....ohh and pencils and paper

Friday, January 31, 2020


This week was one of milestones for family and friends. Our oldest Grandson headed off to high school.....they are growing up so fast.
Good luck hugs from sisters and brothers for the new school year.

One of my dear friends Bev celebrated a special  milestone birthday this month and so a lunching we did go.....the birthday girl....
It was a lovely, special time spent together.
These are times to be treasured. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing a rose as my gift for this special birthday. Happy birthday Bev xx

Speaking of treasures......
I am about to move all of my sewing treasures into the other lifting and lugging is in my future plans...
The reason? This once prettily pink wallpapered bedroom belonged to my now very adult daughter.....

It is now very shabby and in a word.....GHASTLY! I have been longing to get it off and painted but my sewing supplies just got bigger and bigger and the thought of moving it all filled me with dread. However after my bit of a cull recently, I am now ready to go the extra mile and GET IT OFF! So wish me Mister and I are about to attack it very shortly! Arrrgggh!
1797 is moving swiftly now......4 smaller rows in each corner to go.
Yippee! Then it will be time to think about how to finish it off.....I don't want to chop any bits off it to add machined borders so the thinking cap will be on.
I wish you all a lovely weekend.
                                - Franz Kafka
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Home is Best

With all this humid weather and nothing calling for my attention, I have treated myself to a complete creative indulgence......lots of art...which you can read about over on my art blog **HERE
Stitching has also happened and I have been throughly enjoying stitching fact so much I finished the first stitchery.....

No. 2 block is begun.
My little furry friend has gone home so it's back to 1797...... sewing the pieces together in rows.....
So all in all I have been having a very nice relaxing time.....and Home has definitely been BEST for me!
This morning began with another shower and it's super muggy again but everything is growing like crazy.
Well real life has intruded and I must face the shops for some hunting and gathering. I know it is a blessing to be able's still my least favourite occupation.
Have a wonderful day.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sunday Stitchers January

Our first meeting for 2020 was Australia Day themed and Susan and Marilyn did a fantastic clever!
We had an Aussie fruit map...
Aussie snack mat...
Very sweet Koala bikkies....
It was hard to bite them lol! But I managed! Along with a lamington and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches.  Yum!
Very nice show and tell and Susan and Cheryl had Bushfire blocks to share also.

Some lovely quilts......

Once again a lovely day. I worked on my first Flowerville block and I am really liking the look of the thread. I have added some plain colours to break up the variegated thread and I think it's working well.
Lots of showers and a big storm have been welcomed by the garden here. Love a summer storm when they don't cause damage. Plumeria Alba has produced a lovely bract of flowers!
Extremely hot here today with another storm predicted.....a good day for some art and quiet stitching.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, January 18, 2020

FNSI January

I think perhaps I just managed to sneak in to sign up for our January...
WENDY at SUGARLANE QUILTS  gathered us together....thank you x
I continued on with my mission to complete 1797 Revisited. So I finished sewing the last five cream pieces on the last long round......
So I am on to the four corners....I got the next lot of pieces basted for the corners before bed.....
I decided on another red row. Getting a bit excited to be doing these.....the end is definitely in sight!
Because I have a little black house guest....a sad one at that....who insists on sitting on my quilt.......
I am going to treat myself to some tracing on another project that has been tempting me to start.....whispering to me every time I passed by it lol!
Flowerville, a gorgeous pattern by Rosalie Dekker. I have decided that I am going to stitch it all in one colour....Cottage Garden Thread....Pansy.  It goes nicely with all my brighter Tilda fabrics. I shocked myself that I loved these brighter colours.
Not at all my usual colour palette.....but love them I do!
I hope wherever you are if here in Aus. that you are getting some of this lovely rain.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, January 17, 2020

Rounding Out The Week

I bought a plate from wildlife artist, Nathan Ferlazzo......100% profits went to wildlife charities helping wildlife from the Bush fires....I chose a Magpie.
I was after the koala but the good news is.....they were SOLD OUT along with lots of other designs! So great result!
We had Granddaughter Miss E. visit this week and she helped her Grampy makes some scones to have with jam and cream. She loves to bake.

We were told with confidence that she could beat the cream.....and lick the beaters! They were very delicious and Miss E. took hers home to share with her family!
I have a tiny room where I sew and to be brutally was a disgrace! So I have spent several days having a good old cull.......into charity bags and the bin. I disposed of sooo much paperwork from my other life as a craft magazine contributor......very freeing!   I can now SEE my cutting board and shelves.  I still have some sorting in the fabric draws but it feels so much better.....

I am still working way on 1797.....not boring you with another pic lol!
A nice surprise in the garden also this yellow Clivia has flowered after 6 long years of waiting.  It was a gift for a special birthday from my dear friend Gaye who sadly passed away......
 I had to wait until some heavy showers passed to get a photo....and the raindrops looked just beautiful! I think the secret may have been DDs little Preppies class. They have a worm farm and collect the "tea" and bottle it as a fundraiser...... in desperation I gave the Clivia a good drink of it.....anyway....happy dance here!
 That's me done for the week......hairdressing appointment now to make myself bewtiful!
I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, January 13, 2020

A Little Mini

I have a finish on my little Natalie Bird stitchery.......I teamed it with some lovely Paris Fleamarket fabric and a little dark rose peeper.
I am pleased at how it looks on my smaller mini quilt hanger, which I have had for sooooo long waiting for the right one.
 I thankfully had the birdie button for the top....
I added an extra little butterfly stitchery where the lost button belonged.....
I decided that a big tidy up was necessary in my little sewing cave of mysteries.....wish I  had embraced my inner sloth as I found this.....

Another poor forgotten project! Arrrgggh!  Tidying always leads to trouble for me lol! I am leaving it out overnight maybe the quiltmakers elves will take pity on me and finish it for me **sigh! If not I can't abandon it.....the fabrics are too lovely!
I would like to say after my labours all day, plus charity bags and rubbish bin empties that it's all looking smicko! But my tiny room still seems to be bursting!
Anyway SOME things have moved on.......tick! Looking at the positives.
Sewing time is....back to 1797.
Our pink bottlebrush has decided to put on a wonderful show and cover herself with beautiful brushes.....

The colour is gorgeous and the golden tips....stunning!
Lovely to see something so pretty and cheery.
Ok off to enjoy my evening cup of tea and get back to 1797.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx