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Friday, July 6, 2012

Bound for South Australia

We are now over the border and in South Aussie. We spent last night in Erldunda where we stayed before heading out to King's Canyon. Holey Moley different experience this time. Last time there were not many bare spots but this time It was like flies on a piece of bread and jam. We set up and because it was so cool we had a cuppa inside the van. When we opened the door after we finished the place was crawling with campers in every nook and cranny. I really thought some one would camp under our bed space. It was -2 degrees there this morning. Brrrrrrr!
If I am absolutely honest I would have to say this little bit of the trip was the bit I was least looking forward to. So to keep myself amused I decided to give Gary a break and drive the first 270 kms and then I got the camera out and took some photos to pass the time as you do......white cockies squarking in a tree.
The road ahead....
The husband asking whilst scowling..."what ARE you doing?"
Thankfully we got to stop at a little place called Marla for some much needed (on my behalf) coffee where we got to meet the cutest little staffy girl called Mindy who was travelling around Aus in a bus. You all know how much I am a sucker for a cute black staffy! Absolutely had to have a talk and a cuddle.
Back on the road again and I have to say whilst I am already missing that gorgeous red earth of Uluru and the huge wedge tail eagles soaring over the highway the scenery on the road to Coober Pedy was beauitful...very different again to anything I have seen. Around a spot called Cadney Station they call it the painted desert and i'd say that's about right. The colours were again amazing. We came across a lone dingo just wandering along the edge of the highway.
The sight that greets you just outside Coober Pedy is a different story's like looking at a moonscape and I have to say I found it very unappealing.
I think it is vastly different now that opals are mined commercially.
So there you are we have made it to Coober Pedy and for me being extremely claustrophobic a bit of a challenge with lots of the places of interest being underground. So watch this space...could be me stitching in the van yet. I am trying to remain open to the possiblities before me but we will see.
Just before I go I am very excited to tell you that two little friends created by me are by all accounts appearing in this months Homespun magazine. I have been keeping my eyes pealed for a copy out here just so I can have a look but no luck so far. Thanks Ann for letting me know they were in print.

That's it from me for tonight off to bed to do a little reading....loving "Shifting Fog" by Kate Morton.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. saw your cute little bags in homespun Michelle,congrats they are gorgeous.Lovely pics again,lol,i feel that i am on the holiday with you both,lol,thankyou for the tour,take care.xx

  2. There is certainly a lot of road out there!! You may even find an opal.
    Congrats on the Lovely goodies in Homespun. They look great.

  3. It is a long rod to Coober Peddy but it is good to do once...
    Did see your cute Christmas bags when I read my copy of Homespun today. Great little gifts..
    Enjoy your tripping around.

  4. Eeek! You're finally in my neck of the woods. Which way are you heading down?

  5. I don't think I'd like to live in Coober Pedy. It's very different isn't it! But an interesting place to visit. I saw your bags in Homespun. They are lovely.

  6. Can just see Rosalie making those bags. They are very cute.


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