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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

October Already

 Hello all! It seems incredible to me at how the days are flying by and it also seems to take me ages to get back to my blog these days. But here I am with my stitchings progress.

"Where We Love Is Home " is coming along with the centre house block completed.

It slots in about here.....
I have the Alphabet and Number stitchery blocks waiting in the wings too!

I am happy to see this quilt starting to develop. I was a bit worried that my scrappy fabric choices were a bit much but I think its starting to gel.
Before we had this recent spot of really warm weather I was making headway on my hand quilting on Heartstrings! 
Tags are up to date. Can't quite believe we are up to Tag 40
Tag 38 - Reverse Applique. 
We were asked to keep the bits we cut out for Tag 39.
Tag 39 - Applique. 

Tag 40 - Something "yummy" you had bought from a shop or craft show and never used.
I chose one of a pair of gorgeous ceramic Forget.Me.Not buttons, bought in regional Victoria on one of our wonderful road trips and a pale blue little lace motif, also one of a pair. 

Recently I spent a lovely morning with my littlest Granddaughter sharing some drawing. She loves to draw cartoon characters. Her story was a mobile phone and a packet of fries fell in love hahaha! Such a character and I love to see kids being creative.....just going with it!

Even at 8 years old she is so interesting to have a conversation with and has such a great imagination. My job on request was to draw her favourite....BATMAN! Lets just say Erin's idea of my ability far outweighed the! But she thought it was COOL!
I fancied a little slow stitching and have a little bit of secret stitching in mind....
So that's about it from me. 
Take care and stay safe one and all.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Almost A Finish

 Good morning friends. Hoping you are all well and managing to find some bright spots in these strange days. As we are staying very close to home due to hubbys immunity issues some days you do have to look harder for those sparkles.

When we could gather more freely Sunday Stitchers began Natalie Birds Heartstrings Quilt as a SAL for the group. I got really behind but last week all of the last border applique was done and attached finally. Its a sweet project and I have enjoyed the stitcheries and EPP so much.

I decided that I would like to hand quilt it and so it is now in my hoop.

Making this my night time stitching has allowed me time to get back to Where You Love Is Home quilt by Anni Downs. I have started putting the first row together as I go along.

These 2 blocks are now also together.....
And the last block in the row is what I am working on getting assembled.  Sorry its a bit gloomy here today so the pics aren't the best.
Tags are up to date with a new one due this evening.
Tag 36 - Slow Stitching in Neutrals. This was a very calming piece to work on.
Tag 37 - Fabric Weaving. I didn't embellish this tag as I wanted the weaving to be the focus.

Reading has been my other favourite past time as usual and these stories have been taken to heart. There was a lot I  loved and related to in "Thursdays at Orange Blossom House"......I have been a Yogi for many years albeit a less active one these days but still practising, I  have family who live in cane growing regions, have dedicated teachers in my family and have enjoyed the area in which the book is set.....really enjoyed it!
My current read was a lovely gift from a friend.
A biography Of Georgiana McRae. Another woman who lived an amazing life....whose artistic ambition was thorted because she was a woman. Just getting started on this one. Love diving into a new book.
In the garden the Clivia are starting to bloom....LOVE that gorgeous orange!
And another of my orchids has been putting on a pretty. All my other tree orchids were blighted by a nasty Dendrobium very pleased to see this one managed to escape them.
Ok folks.....the kettle is on the boil.....cuppa time.
Stay safe and stay well.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Spring Has Almost Sprung

 Tomorrow Spring arrives....we have been enjoying some absolutely gorgeous days....bit grey today but no complaints here. My King Orchid has definitely been in a blooming good mood, giving me 6 beautiful flower spikes to enjoy this year.

A new rose drawing is on the drawing board also...must be Spring Fever! 

Tags are up to date. 
Tag 33 - Flags
Being a turn it over make it neat freak, struggled to make it work.....but brief met!
Tag 34 - Make Yourself a Cuppa
A dotty cup of coffee for me for this tag on an old piece of tatty vintage lace.
Tag 35 - 3 Buttons + a precious piece of fabric.
I chose a scrap of Paris Flea Market fabric that I had made a special quilt out of in memory of a dear friend. A piece of ribbon from a vintage haberdashery in Castlemaine Victoria and 3 vintage buttons on a lace medallion. Loved this one!

I borrowed this photo from our clever tag lady Anne Brookes to show you all the tags that were sent from all over the world.

In the far left hand bottom corner you will see mine!  The navy blue with the hexie. Just amazing the amount of folks stitching them from everywhere!
Last week our son came to spend some time with his Dad so I managed a little time for some machine sewing and got straight on to getting up to date on my Heartstrings project. Only to discover that I was a block short because I had decided to leave out the applique block....arrggh!
I chose the same size stitchery from one of Natalies other designs and presto! Done!

The next border of hexies could then be added and I am up to date .....I think!
So now on to the final border.....I have gone off script as I am not a fan of teeny tiny patchwork blocks so I am going with a combo of applique and EPP.
Hopefully it will look this space!
Take care everyone and stay safe.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Friday, August 13, 2021

Here Comes August

 Hello everyone. Hoping you are all well and safe. I finally had all the stars align so that I could get my first vaccination. Apart from a bit of a sore and achy arm so far so good.

Since my last post I have had a birthday. I was quite prepared to let it slide on by this year but my lovely family and friends made sure that didn't, cake, books, gifts, cards, good wishes and yummy fabrics made me feel very spoilt! Another trip around the sun is not to be taken for granted!

2 more tags were made to add to my growing collection . 
Tag 31....was GOLD. Not being a particularly blingy person I thought I would struggle with this one. Eventually I decided that I would mark the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.......lots of GOLD there. I used a piece of gilded fabric that my brother bought me back from his trip to Japan a few years ago...added Gold Stars for the athletes, some gold tatting and I was quite pleased with the results.
Tag 32.....was LAZY DAISY STITCH. Throughly enjoyed this tag.....quietly stitching it was lovely!
I  also have a quilt Pandemic Basket Quilt. I designed and stitched this quilt from my stash only....including border, backing and  batting. Side note: said stash does not seem to have diminished! 
The binding was I thought  going to be an issue but I found a brown fabric in those deep fabric bins we seem to have....

The little baskets surrounded a bigger one in the centre block. I included a little tag saying HOME as it seems to be the safest place these days.

I am very happy with how it has turned out and I really enjoyed the hand quilting  of it too.

I have a vintage doiley for a label from my stash gifted me by a friend.....just need to write the story now.
Artwise, an old milk can I have in the garden inspired a little drawing study. 
I used a LOT of artistic licence changing the rusty patina of the can to the gorgeous oranges and reds that I love!  And of course a little lady Fairy Wren. 

Hospital visit this week meant lots of sitting around waiting so I took along some Applecores to prepare and baste as I had used all the ones I had. I now have a lovely Applecore pouch to keep them in thanks to my lovely friend Shez xx
I got a nice little pile done so I can now get back to adding them to the quilt top.
I  have so many projects in various stages of development deciding what gets attention is a dilemma lol!
That's me caught up. On the reading list issue I have dumped Blogger. They have seemingly ZERO interest in assisting you  with any issues you encounter no matter how many times you report it and gone over to Feedly to read all your lovely posts. It is just taking me a little while to find you all and transfer you across but at least I can see your posts now.
Take care everyone and stay safe.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx