....ohh and pencils and paper

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I like to revisit designs that I have done earlier sometimes and so it was with this one. I stitched it in a deep raspberry DMC 814 for a change as I have some fabric that I  would like to use with it. I have always loved this design as it perfectly reflects how I feel about Christmas.
I really enjoyed stitching it again.

It is  a cushion pattern but I  think  I  fancy a wall hanging....fabrics here I come!
I have also been playing with this...

It is nice to be doing some stitching.  I have been taking it easy as I have had a sore hand, a bit of "arfa" I feel. So by not stitching every hour that God sends has helped...funny that!
When I  caught up with my friends at stitching last week I received some lovely gifts for my birthday....I know! Still? Well yes it was a lovely surprise. We hadn't been able to catch up as we were all away at different times.
I now have a beautiful project bag from Diane, the cutest tin in the world from Robyn and a sweet, sweet mug from Mary. Thank you girls, you are too lovely. 

Well chores await...and I  promised myself that I  could work on some little designs with my pencils if I  did them. I may even shout myself a coffee in my new pretty mug.
Have a beautiful day.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx 

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Few More Samples For Sale

Good morning. As promised I have 3 more samples for sale. Just a reminder this is for Aussie girls only because of the postage costs. I am asking $2.00 postage on top of the price.
No. 1 "Beary Friends " wall hanging $15.00 (this one needs a hanger or pocket)

No.2 "Decorate your Heart" wall hanging  $15.00

No.3 "Sisters " wall hanging  $25.00

Poor old "Cherish" cushion cover is still available. I am reducing it to $8.00 + postage.

Email me if you are interested at 
As you know I have been having a good old heave ho and clean up in my sewing room. I share the space with hubby when he works from home. 
Excitement!  I can find my sewing machine and actually cut things...

All the boxes are back on my shelves....and a bit lighter believe it or not! 

I was so over it yesterday that I planted some herbs and a geranium cutting I was gifted on holidays. Well imagine my surprise this morning when I  discovered that MumPoss had helped herself to the Italian parsley.
I totally forgot possums love parsley.....she does test the friendship some!
Have a lovely day.
Namaste and blessings.
Michelle  xxx  

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Simple Things

As you all know I am a soppy sentimentalist and when I  saw this little posy of pink carnations yesterday, I couldn't help but bring them home. Now they were not the showiest or the prettiest in the florist but they were always my dear Nana's favourite and they bring her close to me...

I also had a little wander down memory lane as I continue to Spring clean. I  think I have kept every card ever given to me and I made the difficult  (for me) decision to recycle the ones that didn't hold sentiment for me. But I  had to read them all as I went and needless to say...couldn't part with those from hubby, the children and expressions of dear friends kindness....

I am very proud of  what I did discard however. I am still beavering away in my sewing cave....headway is being made slowly. 
There is something about living in a space 7ft x 16ft for a month that makes you realise what you actually need to make you happy....NOT that I  will ever be a minimalist as I am positive "bower bird" is in my DNA but it did make me want to declutter just a tad..

A little stitching has been happening....a bit of secret stuff.

And I worked on my redwork last night during the footy...
Brilliant game and our Broncos are off to the Grand Final. ..first time in 9 years Yay!!!
I am really happy to have hung my "Bluebird Wisdom" quilt up for Spring also.
I love this cheery quilt, bringing my feathered friends inside with me. 

I wish you all a lovely weekend.  I'm off to the library and then back to sorting the cave.
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle xxx

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Little Freebie

Well I finally got my Spring Mini up even though it is nearly the end of the month....
and trying very hard to get some order in my sewing cave which is in a word "horrendous".
Definitely won't be any before and after piccies lol! Mainly because the "after" seems so far away.
I promised you a little free design and finally it is on my sidebar under my sketchpad for you to download.
It is a little celebration of Family, Friends and Spring arriving. I have added the word "Family" next to the design in case you want to replace the word "friend" with it.
I hope you like it and you find it useful.
A little note... the samples that are left are...
Let me know if you want them. Thanks everyone for your interest and lovely comments.
I will have a couple more things on Monday.
Coffee is calling...enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quick Post

Good morning to you all. I have a quick post for you....some lovely progress Show & Tell from a friend, my op shop find and my verrry slow progress.
Firstly thank you for snapping up my samples, I will have a couple more next Monday. They will be in the post today.
My friend Lorel is also keeping me company stitching my "Country at Heart" alphabet. She is however overtaking me...eek! I have her lovely progress to share.

I will have to get stitching....
Whenever we go to Brunswick heads I have a little nosey in a lovely little Antique store and I could not leave these pretties behind.
The cross hatching work on this one was all free loops if that makes sense.
So pretty!
Not too much happening stitching wise.....a little swap secret sewing and a little bit of quilting on my poor old Grandmother's Garden Quilt....I think it is starting to feel like a poor old granny.
Ok I am's stitching with friends day today and also this evening...yipee!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sample Sale

Good Morning. As promised I have a list of little samples for sale. This is for my Aussie followers only due to postage costs.You can view the previous post for more details...a summary however is..... if you want to buy the piece email me at and it will go to the first email I receive about it. Please add $2.00 to the price towards postage.
ALL CUSHION COVERS $12.00 and be aware there are no inserts with them.
Cherish cushion (vintage buttons)

Precious Days cushion
Life is sweet cushion
Country Bounty cushion
My Honey Cushion
Sunflower cushion
TOTE BAGS $12.00
Angel wings
My Floss Box (fits large size floss box)
A friend is a gift
3 LITTLE GOODIE BAGS....each has it's own matching tree ornament $8.00 each
Plum pudding
WALL HANGINGS.....does not include any quilt hangers $15.00 each
SPRING *does not include wooden butterfly*
Deck the Halls
My Garden....lots of pretty embroidery
Pocket Full of Posies
Winter Ted
You are my Sunshine
Well that's it for now.....I will have more next Monday.
Have a great week,
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Last night was my first Friday Frolics with Kaye from Kitten Stitching and I joined all my bloggy friends as well over at Wendy's at Sugarlane Quilts for our monthly catchup.
I began early in the day as I was on a mission...started by sewing the binding down on my Dresdens quilt which I  have now named "French Feathered Friends ".
I was then all set to handstitch the binding down.

I then curled up and watched a mystery thriller starring Demi Moore called "Half Light"...loved it. As I'm a whimp I  was suitably scared lol!
So folks...TaDa!

It's finished! What a joy it has been....loved the fabrics, epp, applique and the hand quilting....oh of course and the little birdies.

It will be lovely to snuggle under for a bit of a read....I am revisiting a book that I  love by someone who's writing has seen me through some very dark days over the years.
Sadly he recently left our world..

I do hope that you all made a little progress too last evening. Looking forward to seeing what everyone got up to.
***** Please note*****
Even though I am so blessed to be able to do what I do, there is one teeny downside to creating lots of samples to go into the magazine's. Where do you keep them all?? I have so many cushion covers and wall hangings that one person could never possibly use them all. I have been going through them all and deciding which ones I could bare to part with....all have a tiny piece of my heart.
So I have decided that for the next couple of Mondays I am going to  pop up some on my blog for sale...they will be extremely low cost and whoever emails first will be able to buy the sample...unfortunately due to postage cost restraints it is only for my Aussie followers. None have been used and are in perfect order. After their 5 minutes of fame they have remained packed away. Keeping in mind that they are samples, you may have to add your own littler hanger and no cushion inserts will be included.
I really need to get some's getting desperate lol!
So I  shall post a photo and the price...beginning Monday.
Happy weekend,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

More Lovely Mail

Good morning  on this gorgeous day...
My poor overworked postie delivered to me a birthday gift held back because of my time away from sweet, sweet Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts....

Beautiful  fabrics with sweet birdies and pretty blooms, gorgeous vintage buttons and ceramic ones, tape measure and a beautiful pendant watch.....oh my how spoilt I am. Thank you dear Wendy you made my day xxx
More Art...2 of the other projects I did on hols.
Our beloved Mum Poss and her baby...

Because she was photographed in our garage I had to look for a nice tree to position her in...this one was on the river bank and was perfect.
The other is 2 gossiping Willy Wagtails which a friend at art gifted me some reference photos of.  I put them together for a chat on a paddock post. The post belongs to another friend Cathie who allowed me a few snapshots.

  Back to art yesterday and I started 2 new Aussie favourite of mine...Tassie Devil and a Petunia thieving Cockatoo (thanks Trish).
I just have to research the devils den to complete the prelim drawing. I have been asked lots of times if I  trace from the photos and the answer is no! All are drawn freehand using the end of my pencil as a measure for distances.

Such great fun! Stitching wise I am  quilting the last border on my Dresdens quilt.  I hope to finish it off tonight.
I wish you  a  beautiful day.
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle  xxx