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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Catching Up Part Two

 Hello again. Part two. Recently I met my friend Fiona @bubzrugz at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt show. We had a lovely day and having someone to discuss and drool over all the amazing quilts was a treat. Very little shopping was done as we were so taken with so much beautiful work in one place. We decided this beautiful French General quilt was a perfect backdrop for a photo.

I thought I would share a sample of some of the beautiful quilts...
Applique beauties that appealed.

I was quite taken with the Indigo dyed quilts.

Of course birds always catch my eye. 

Fiona almost needed a lie down over all the hexes in this one lol!

We were amazed at the treatment of Suffolk Puffs on this one.

The last few....I just liked. 

The last quilt really fascinated me. The maker collects all manner of old textiles and makes them into a collage of embellishments, old needlepoint, fabrics and embroidery.

It's probably not for everyone but it tickled my upcyling little heart.
Now last but not least Sunday Stitchers meeting was attended this past weekend. Our theme for morning tea was SMILE and Helen and Sandi did a fab job....
And it definitely made for lots of smiles.
OK...I hope you enjoyed the quilts and haven't fallen asleep. I shall leave you with my little show purchases and new quilts for 2024 may or may not have been discussed *wink.

Take care one and all, hug your loved ones.
Namaste and Blessings, 
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Catching Up Part One

 Hello friends. Because I am currently such a slack blogger I am doing a Part One and Part where to start...what has kept me busy of late?

I had been preparing for two Art exhibitions on the horizon. A friend talked me into entering into the prestigious Holmes Art Prize for Realistic Bird Art. Unfortunately I didn't make the final but I am glad I took a chance. My entry had special memories bound up within it. So it is now been framed and installed above my stairs. 

The other exhibition begins this week and I have 4 pieces on show. Really looking forward to it. Held at my favourite place Mt.Cootha Botanical Gardens. 
I also wanted to try some eco dyeing on my own at had a ton of fun fluffing my way through the process but quite pleased at the results. I made some gift cards with a lot of the pieces.

I will definitely be playing with this medium again.
I am still on track with BOM Owl and Hare and Gossip top is almost together apart from the borders.

As usual my estimates of required background and border fabrics was skewed I have had to rethink my options. I have decided on a scalloped edge on a single strip rather than the pieced option in the pattern.

I have also enjoyed lots of slow stitching but just a little picture of my recent work. I shall do a another post about it later on.

OK I think I shall stop here and see you in the next post Part Two.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx