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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A New Little Set of Patterns

You will remember I mentioned I had been hard at it with my pen and pencils...
I have for ages wanted to design a little set of minis that you could say pop in a stitching friends birthday card..
So I did! They are called "Pocket Minis"
There are a series of 6 little stitchery patterns, sold individually -
1. A Frosty one
2. A Stitching one
3. A Country one
4. Lavender
5. Christmas No.1
6. Christmas No.2
You end up with the cover drawing to stitch, 2 on the inside and a little wee one on the back. Well you know I can't waste a spot to pop a drawing.
And they do individually fit inside a regular size card and envelope. Each little pattern costs $6.00AUD plus postage if you live overseas. Payment is through Paypal. Just email me to order them.
I think they are extremely cute and hope you do to!
Before I go, as I won't be posting for a couple of days I wanted to take this opportunity to send my most beautiful best friend Ann all the love and healing I can muster for some upcoming surgery on Thursday...if you believe, we would appreciate your thoughts, prayers and Reiki too!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, February 23, 2015

"D" is Done!

"D" is for Dolly, Duckling, Daisies...oh and DONE!
"E" is begun!
A friend gave me some pieces from the Lillies in her garden and they have all struggled with the humidity and heat over our summer so I was very surprised to see this...
The hard bit was waiting to see what she looked like....worth the wait!
Isn't she pretty! I am really glad too that at least one of them has not held it against me that I am no green thumb! LOL! I hope the others take her lead now.
Enjoy your day,
Nmaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jumping in Puddles and FNSI

After the effects of Tropical Cyclone Marcia we had quite a few big puddles around our garden.
We were left thankfully unscathed and my heart goes out to my northern neighbours around Rockhampton and Yeppoon that suffered damage and loss. Apart from watching and releasing water from the pool often..
All was well. So there was nothing for it but to stitch and do a little designing too.
I shall tell you more about that in the next couple of days.
I joined lots of lovely bloggers on Friday night over at Wendy's for
You can pop over if you like and see what everyone got up too. I was really resisting the temptation to play with my "Rememering Roma" blocks but I was feeling very guilty about neglecting the borders on my French General I was very pleased with myself in that I cut and pinned all the bias stems around the remaining 3 borders...
I then stitched and stitched (which I really enjoyed btw...very relaxing)
and got it all on bar one border which I finished Saturday. So I am now doing the extra fun bit of deciding where my little birdies will go and appliquing them in this spotty one!
I hope all my other Friday nighters enjoyed their stitching too.
Mr R. and I agreed if the rain had ceased this morning we would go up in to the bush for a walk, mainly to see the creek flowing as it had been a bit sad and dry. It was lovely hearing the water rushing by over the rocks and down the gullies and the Magpies warbling away. I took my camera which I usually forget to do. So here are a few piccies from our walk.
All the ferns were looking green and lush as the water wound it's way through them and over the rocks.
Look at these huge mushrooms that have popped up.
It all made for a very enjoyable walk although yours truly is going to be feeling the rock clambering a bit later on I think.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Namaste and Blessings
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Good afternoon almost Good evening! I have been trying to get to do this post for a couple of days but am a little busy or as we say down under "flat out like a lizard drinking"! Don't get me wrong it!
I have a couple of new commissions that needed some attention so lots of scribbling and tracing...
Bet you can't guess what season it's for LOL! My poor alphabet is a little neglected...
But at least "D" has a couple of stitches present. My lovely friend Fiona from Bubzrugz has been stitching my "Bear Hugs" Alphabet and even if I say so myself they are stitching up might cute! Fiona lovely stitching helps of course (click on Fiona's name above if you want to check them out)
Before the Inspiration Faerie came calling and demanded my attention I was working on a secret little giftie...for a secret someone.....want a peek?
There may or may not be somebody's initial there! Ain't a-saying! Hope she likes it!
Ok! Pencils have been getting quite a work out around here. Two more drawings from class. I had quite a lot of homework to do as well.....
 I photographed this pretty little mama up at Carnarvon Gorge last year. I know why they call them 'pretty faced wallabies".....homework was the damn rocks!!!! Who knew! Still not 100% happy but hey!
Yesterday was one of those days where I could not get my head around anything so after encouragement from my patient teacher, this pair was mostly completed at home....
 More #@!* rocks! Love Mama Bear's expression! Despite all that I cannot wait to get there each week.
I have had lots of enquiries about Calendar Bears so just wanted to give a little info.
Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you for all your very generous and lovely feedback about them....the "Bears" and I are extremely chuffed xxx Ok...
1. I am sorry but I cannot sell a pattern for this quilt until 1 month after the stitch-a-long is completed in Country's illegal! And very unfair to those folks who subscribed or purchased the issues to enable them to take part in the stitch-a-long.
2. There is a Bear block  (some themed for that month)for every calendar month of the year.
3. A monthly stitch-a-long means just that...1 block will be featured every month.
I hope that answers a couple of questions you may have. I have found that Feburary is now in the shops. A friend also purchased hers from Coles!
For those of you stitching them I hope you are enjoying my little Bears.
That's it from me...must dash! Domestic Goddess duties await!

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Sunday Stroll

I had a lovely Sunday stroll down by our lovely bay with Mr R. today. It is one of our favourite things to do.
 Of course what is a stroll without a very nice coffee...
 Oh and nice company...

Ahh! I feel better now!
Last evening while watching a very good movie called "The Judge" I finished off "C"
For some reason I have always loved black chooks and marmalde cats.....must be time to trace out some more letters.

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Busy Week.

This week has just flown by with somewhere to be and something to do every day. But Thursday I took myself off to the Sunshine Coast...
To visit this gorgeous lady...
My best friend Ann. We had such a lovely day talking about all manner of things and I think Ann is actually visiting from the "Dark Side" (card making) and doing some stitching which is lovely. Although I have to say that she did make me the most gorgeous card for a swap I am in. I shall show when it gets to it's recipient.
Ann also gifted me the most beautiful Art Journal.
Which I intend to fill up with lots and lots of sketches....first page has a new friend.
The postie bought me some lovely new coloured pencils that I treated myself to that I need for a workshop later in the year. Hopefully I can add some colour to my lovely journal....the pages are soooo lovely!
Where is the stitching I hear you shouting???? Well! I have RR's centre together.
I'll whisper in your ear....I am quite chuffed it actually resembles the picture in my head!
The next step working out where these blocks will go.
......oh and make 25 more! Thinking cap on!
I am off now as I am on morning cuppa duty.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Thursday, February 12, 2015

MY ABC's and a Visitor

Good morning all. You will have to excuse the font in this post...for whatever reason it has changed it self and does not seem to want to change back!!!!
I have completed "B" in my Alphabet...
Friends Lorel and Monica are really charging ahead with their's and looking good too I might add.
It is nice to see two blocks together finished.
 "C" is in the hoop but too much chatting at stitching last night didn't make for much progress....I had fun though!
I have also finished the last hexie flower for the centre panel on RR
If you have followed my blog for a long time you will remember 2 summers ago we discovered we had an eastern water dragon living in the garden around our pool. I have been trying for ages to get some good photos of him to draw later on but he would scram the minute he saw me coming. Tuesday he was for some reason wandering around our front garden and I got some perfect shots...he is very handsome and his colourings are beautiful...
He posed so elegantly...
Thanks Mr Dragon...I appreciate it. I love having wildlife in my garden. It tells me we are providing a little refuge in suburbia for these creatures whose habitat gets smaller and smaller.
Have a lovely day everyone.
Namaste and blessings,
Michelle xxx