....ohh and pencils and paper

Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Week that Was

This week has flown by....or so it seems to me. I have had a lovely  celebration at the top end of the scale.....chores and dental work at the other! With stitching thrown in as well as time permitted.
First the celebration. Our dear friend Jacky was having a special birthday.
Pictured here with her gorgeous new  1st grandchild. Who popped along to lunch as a surprise......never to early to have lunch with the girls!
We chose the Emporium Hotel at Southbank and were on the top floor with views across the city.....usually beautiful but it was very drizzly....but the view was still amazing.....

The gang.....
Always lovely to share friends special milestones....
The rain has continued in showers on and off and the humidity is unpleasant but we are very grateful for the rain just the same. One of my Hippeastrums is totally confused and decided to pretty!

 My last block of Beyond the Garden Gate got finished.....

Sashing is now done.....I didn't do all the malarkey that was in the pattern as I never really liked it and it was the embroidery that attracted me.
 NOW! They say quilting is not an extreme sport but I can tell you my heart was pounding when the floral sashing I decided on looked like not being enough!
PHEW! This is what I had left lol!
 Talk about living on the edge...hahaha!
I am using this fabric for the final has been put away for so long for this quilt.

These will be the final borders....

Last but not least, some coloured hearts this time for Christchurch Healing Hearts....these are to go towards quilts for the first responders in the recent terror attack in Christchurch.
So that is about it from me.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Slasher

I am married to a man who like his father before him insist on every knife in the house being razor sharp. I can distinctly remember my MIL complaining in days gone why am I telling you this..... because not for the first time my thumb has come to grief making a salad.....I always suspected getting meals was a DANGEROUS  pursuit! I am not a fainter but I very nearly hit the deck....erk!
This insignificant mishap has meant I couldn't hold my work comfortably to embroider, so I  decided I would get stuck into my BRIGHT circles quilt.

I got quite a few done but then totally confused myself with how many more I needed. Putting what I had together seemed like a good idea.
I like how they are looking......

I am going to add 2 more rows....16 circles in not too much more to go!
This week was one that I have now dubbed "hold your breath week"......our Son's first scan after the completion of his Melanoma immunotherapy.
As hard as you try to get on and live normally when that scan comes around we all hold our breath until we get the results.....thankfully the best news....
I so love those words!
This week was also Grandparents Day at oldest Granddaughters school.....It was a fun time and I came home with lots of treasure from our activities lol!
I mean who doesn't love a cupcake necklace, masquerade mask and Easter egg crown! Lol! Not sure why I have a cerise pink face on my badge.
So despite my sore thumb I am feeling extremely blessed and grateful!
"One act of kindness has ripples that will touch many "
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Quick Post

Cannot believe the aircon has been needed again.....lovely to have rain but not the humidity.....makes one feel a bit "wilty" something small and light needed to stitch.
Another "Wings" block to add to the pile.
I also appliqued several "hearts for Christchurch " blocks to be added to others to make quilts for victims of the terror attack at the Mosque in Christchurch NZ.
You can go to Angels in Gumboots on Facebook to read more about it if you wish to contribute.
One of my lovely readers noticed my last Beyond the Garden Gate block I am currently working on just happens to be called "HARMONY".....we can only hope!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Stitchers March

We gave a nod to St Patrick's Day.....
with a themed morning tea.....a touch of green.....Very spoilt and very delicious!
Once again lovely UFO's and Show and Tell.....sorry lost track of what's what!
Susan's very cute Pooh Bear hexie quilt for her new Grandson and Allison's wonderful Sashsiko blocks.....

Cheryl and her beautiful cushion, De with her very sweet little drawstring and Inca with her great Sewing room hanging.
Once again Maria's gorgeous rug made us just want to have a little pat...amazing pattern!
Helen had finished her beautiful crochet, patchwork throw.....just gorgeous!  Also progress on an Anni Downs quilt was her UFO (I think) Sandi was ill....feel better soon Sandi.....but she sent her UFO through's a sewing machine cover!
Tatyana had progress on her cross stitch UFO and a lovely finished piece. The green circle gave us a giggle.....undies for your stitching frame lol!
My No. 12 was my 4 orphan blocks from Frosty Friends pattern....all finished!

I was quite pleased at how this scrappy concoction  turned out!
Our next UFO CHALLENGE Number is.....
Which for me is Beyond the Garden Gate. So we'll see how far I get towards a finish!
Today I worked on my next "Wings " block.
It was a very nice way to spend a Sunday....thanks girls!

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Friday Night Sew In

Last night I worked on my Beyond the Garden Gate the sounds of thunder and heavy rain and lightning lighting up the skies....the garden was very thankful!
I only had a tiny bit of stitching left on Block 8 so I finished that off first.
And then started on Block 9. The last in the quilt....this was my progress before my pillow called me.....
Feels good to be so close to having them all stitched....I will work on it some more this evening hopefully.
Today however I want to get more preparations done on my next "Wings" block.
Tracing is done and fabrics are being chosen to cut out.
I enjoyed my evening of stitching thank you Wendy. You can go HERE* to link up with other Friday nighters and see what they were up to.
After such a horrible hot week, it is so wonderful to feel cool.....and everything is rejoicing in the raindrops.
I cannot finish without sending love and heartfelt sorrow to our Kiwi  cousins across the ditch in Christchurch....even though rivalry is a good way....We are family!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Eagles 2109

Saturday night the very nice man I am married to and our Son and Daughter got to enjoy his gift to us.....excellent tickets to our very favourite band the Eagles.
We had the best night and apart from sadness at no longer being able to enjoy the wonderful voice of Glen Frey, his son Deacon paid excellent tribute.
Took the Mister a while to work out why we were amused at his choice of T shirt for me......thankfully he cottoned on and exchanged it lol!
It was such a special night to share something we love with our children.....even though they would probably say they were brainwashed against their will having had to listen to the Eagles for all of their young lives lol!

With March underway I thought perhaps I should get cracking on my UFO CHALLENGE for Sunday Stitchers.
My No. 12 was 4 little orphan blocks that I had stitched as samples for my FROSTY FRIENDS pattern......with my stitchery drawings, I always liked to stitch a couple to make sure they stitched up nicely! Before I offered them for sale. I decided they would be much better sewn in to a hanger.
I used some orphan charm squares and some fabric I already had......not sure it's a cohesive piece but it is together.
I decided to hand quilt it simply.....
So now I am ready to get the binding on.....hopefully I shall make it before Sunday!
I have also managed by rising early these hot days to read 3 wonderful stories from Fiona McIntosh. My Mum passed these on to me.....I love reading in the peace and quiet of a sleeping house with coffee to enjoy.
So not a whole lot of sewing happening here of late.......books have kept tempting me away.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx