister and I with the birthday boy having a hug.
It was a wonderful celebration for my Uncle and great to admire a life well lived. A father of five children, lots of grand kids and a very loving uncle to many. There was always room at their table for one or two more. He has always been a hard worker and has always given love and service to others and still does to this day. I was so happy to be there.
Happy 90th Birthday Uncle Jack xxx

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Last night was...
over at the lovely Wendy's at Sugarlane Quilts with all the other lovely bloggers around Australia and overseas.
I don't have an awful lot to show as I wanted to get some work done that is needed for an upcoming project.
So I drew out the design I had in my mind for it...
Traced it out...
and FINALLY got to some stitching.
I am stitching the Violets in a variegated DMC thread. Still deciding if I like it or not! I hope you all enjoyed your night of stitching. If you didn't join us you can pop over to Wendy's to see what everyone got up to. I will be doing the rounds over the weekend.
Thanks Wendy for virtually having us at your place x

Yesterday I joined my old work colleagues for our regular catch up but we got to meet someone very special.
Master "J" is my lovely friend Lauren's dear little boy. Sooo..............I was finally able to give him his little "I'm here" gift.

I am wishing him many good story reads lazing back on his cushion.
Happy weekend everyone. I am off to celebrate my Uncle's 90th birthday this afternoon. Boy is he a spritely 90 year old.....guess there will be cake (I'm counting on it lol)
Thought I would leave you with this beautiful image from the magpie whisperer as you know "maggies" are some of my favourite people....
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oh What a Lovely Day!

I have had such a lovely day. My friend Fiona from Bubzrugz came down for a visit...
We had lovely chats over coffee.....went out for some supplies...
Actually did some stitching...
Hey! 3 leaves and a half a berry is pretty good going! Such lovely company to stitch in. Thanks Fiona x
Art update - I had my first real attempt at using coloured shall we say properly! Boy there was a lot more involved than I thought and it certainly teaches you a bit of patience..ok a LOT of patience but as this is an avenue I want to do more of I was quite pleased with my efforts and glad that I actually liked it.
I love these crested pigeons and have a pair that lives in and around my home. I have decided to have a go at a bigger project now and started it yesterday. I think it is going to take a while LOL! I also did a little furry person for a gift....she is only little but she is quite cute...hope her new owner will love her xxx
That's it from me. Hope the week has been a good one so far.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, March 16, 2015

A Little Easter Freebie

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday.....a little bit of catching up on my ABC'S
"E" is now finished...
and also "F"
So a little more "tracing" is in order now.
I wanted to do a little design that I could stitch for Easter...make a little pillow or a mini for my small stand.
Meet "Dot" my sweet little bunny with that yummy BIG egg.
While I was enjoying stitching her I thought that you might as well so she is over on my side bar ready for you to download, trace out and stitch for yourself. Enjoy.

All of you that are stitching Calendar Bears in Country Threads I hope you are having fun with them.
March is out and had to be of course a cute little Irish themed Bear..
Enjoy your Monday
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Thursday, March 12, 2015

LGS Part 2

I thought I would just share a few more piccies with you. Mainly because I want them as keepsakes. A little collage. Thanks to many happy snappers!
Down at Cleveland, what are the chances amongst a bus load of ladies that one of your besties will appear out of the crowd at the patchwork shop you are friend Gaye had just dropped in for some supplies not knowing we would be there....Shez to the rescue and a lovely photo of us...
 By the way I was just holding that fabric for a friend...truly! It's not mine!
Our lovely hostesses and guest designers on our big stitching day gave us each one of their designs. Along with other treats and a special mug in our goody bags to remind us of the occassion. You will have to see my previous post to see if I got anything stitched.
My gorgeous roomie Swap Mama Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' spoilt me with some lovely gifts.
Very cute meeses to mind the cheese platter handmade by Cheryll's clever brother.
and this natty tool to undo your safety pins when you have pinned a quilt. Plus the sweetest little peg to hold some ribbon...
But wait! There is spoilt am I a very sweet needle case too!
Inside is just as pretty...
Big hugs to my lovely room sharer xxx She is such a fun date!
Phew! I think that is it. I am sure you have seen many happy photos floating around blogland of our fun filled weekend and I promise I have finished LOL! I shall leave you with our paparazzi extraordinaire Miss Shez...caught at her own game haha!
 Laughter is certainly "good for the soul" Bless you Shez x
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Very Clever Friends

Oh finally I think I am back on the air.......What a shamozzel that turned out to be with no internet or phone! Bit hairy for a blogger.....I was having withdrawals! Hope it plays nice now. Anyway!
I wanted to share with you all my very talented friend Teresa's from All Things Vintage gorgeous project that she surprised us all with at LGS. Teresa was one of the surprise guest designers. I never get time to stitch anyone else's work even though I would often like it has to be something I cannot live without when I do! This is one of those.
Take a peek...
Told you it was gorgeous! Teresa kindly gave us the pattern and bits and bobs to get us started. I just had to get some of the beautiful fabric to make one from her. Not to mention the lace cards...ooh!
I didn't get much done on the stitching day but being a bit of a sickie I have curled up and stitched away madly.
Already to make the cover now...even have the little tulle dress all set to go too.
I have lots of little treasures that I will be able to use on the pockets etc.....loving this project. Plus when I get it done instead of having 45 different bags with projects in I may actually be able to find them
"ALL IN ONE PLACE" which just happens to be the name of the pattern. If you love it too and would like the pattern just link on Teresa's blog name earlier in the post to take you to her blog....leave a comment and I am sure she will get back to you. Ohh it is so nice to have clever friends who make beautiful things.
Even though I was dead and dying last night I dragged myself to the Entertainment Centre to see the Eagles in concert. As you know Mr R. and I have been fans FOREVER! I loved every second of it and have to say am a little worse for wear today but totally worth it.
Bernie Leadon, one of the originals joined them for this concert which was awesome!
These guys still rock!!!!!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx