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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boy Stuff & a Beautiful Garden

Hi all. As I mentioned in my last post we were heading to Temora. We set out early and had a lovely breakfast in the town of Holbrook. What a lovely town. Lots of heritage buildings, antique and collectible stores and nice cafe's. It will soon be bypassed by a new part of freeway and it will be shame if people don't visit it.
Anyway it was another drive of varying vistas including lots of sheep, plains and lovely bright yellow wattle trees.
Eventually we hit Temora and Gary crossed another item off his 'bucket list.
It was very well run and beautifully set out and Gary was in his element.
All the aircraft in the museum are flown at regular intervals.
As we had made good time we thought we would continue on to the town of Young (famous for cherries) I know this as I used to have a flat mate who came from there and her lovely Mum used to send us up a case on the train (yum!) I digress, the cook (me) went on strike and so a trip to the Services club was made and as they say 'be careful what you wish for'. I had grumpily remarked to Husband I really felt like some lamb and with all the sheep I had seen on the way it had want to be good.....well, as all of you who know me well will testify too it takes a lot to leave me speechless but my meal did......5 LAMB CHOPS!!!!
When Gary managed to stop laughing he enjoyed his steak as well. It was very delicious at any rate.
We had an easy day's travel today and really enjoyed travelling along singing very loudly to our Keith Urban CD and wondering what was over the next hill. Travelling through the Aussie countryside singing to Keith can't be beat.
As we arrived in Cowra we noticed a sign that said "Japanese Gardens" and we both recalled that this garden was created as part of the "Cowra Peace Precinct" to commemorate those Japanese people who were interned at Cowra during World War 2. The war cemetery holding the Japanese dead from the Cowra Breakout was tended by the RSL in Cowra and it was decided in 1971 to create this garden.
It is truly beautiful even though we have visited when none of the flowering trees were in bloom.
An ornamental apricot tree was just starting to blossom and I spied a little birdie's nest up in the branches.
  Some shrubs graced us with some very pretty blooms....
There was water flowing into 2 lakes and the sound of the running water was so tranquil.
And I had to have a photo on the bridge (notice I have on my travelling uniform again tee hee) There are humungous Koi carp in the lakes HUGE! They came to the top with mouths open, expecting food when you went near the platforms.
I couldn't resist the most devine incense called Autumn Reflections in the gift shop or the porcelain crane incense holder. We had a very nice cup of coffee in the cafe and all in all it was a very lovely experience and hey anything that promotes Peace and Understanding I'm all for it.
We are nestled in our little camper tonight in the very chilly Bathurst with -2 expected in the morning....brrr!
This afternoon we had a storm but Mother Nature blessed me with a lovely sunset through the trees.
Good Night All.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. once again Michelle beautiful pics,lol,i dont know where you find all these towns you have both fitted so much in this trip,well done.xx

  2. wonderful photos Michelle!
    Love picture of you on the little bridge, you can see the fish too.

  3. My favourite is that subset shot ... Divine. The Japanese gardens are quite breathtaking. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lots of beautiful photos again. I adore the Japanese Garden at Cowra - so beautiful.

  5. G'day Michelle.. Lovely photos. Temora is a great town,we were there for the airshow a year or so ago and if I remember correctly, the patchwork shop in the main street was just fabulous. Glad you are having a wonderful time. Take care. Liz...

  6. I'd be speechless too if I was dished up 5 lamb chops! Great photos Michelle.

  7. More lovely memories of your trip. Glad you enjoyed your lamb chops, made me hungry just looking at the photo. Family over tomorrow so barby at the ready. No chops though. Hugs.....

  8. Ummm those lamb chops look just so delicious Michelle. Love the Japanese gardens too, great photos.

  9. It looks a beautiful garden, I hope you are warm in you camper van!


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