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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thank You Lovely Friends

Today I have turned another page in the book of "Learning to be a Wise Woman".
I would like to begin by thanking all my lovely Family and friends for their heartfelt gifts and wishes and I am totally overwhelmed by your generosity and love. I will post about it in coming days.
I am not going to wax lyrical today but thought instead would just leave you with two very lovely sayings that I love....
Much love and blessings,
Michelle xxx

Monday, July 29, 2013

Early Celebrations and Winners

I am issuing a warning up front....lots of piccies.
Yesterday my Family came to celebrate my Birthday with me. I didn't want a party as it is just not me. I prefer to share the event quietly with those I love. Mr R. cooked a lovely lunch and my Mum baked her famous apple pie (one of my favs). My dear daughter decked the place out in balloons...
and my dear daughter-in-law organised a very special birthday cake....just take a peek at this...
That there is a replica of my little hard working sewing machine. The message is in stitching with needle and thread and a tiny thimble and my sweet little Angel who you all know is very dear to my heart along with my tag graced the little quilt...
It is just gorgeous and I was thrilled to pieces and so surprised with it AND it was oh so yummy!
Of course I love a bit of sparkle and what better way than to set fire to those numbers LOL and I had two very excited little helpers in my two Grandsons.
It near broke my heart to cut it...but hey someone said there was cake inside it so what's a girl to do.
The Granddaughters were much more restrained and watched proceedings with interest.
 My Mum, myself and my Daughter-in-law..
and my Mum, myself and my Daughter..
Dear Daughter and Granddaughter...
It was so much more special with my Family and I think everyone had a great time...
Today after Yoga we had a lovely little lunch also as another friend is joining me in turning this number and it was very yummy. I think we undid all our good work.Ok now enough about me. If you have stayed with me this long you are about to find out the winners of my Birthday giveaway -
The Overseas winner is Raewyn from Love to Stitch  all the way across the ditch in New Zealand..
Congrats Raewyn!
Our Aussie winner is Simone from Quilting is My Down Time ...Congrats Simone !
If you lovely ladies would like to confirm your snail mail addy's with me I can pop your winnings in the post.
Thank you everyone for being part of the celebration.
Speaking of Winners, you may recall that the very sweet Jenny of Elefantz and I had a wager on the State of Origin Rugby League Series. The wager was a Cadbury choccie for each game and Tim Tams for the series...well I had to send off the choccie first round...Jenny had to send off the choccie second round and then.....woohoo! I won the Timmies!!!
Now being a girl of her word Jenny sent me my winnings and they arrived today...
I did not expect the above gorgeousness...beautiful lavender bag and the object (or so I thought) was beautifully wrapped in very pretty fabric tied up with a pink bow...I remember thinking.." that does not look like a packet of Tim Tams????" Nope!!!
FOUR packets and each a different variety...oh my chocolate loving heart is soooo very happy!! Thank you so much Jenny you are a darling ((((o))))
Do you have to share your winnings????? Really?
Thank you for bearing with me this far...I haven't touched any of my Birthday club parcels so I will back to show what surprises are within later.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quilts at the Art Gallery

Today I spent a brilliant day here..
at the Queensland Art Gallery to view the quilts from the collection of the Victorian and Albert Museum and loans from other UK museums and the Rajah Quilt from the collection of the National Gallery in Canberra.
Photography was not permitted so a postcard was bought to give you a little taste.
In one of the other viewing rooms is a wonderful exhibition by well known Aussie Designer Ruth Stoneley who will always have a special place in my heart. The exhibition is the work of her son. It was lovely to see.
I was in great company with my stitching friends, Jackie, Lorel, Sandra, Anne and yours truly. Gaye had left for her train in this piccie.

Here we are waiting patiently for our "Patchwork Plate" for lunch.
The plate...
I was very good and had mineral water.....driving later you see!
We all agreed it felt really special to be a stitcher and be joined by that invisible thread to all these amazing stitchers and quilters. I was also very fortunate and delighted to run into an old friend of mine who now has the wonderful job of conducting tours around our beautiful gallery....loved seeing you Trish (and she is a fellow blogger).
I went with some early "birthday cash" and so I thought what better than to remember a special day out with friends than with this gorgeous book.
Ohhh! It is so beautiful. Many hours of pouring over these photos and reading are in store here. All in all a simply wonderful day. If you live in the Brisbane area and haven't been, treat yourself. You will not be sorry.
Lastly I just have to share this beautiful photo of my son and his children....I love it and want it in my journal.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Celebratory Giveaway

Good Morning all. I thought it was going to be a dreary old day but the sun has appeared beautifully and has brightened everything up considerably. It was quite chilly here yesterday and we had our Yoga class with the wood fire was lovely and meditation was so cosy.

On the sewing front I have finished another red work block for my as yet unnamed Snowman quilt.
My little blue version of my birds stitchery is finished and all ready to make it into.....ahm..not telling!
I am also up to date with my July block in my little stitch-a-long with my stitching friends..
I am actually a little ahead..sssh! don't want to spoil their fun with what is coming next.
Now about this 'giveaway' Mean making you wait until the end I know. LOL!
As some of you may know I am having a birthday very shortly and as I feel very blessed to have been around in this old world THAT long and have such beautiful family and friends I decided I would like to share a little something with you to help me celebrate. The draw is open to my followers only....and I do know who you are!!!!! I will have 2 draws the first is for my Aussie followers...
In the giveaway is my new Cup of Friendship cushion pattern, some sweet buttons and pretty pink spotty scissors from Fee's Shabby Shack, a charm pack "Sew Stitchy" by Aneela Hoey (don't you love it..hexies and everything), a sweet butterfly clip and some pretty pink ric rac braid. For my lovely overseas followers I will only have a copy of the pattern in the second draw (sorry but the postage is a bit prohibitive) I hope you understand and will enjoy it anyway as I just couldn't leave you out :)
So there you have it....leave me a comment and tell me where you are from...Aussie or Overseas friend and I will draw it next week if I am not toooo full of cake or haven't left to follow all the nice fireman home who came to put allllll my candles out. Good luck to you all.
Lastly Congratulations to Will & Kate on their new Son.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Relaxing Sunday

We have had a very relaxing day. A bit of stitching. I finished my bluebirds stitchery and so did a bit of quilting in my chair and watched DVD's "Life of Pi" and "Argo"...enjoyed them both.
So to finish off a nice relaxing's on.
Homemade pizza cooking in the oven.
First one sliced and ready to go.
And of course an easy yummy treat for dessert.....just rip open the box!!!
Weis' Bars YAY!! I love an easy dinner how about you?
Before I go just wanted to share a piccie of my other gorgeous little Granddaughter with her Dad watching her older brother speed around on his bike.
Isn't she a sweetie. I know it is their job and it's what babies do but boy they grow quickly.
I am going to be doing some more quilting this evening and I hope you enjoy your Sunday evening too.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Well I did get half a dozen stitches done last night and nibble some Maltesers and M&M's which qualifies as a FNSI...
It took a lot of hard work to get this little person into this state.
And I can assure you 100% I worked off every minisucle of those treats. Gorgeous little girl all the same.
Thankfully her big brother was a much happier customer.
On the way out yesterday I found the new issue of Country Threads in my mail box and I am in good company with some friends you may know this issue.
You can read a lovely profile on our Jenny of Elefantz and there are lovely projects from Fiona from Designs by Fee and Cath Walker. Can you spy my little Angel tote bag there on the cover too.
I think she turned out rather sweet and is perfect for all those retail therapy days to the quilt shop.
I bought her gorgeous fabric from Homepatch in Bathurst last year from Anni Downs and just loved it.
I hope everyone had fun stitching at FNSI and you enjoy your weekend.
I am looking forward to coming to visit to see what you all got up to last night.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, July 19, 2013


Tonight I am linking up with other stitcher's for ...
Hosted by the lovely Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts. It is a nice feeling knowing other stitcher's are sewing along with you and enjoying treats too....
As Mr R and I are babysitting a couple of our Grandies tonight I can't promise huge inroads into my UFO's but I will definitely be trying to get a couple of stitches in and there WILL be chocolate. So all the 'necessaries' are in place. If I do manage a few stitches I think it will be on my blue version of my birdies...
I haven't touched it since I began so a bit of attention is required. That's the plan anyway. Babies actually don't understand about plans do they. Ah well I will be there in spirit at least.
I have however been very diligent with my hand quilting and I am now on to the borders and quilting the hexies... there are little ones.
and there are long ones...
I had all sorts of plans to do all sorts of different quilting on this but I was having such a lovely relaxing time with my meandering quilting I have just kept on going with it. I really love this quilt. I definitely feel like I am embracing my 'inner mudiness' with these didn't know there was such a thing???
 That is it from me today. Off to attend to all the admin jobs that need doing.
Don't forget if you are interested in my two new designs just email me at -
I wish you all a relaxing weekend doing something that makes your heart sing (or at the very least hum)
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Patterns and 8 in a Row!!!

Well you know I am going to say it....Our Mighty Queensland Maroons State of Origin Team has bought home the series for the ****8th time in a row****....Congratulations to our boys xxxxxxxx
And what can I say but have to be really courageous to be a Queenslander! Our team showed great courage to hang on with only a 2 point lead.
What a nail biting game. I am sure I wore some of the polish off my floors pacing up and down.
Sorry to you "Non- Origin Fans" not really. WE WON!!!!!! YAY!!!!!
Ok now that I have bought you up to speed on those exciting developments I have a 2 new patterns to release just in time for Christmas in July.
The first is "Feed the Birds"  Wall Hanging may recognise him from my sneaky peeks..
The cost is $14.50AUS plus postage if you are outside Australia.
The 2nd pattern has a little story and I know how you love those.
I was having coffee earlier in the year with my lovely friend Noela. A lot of you will know Noela from her blog "Quilty Bits from the Blue Room. Anyway Noela suggested to me that she would love to see me create a Christmas Alphabet and so the seed was planted and home I went and got out pencil and paper and we now have...
"Alphabet Noel". All 26 letters are represented with various Christmas themes. It is in the same format as my Stitcher's Alphabet. There are no projects included just the stitchery designs waiting for you to create with them.. and the cost is $14.00 AUS plus postage for those overseas. I have named the pattern after Noela (well as close as I could get anyway) So a huge thank you to Noela for planting that little Christmas seed of inspiration. I have 2 other new designs to release that are non Christmas but I am saving them as I am going to have a little giveaway in a few stay tuned. So you see I have been a busy little bee of late and loved every moment of it but I am looking forward to my holiday. LOL.
If you wish to purchase either of these two patterns just email me for details.
That is it from me for today. I am off to do a few little chores and then some more quilting. I did quite a lot last night in between pacing to try and alleviate the "Finals" stress.
Blessings Michelle xx

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Visit to Star of the Sea Quilters

Several months ago I was invited to the Star of the Sea Quilters at Cleveland down in our beautiful Bay area to do a trunk show. Now I had never done anything like this before so to say I stepped out of my comfort zone was a gross understatement. You could say I leapt and learnt to fly on the way down. However as it turns out sometimes when you do this you have the most wonderful experience. WARNING: Loads of photos!!! My invitation was offered by the then President Karen Unsworth pictured here with myself. Karen is such a beautiful lady and is a great supporter of my designs.
It is really nice to know when you do some thing like this to know that there are friends there to support you.
My lovely friend Monica was there to greet me with encouragement and hugs...poor Monica has been listening to my nervous utterings for weeks.
as was friend and fellow blogger the wonderful  Joy from Joypatch. Joy was a such a great help and holder uperer of my quilts and provider of coffee and cake too.
The ladies were very kind and enthusiastic about an old quilt (my first but you all know that story)
and the newer ones...
The first time I have ever used a microphone...look at Joy's pretty fingertips there. There were a few horrible shrieks from it but not too bad. lol!
I really enjoyed talking to all these lovely quilters. A serious discussion about threads - what kind, how many hoop or not to hoop. I loved it.
There was also lots of discussions about my various quilts and I loved sharing the stories of how they came to be.
What could be better than a chat about stitching and a lovely piece of chocolate cake.
Here are some of the ladies having a look at some more of my work from my my Magazine commissions and taking a pic or two.
They were very generous and went home with a pattern or three. I can't tell you how nice it is that people actually like your work enough to want to make it.
I met a very nice lady called Beverley who bought along her gorgeous version of my "Cupcake Kisses" design to show me. She had replaced some of the stitchery with applique and it was so pretty. I love it when people put their own spin on a design. Beverley had made it for her Sister who loves to bake...sweet!
Karen also bought along the stitchery done by her daughter Kelly (love enthusiastic young stitchers..we need them all) Kelly has been stitching my redwork design "Skates for Hire" and has done beautiful work. Well done Kelly! I loved seeing your work.

Can you see in the background of this photo the ladies hanging quilts. These are all the charity quilts the SSQ have made which were being presented to a local Special Education School that afternoon..well done ladies!
The ladies were also very pleased with the little Needlebook and Scissor keeper pattern I designed especially for them.
So a huge big thank you to the very generous ladies of Star of the Sea Quilters. Thank you to new President Chrys, Sharon for your lovely friendly face when I arrived, the ladies who helped carry all my gear, your very talented photographer Teresa who very kindly sent me all these mementoes of the day,  my yummy coffee and cake, Karen for your belief and support, Joy and Monica for all your help and for just being your lovely selves.You  all made me feel so welcome and once again reminded me of what I always knew. Stitcher's are the nicest people.
Blessings Michelle xxx