....ohh and pencils and paper

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Wild and Wooly

 Is how its been in my neck of the woods over the last few days. We have had lots of lovely rain but accompanied by some menacing storms, bringing with them wind, hail and lightning strikes aplenty!

On Sunday our beautiful Honey Gem grevillea was the victim of one such lightning strike which sent a large part of it over our poor neighbours phone and tv lines. Snapping one. Thankfully missing the power line!

It used to look like this....

Our noisy little visitors are going to miss it a lot.....

I think maybe I will have to draw this photo for remembrance.

Sewing has been some secret Santa type sewing....

Playing with those tiny hexies I made.

and at school pickup I have managed a little Heartstrings stitchery.

Amazing how those segments of time add up! The peaceful quiet stitching is quite nice too.

Yesterday I took myself on a date to my local library. It had been closed because of the plague and I had not ventured there since it reopened.  So it was time. They were very well prepared and every precaution taken. 

I have a very nice little pile and one on order.....bliss!

The rain has brought these pretties out in bloom too.

Ok it was pantry gathering day today so I must get back to putting it all away.
Take care, 
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Nature's Journey

 Having finished the last lot of applique blocks for Natures Journey.....

And gotten the chequerboard border sewn on..

It was time to sew all the applique blocks together and sew them to the top....really happy with how it looks!

After it was all done I discovered that I had been an overachiever and sewn an extra block....sheesh!
I think perhaps I shall have a cherry quilt label lol!
2 more borders to go.....
I also sewed some more of my little hearts together. 
My tin is empty so I need to sew some more.....I am loving the variety of stitching these.
I received lovely mail all the way from France last week.....some lovely pieces to add to my Applecores.
Thank you so much Lin x
I am so delighted to say it is absolutely pouring with rain here as a thunderstorm passes over us.....the garden is smiling already! It has been as dry as a bone here of late!

I am going to work some more on my teeny hexies....3/8th cute! 

Enjoy your weekend people.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sunday Stitchers October

 I am just a tad late in posting which seems to be my MO these days. A lovely day was had by all at our October Sunday Stitchers meeting.

We had one birthday girl...Sue....with her lovely bag and goodies.

Lots of lovely UFO reveals and Show and Tell as usual. They are such a clever bunch!

Lyndas gorgeous work.

Beautiful quilts from Alison and Marilyn. Marilyns quilt had matching backing in the same range as the front and it was really lovely so deserved a pic.

Also by De and Susan. The fabrics in De's large quilt were gorgeous!

For the life of me I cannot remember who this sweet Christmas quilt  belongs to!
And as they are hiding behind clue! 
We all were very industrious despite the laughter and chat!

You can even see our Paparazzi in the mirror in the top right hand corner lol!
I was able to show my completed 2020 Basket Case quilt top which I am calling finished! 
I thought I would have enough fabric the same as the inner border but I don't so I am calling it quits and binding it in that fabric!

This was definitely a Covid diversion quilt......I throughly enjoyed making all the different basket blocks. So goal attained!
Just finished this wonderful book......there were real tears falling at the end.

I have some progress to show you on Nature's Journey but will show you next post.
Take care, stay safe and well lovely people.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, October 17, 2020

FNSI October


I linked up with Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts and others for our October cyber sew in.

I worked on my Nature's Journey applique blocks and embroidered the blanket stitch on to them.

Only a few more to go until they are all finished. A few hearts were managed also before bed.......
Thanks Wendy for gathering us together again. 
October in my corner of the world means there are usually patches of purple everywhere.  Jacaranda trees are in flower.
Mine is about 47 years old and very bendy and unruly .....I love seeing it from my sewing room window.

Such a gorgeous colour!
Eldest granddaughter has been watching for 2 of the Hippeastrums to unfurl their flowers too this week.....finally!

These pretties came home with me after my weekly venture to gather food.....I just can't walk past pink carnations.
Well I wish you all a lovely weekend. 
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, October 9, 2020

Baskets and Hearts

 The last baskets for my BASKET CASE 2020 are stitched......

Just need to sew the last two rows and border on....hopefully soon!
Last week I got some beautiful bits and pieces in the mail from friends Marina and Fiona. Marina and I decided to swap some bits for our hearts addiction lol!
Fiona is aiding and abetting my goal of an Applecore Charm quilt.
Why is it we always get excited about other friends stash lol!
I am still patting Fionas but I did cut and sew some new hearts.
I have also joined some more together. 
They are like eating can't just have one lol!

Ok I am leaving these little ones alone, well for now anyway as I want to cut out some new Applecores as I am nearly out.......
Wishing you all a lovely weekend. 

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


Saturday, October 3, 2020

Going Rural For The Day

 Yesterday I  along with 2 other friends and a furry one visited another friend for lunch out at her rural property.  It felt so wonderful to breathe in the space and country air. The views were beautiful! *WARNING * photo heavy!

My friend has some beautiful orchids....this one is a stunner!

This beauty is the Mother of my little Phalenopsis orchid....
Lots of pretty to admire! 
My friend has health complications so we hitched a ride around the property on her chariot! 

Our little friend Honey wanted to come too lol! Pleeeeease Vira?

Some pics of the beautiful and the quirky from our jaunt. You may be able to just pick up the flock  of Plumed Whistling ducks on the bank of the dam in the 3rd pic.

A little reminder to stay safe..
Loved the repurposing of this old building...

It was such a lovely day.......definitely a 'Diamond Day' all the more special in these weird times!
If you are still with me.....there is some sewing too!
Only 2 more Dresdens to do for Heartstrings. 
A trio of stitcheries finished for it also....

Applecores and little hearts bringing up the rear!

So I  think the Epistle is done lol!
Wishing you a lovely weekend. 
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx