....ohh and pencils and paper

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Well I have been making a list and checking it twice......and I am very happy to have put the last stitches in my secret sewing......can show you only a teeny peek.
With the comfort of cool air con I have stitched down lots of binding...
"Blessings " too.....
Apart from the backing fabric. Blessings was made from my stash. Even the large amount of background and border fabric I had stashed for another project and changed my binding wise I decided that using left over strips from all the scallops fabrics would continue the scrappy look.....
Chose another doiley from Gaye's bundle (2 more left) for my label....
Just need to write on it now. And here is "Blessings" complete!
How I adore this gorgeous design by Aussie designer Robyn Falloon. I am thrilled with my version. It was a joy to definitely a blessing!
Another blessing arrived from Shez.....the cutest Christmas decoration and lovely card.....
Thank you my friend.....I love it! How spoilt am I!
After a bit of hectic time of late I was determined to retreat from the world last weekend and have a very quiet time.....something I know about myself is whilst I love being out and about, I really have to have lots of quiet down time if I am going to function well. I need dreaming time, journal time and lots of time to reflect quietly. Part of my delicious relaxation was to read from cover to cover this wonderful book.....
A true story...or memoir written by Alice Greenup. A beautifully written tale of life on a cattle property in Queenland, a love story and an insight into just how relentless that life on the land can be.....amazing folk! Don't think for a minute this is a dry and dusty tale (although there is plenty of dust lol) I guess most things created from the heart are full of life. I throughly recommend this book!
My relaxation time was definitely enchanced by a good old you need quiet time to gather your thoughts or let them go or are you a busy bee that thrives that's so interesting that we all are different and have different needs.
So lots of nice slow stitching for me now that I have met my self imposed deadlines.
Hopefully more on 1797 Revisted and more on "Wings"......
Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, November 23, 2018


Monday I had a very special friend visit.......FIONA  Her hubby dropped her at my door so I thought it best to take her in lol! We had a lovely day of chatting and sewing and as always our day went way to fast. So fast in fact we forgot to take a photo!
Fiona bought my  "Blessings " quilt home to me after working her magic on it.
I LOVE it! Here's a few snapshots of her wonderful work.
Pretty scallops....
Rings and stars.....
Love the stars...
Fiona replicated the star in quilting.....
So it's time for binding now. I shall show you when I am done.
Blessings came home and Brinton Hall went to Fiona's for a quilty holiday lol!
Fiona and I also discussed our progress on Wings that we and another friend are stitching together. You can see Fiona's beautiful French General version HERE
After preparing for the corner applique.....sweet butterflies
I am now getting them stitched in place.
I shall embroider some antennae when they are all done. I am really looking forward to the next row of applique blocks......ok back to my secret sewing. I have had a wonderful time with friends this week.
Friends amongst whom you can be yourself are treasures indeed.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, November 22, 2018


Yesterday I went with friends to celebrate 2 special "O" birthdays of friends Anne and Denise.
Anne on the left began our group 32 years ago after meeting 3 of the girls at a patchwork class and over time we have morphed into a lovely group of friends. I was invited to come along 25 years ago by one of those three....astonishing! We are there for each other in happy times, to share the difficult ones, laughter, crafting.....always loads of chat and to just enjoy each others company. We decided a special birthday was the perfect time to say thank you to Anne for being the founder of this special group of women I am blessed to call friends. So we set about making a quilt in secret.
We all stitched some  blocks......simple and elegant being Anne's style.
We choose pretty fabric that could be the main feature.
It was overseen by Sandra....I am sure it sometimes resembled herding cats lol! Thanks for your patience Sandra. Lovingly quilted by Kay and a doiley as a label added from our friend Gaye's collection....... who has sadly passed away, to include her as well.
Sandra doing the handover...
Anne trying to get a clue from Moira lol! Nope not telling lol!
Big reveal....

Anne was thrilled to say the least! Happy hearts moment.
We did a group shot......Bev is missing in action......perched on a stool in Raffles enjoying a Singapore Sling from what we have heard.....we missed you Bev xx
Lunch was delicious, birthday gifts and wishes also exchanged....Denise and Moira.
So Happy Birthday girls! A lovely celebration of you both x
Life is better when enhanced by good friends.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sunday Stitchers

I seem to be a bit late in posting about my journey down the M1 to the November meeting of Sunday Stitchers. It was a lovely day as usual with lots of chat and inspiration. Lots of yummy treats to keep our energy up.
Birthday girls were Susan and Alison.
Beautiful inspiring Show and Tell again....
Susan was a super busy stitcher....
Susan also with a lovely quilt purchased at a little quilt show...
Helen's beautiful Windchimes....progress and cute Chookie runner.
Noreen had her lovely small quilts progress to share.
Inca's very sweet Sewing Wall  hanging.....
We as a group also made a drawstring bag each and bought it along to fill with toiletries for those in need.....they looked so wonderful all together.
All ready heading off to those who can use them.....
I worked away on my 1797 Revisted. I shan't bore you with a pic as not a lot more to see.
I have been working away also on my secret projects and also a series of "small" things....
Small hexie....
Small stitcheries....
Small stockings...
Small decos...
I have also been drawing some little critters suitable perhaps for can see a sneaky on my ART BLOG HERE
I had a lovely day and visitor yesterday but I shall share that next post.
Take care
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, November 17, 2018


My efforts last night kept me amused but a bit boring for you........
I cut out and basted my bits for the next round of 1797 Revisted.
All set to sew them on now......but more secret sewing first.
Thanks again to WENDY for getting us all enthused and together.

Nice mail last week.....pretty fat quarters from Shiralee Stitches.
That's it from me. Short and sweet today.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Hello There!

Seems ages since I posted, although I am sure it isn't. Our Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Exhibition at Mt Cootha last weekend  was a can read about it *HERE*
All my stitching efforts have been in snatches of time between running here and there. Also it is that time of year when secret stitching is taking place and I have been working away on my secret projects.

Definitely different ends of the spectrum lol!
A charity project of toiletries bags for the homeless has been done for Sunday Stitchers this week....all ready for filling. Colours suitable for either men or women were needed....
And school pickups have moved me forward with the next round of 1797 Revisted. Won't fit on the coffee table for it's photo soon!
Next row will be a challenge as I wanted that nice French Country Blue and I have not enough to do a whole round and not enough variety to make each piece different....thinking cap on!
My bedtime reading has been a delighful surprise. I am a bit of a fan of Graham Norton, irreverent Irish comedian. Recently I discovered he is also an author of fiction. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to seek his second and latest novel out......
Loved it! May have to seek out the first one now!! Days are definitely better if you can squeeze some book reading into it :)
Well I think that's me caught up for now....hopefully some quieter days ahead to catch my breath.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, November 5, 2018

Very Late FNWF and Arty Weekend

I am very late posting my efforts last Friday evening. I had a very busy day Friday and and even busier weekend which you can read about *HERE*
As I was overdue in finishing my October Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks which happened to be DARK GREEN, I stitched my 4 circle blocks.....
The last 2 months of the year are your own choice or finishing friend Lorel and I are still deciding.....hmmmm?
So apart from some basting for my next row for 1797 Revisted, not much stitching has happened.
Our weekend in Brisbane was quite steamy and hot so I went out early on Sunday to get a nice relaxed walk in before the exhibition opened for the day and the heat set in....such a lovely place......thought you may like a wander with me....I love the Japanese Gardens....
Beautiful reflections.....

Cool running water tripping over the sound.

A little resident startled me....
Another favourite for me in the gardens are the sculptures dotted throughout.....I adore this little group of Aussies.....reminding us that this used to be their home!
I love the Butterfly Chasers amidst the Agapanthus in bloom.
The hugging chair as my kids called it and the  Stargazer always make me smile.
I love the interesting blooms and plants...

Down by the Lagoon was already bright with sunshine and heat.

The iconic Dome of the hothouse is visible from lots of areas in the garden....alas I was a little short on time to visit this time.
These gardens and this area we call Mt Cootha is an oasis and paradise just 10kms from the city centre. A haven for wildlife particularly Powerful Owls, Koalas and all manner of birds and reptiles. I have enjoyed this place since I was a young child with my family. The very idea that they are proposing a zipline....7 to be exact from the summit through our nature belt to these gardens fills me with anger and despair.....access to the summit and beautiful walks and picnic areas will be effected. Won't it be enjoyable to picnic with people flying overhead....NOT!
Anyway I shall hop off my soapbox and look forward to visiting the Gardens again next weekend for the Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Exhibition in the Auditorium.....may even squeeze in another wander.
If you are out and about call's a beautiful exhibition.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx