....ohh and pencils and paper

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Basket Case

Good morning folks.....a quick little post as an addition to yesterday's post. I have had a lot of enquiries about the little basket I am using for my "Basket Case" blocks.
So I have drawn out the template and if you download the image from the photo you can make your very own Basket Case quilt.
I am sewing them on to 6 1/2 inch backgrounds blocks......great for using up those slightly bigger pieces in your scrap bags. You could make them what ever size you wish. Sorry about having to share this way but still having issues.
And they look quite sweet....
Warning**** they are a little addictive!
I look forward to seeing a few more Basket Case blocks out there!
Stay well and stay home.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, March 27, 2020

Making Do

Good morning lovely people. I hope you are all safe and well.
We are staying at home except for the essential grocery run and I am picking up 2 of my Grandchildren from school. Both my Daughter and Daughter in Law are teachers and are required to keep turning up for work....when they would rather be home with their children and lessening our exposure to the virus. There are so many grey areas to all of this. So lots and lots of hand cuddles and sitting apart have been happening. The kids have been so good about it all......but it is an anxious time for everyone.
I think like a lot of people the unsettling times have made me feel a bit scatty. The result..... jumping all over the place, doing a bit of this and a bit of that!
I did have a little win in that I found 2 strips of trellis fabric to add to what I had for my Wings border.....a little bit of making do and adding a red corner block has made it all work out. Happy dance!

The border will show up more when the cream border with the hexagon are added!
Some progress on basting the hexies as well.....

I have finished a Flowerville block and I am really pleased with how the threads and the Tilda fabrics have come together.
Lovely HELEN from Sunday Stitchers had a destash and offered some of her treasure to us.....I chose some lovely reproduction bits and pieces. 
I came up with a plan to use some in making a simple basket quilt.....
First I drew up two candidates....
The winner was this one.
They have been lovely and relaxing to stitch. Whilst having a video chat and sewing morning with friend Fiona, she said " it would stop me becoming a basket case"....Lol! So that's this new quilts name "Basket Case"!
So throw in some drawing and you can see what I mean by unsettled lol!
I hope you are staying safe and finding ways to keep yourself occupied.
Take care all.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, March 23, 2020


Hello everyone. I do hope you are all well and finding lots to keep you occupied during this very weird time. Being a bit of an introvert (yes believe it) staying at home is never a difficulty for me......but worrying about family and friends certainly is. My mind is much better occupied. So  I have been doing some prep work on my Flowerville and lots of drawing in my Nature journal.
The beautiful stitcheries of Flowerville are the centrepiece of a large Dresden plate with 36 little blades....I have a variety of Tilda fabrics for these blades....
So I got to chopping and because I am a dinosaur...did them the old fashioned way of drawing around the template and then cutting them out.
Next step, sewing all those tiny blades into pointy blades.
Backgrounds have been cut out and I have appliqued the first plate to its background.
Rather fiddly but pleased with how it looks. My next job is to applique Block 1 to the centre.
Last week I received some very happy mail and a bargain! I have for a very long time wanted a copy of Edith Holdens "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" to call my own. My Mother had one and I have always loved it. Until recently it had eluded me......or more to the point my Frugal McDougal pocket lol! I was flicking around on EBay and discovered a smaller hardcovered 2nd hand copy for a measly $9.95 and free postage from the looked fine and I did think if it was very ordinary I hadn't sacrificed too much.......however to my delight it has turned out to be in beautiful condition.....definitely a bargain! The smaller size is actually much nicer to hold whilst reading it.
Ediths attention to detail and observation skills were amazing. Not to mention the wonderful watercolour illustrations she made throughout!
I love her handwriting and on some pages you can see the pencil guide lines for her handwritten text, not quite erased away.
I have been having a lovely time reading her words and enjoying her art and favourite poetry she has added to her entries.

The other thing I have been doing is considering another one block my completed circles to sew........thinking, thinking!
Meanwhile some elongated hexies are waiting for me.
Take care dear friends, wash those clever hands and stay well.

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, March 21, 2020

FNSI March

WENDY from SUGARLANE QUILTS gathered us together for a night of sewing with others across the country cyberly. 
I worked on the last of  my Wings applique blocks....
I got it finished......woohoo!
It's funny these two weren't my favourites when I drew them but I love them now....

This morning I have attached them to the centre.....
I was a bit disappointed that I haven't enough of the trellis fabric for the next border......
I can make the red spot work......and I will just have to get over it!
I thought I would use the trellis fabric for the butterflies in each corner of the next border.....hopefully tying it altogether. 
Next.....lots and lots of long hexies for the last border........whose idea was THAT!  Lol!
Thanks Wendy.....I hope you joined in.
***If you missed my previous post, I have several drawings you may wish to use for little keep your hands busy, needles flashing and your mind at peace.
I think this afternoon I shall go back and scribble between the pages of my Nature Journal....
Be kind and stay well.

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Free Stitchery Designs

Good morning lovely people. I decided to pass the "Happy Hat" around because I am  fed up to my back teeth with the grim news being fed to us at every turn....
So I am posting on here 6 little stitchery drawing photos (still can't work out the scanning bit yet) that you can save the images for and stitch if you choose.
I stitched them as framed hexies......but you could use them in lots of different ways.
They would make nice needlebook covers.....or a little wall hanging perhaps in a table runner......Love to know how and if you stitch them.

I know that you will all do the right thing and not use them commercially but I hope they will brighten up this time if you want some quiet stitching to keep your thoughts in a restful place.
As I type this post I am sitting in my living room overlooking my little front patio.....a little somebody is keeping an eye on me.
He was very relaxed when I went out very close to him to take a snap.....

He often visits and just rests there for ages. I don't know if he gets fed elsewhere and is hoping he might get lucky here. I don't fed them as I don't want them dependent on me. Also I have seen him hunting in my garden for lizards.
As they say it is the small things........
Encounters with wildlife is always a privilege.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Stitchers March

Alison and I were on morning tea and we went with St. Patricks Day.
We had our very own little Leprechaun complete with treasure.....and he even shared!
A little bit of nonsense.....finding our Leprechaun name......
Mine was " Musical McNoodles" haha!
We enjoyed lots of yummy goodies too.
De was our birthday girl along with Inca who sadly had to miss the meeting but we are looking forward to peering into her gift bag! Happy birthday Inca xx
De was celebrating a special birthday and Noela was De's person.
Beautiful gifts....
We all out did ourselves with our UFOS.....I forgot to put my completed blocks in my bag (I am making progress on projects my UFO CHALLENGE) so luckily for me I had electronic evidence of my industrious efforts...A Wings block and a Flowerville block.
Be warned.....loads of pics!
Marilyns lovely project book...
Our new ladies Anita and Jacinta had beautiful work to share....
 We all wanted Lyndas beautiful wallet...
And cute pincushion.
Helen shared her gorgeous runner and stitcheries.....

De's sweet mending kit..
Alison had a lovely journal....
Last but not least Cheryl had a completed block....
A really lovely day, filled with laughter and for me anyway....loads and loads of inspiration!
I had a great night Friday night which you can read about *HERE
But one little moment was definitely a fangirl moment for me. I got to meet and have a chat with renowned Australian author and photographer Steve Parish. I have always loved his stunning photography. Dear Daughter couldn't resist being a fan too.
He was very gracious....asking me where a piece of my art was so we could take it in front of my little froggy picture got in the act too!
Ok that's me done.....if you are still with me....Thank you!
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx