....ohh and pencils and paper

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Sewing and Milestones

 Good morning all. It has been quite cool for my little corner of the world which has been quite nice for hand pics as you won't see much difference. But a stitch has been done here and there.

I have completed the butterflies block for Where You Love Is Home quilt. Another is prepped and ready to go.

The last page for my Slow Stitching Book is is a bit busy but I had several lacy pieces that I wanted to use without chopping them up. It did have me a little flummoxed as to how to achieve it and seem to take me ages with a lot of staring at it lol!

The cover is now underway.....then I must work out putting it on.....lots of head scratching and research ahead!

Last two tags....not sure if I have posted  No. 19....anyway it was WORDS. I used a little scrap of favourite you keep the very last scrap of favourites? 
Seemed relevant in my current situation. 
Tag No. 20 was PEKINESE STITCH.... I have never done it before. It was interesting but I should have made the base stitches bigger to make bigger loops but it was something new learnt and that's a good thing. 

I actually got my sketchbook out recently has been sorely neglected over the last little while. However a juvenile Little Friarbird just seemed to be asking to be I found that I could happily oblige!

Felt good I must say.
I am very humbled that more beautiful hearts and lovely cards are still arriving with the postman......thank you xxxx

We also celebrated my dear Husband's birthday. We enjoyed spoiling him with some of his favourites.
Team merch, favourite people and cupcakes....

That is about it from me for now.
Take care of each other.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


Thursday, May 6, 2021

Quilting Finally!

 Good morning everyone. Finally my quilting thread arrived.....very happy quilter! 

So I have been able to make some headway with quilting Basket Case.
I have cross hatched the centre block.....

With simpler quilting on the little basket blocks.

It's been a lovely pastime in the evenings with the weather finally cooler.
I have kept up with the #52tagchallenge and No.18 -Paper Piecing is finished. I felt this one was a little boring on my part but I enjoyed it.
Whilst in the "hexie" mood I made a start on the ones I want for my Heartstrings border.....several done and with a bit more hospital sittings they will grow!
My Slow Stitching Book is coming along too. I am having a very nice time working on this page.....

A thing I love is when the resident pair of Pale-headed Rosellas in my garden come to my front balcony for a little bit of seed that I leave out....if you don't know what they look like this is a drawing I did of one a while ago. They are beautiful shy birds and a treat to watch when they visit.
I usually bring the little bit of seed in each night but sometimes if dusk falls before I get there I find there is not a bit left.....Well I found the thief.... a very naughty possum, taking advantage of my tardiness!
Not a clear photo as I had blasted him with the balcony light....but there can be NO doubt who is responsible lol! So cheeky!
Well I must away. Another hospital visit today. So a few more hexies I guess.
I shall leave you with my two beautiful Granddaughters.....another great pic from the art installation they went to.
Namaste and Blessings Blessings Michelle xxx 

PS I have received some lovely comments from some of you that I have not been able to respond if I haven't answered your comment its because you are coming up as a no reply blogger. But thank you for your lovely comments xx