....ohh and pencils and paper

Monday, June 29, 2020

Last Weeks Doings

It was a bit cool here in sunny Queensland last week....something I am not keen on!
This nasty Covid 19 has made for a peculiar life in lots of  unexpected ways.
Last week Mr R. his Dad and I said goodbye to a lovely family friend and a funeral under these current conditions was a very strange affair.
I finally got a cut and colour from my favourite hairdresser Katie.....
Whilst having untidy hair is a first world problem, my goodness it feels good to be all cut and coloured again.....huge appreciation here!
Clever friend FIONA organised a sit, sew and chat meeting with myself, MARIA over in WA and SUE down in VICTORIA  which was just lovely especially as Fiona made such an effort in her gorgeous hat and pearls lol! I have borrowed this pic from Sue.
Keeping spirits up in these times is very important.....
I worked on another Love & Hugs block while we chatted....I can now add it to the pile.
There are two more little baskets to add to the pile.
I think I have the apple cores sorted out now and just need to work out how many I  need for the width of the quilt.
And last but not least I am slowly appliquing my way around the last border of my Wings and Pretty Things quilt getting all those hexies sewn down.
I am not allowing myself to do anything more to my new project until Wings and Pretty Things is completed!
Which is where I am headed right now.....once the kettle is singing!

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Beginnings and Ends

The end is in sight for my Wings and Pretty Things quilt. The last row of elongated hexies is sewn together. I hung the 4 rows up on my shelves so you got the idea of how many there were!
The four little butterflies are appliqued for the corners and just need their antennae stitched on.
I have cut the borders.
So everything is set for the last border.....removal of papers and appliquing the hexies on the borders are next.
In light of my progress I have allowed myself a bit of a beginning on my new project.
This is the centre block. This quilt is one on my wish list and I am excited to get started. I know a lot of you have already made it....I am usually late to the party lol!
The postman delivered some more supplies to see me on my way.
I am hoping to use a mixture of French General and other Reproduction fabrics.
It has been hard to resist.......
The other beginning is trying to work out how exactly to put together the Applecores for a quilt.  I have watched a couple of tutorials but all gluing and none for basting, which is my preferred method. Anyway I gleaned what I could and I think I have it sussed now.
I didn't want to pack it in my caravan with no clue how to use them. I am going to try and work two rows so that I know the process and can repeat it easily.
Well the fire needs's a bit cool here in sunny Queensland today.
Stay well and stay warm folks.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, June 20, 2020

FNSI and a Week Day Wander

I had a very enjoyable Friday with lots of bits and pieces and a nice walk into the bargain.
Firstly the sewing. I finished preparing two Dresden plates for fiddly but so pretty.
I went stash diving for some fabrics to cut out for the central block of  an upcoming project...that I am trying NOT to start but I suspect will get me eventually.
During the evening I worked on getting some more elongated hexies sewn together. They took no concentration really and I was tired after my walk. Thanks WENDY *** for hosting us all again.
I found the Postie had left me a parcel on returning from my wander.....some pretty French General fabric bits and bobs.
I took my tablet on my wander and took some photos.  So if you aren't in to scenery look away now. It was lovely and quiet up in the I have been very slack of late I thought it would do me good to walk up the steep set of stairs to begin....and quite a few of them....if you enlarge the pics you will see's quite a hike up there to the top paths.

After I got my breath back it was a very nice wander along the paths.....

Some little jewels along the way......
 My favourite kind of the little golden puff balls. This one was young and just starting to come into blossom.
Part of the park has had a controlled burn and there were lots of Kookaburras taking advantage of an easy way to spot prey. You may just be able to spot 3 of them sitting together. I didn't want to disturb them by moving closer for a photo.
We have had a few showers so there was a trickle in the creek.

The ferns were such a brilliant green and quite lush.

Love this grass tree sending up its spear!
In fact I just love this little bit of nature in my corner of suburbia. It is a testament to the adage.....Quality not Quantity.

It occurred to me whilst walking and feeling so much better being out amongst the trees and rocks and ferns.......that if politicians and others spent time in nature they may feel more inclined to protect it!
Anyway time for me to be off....I wish you all a lovely weekend. It is showery and overcast here so a good day for quiet pursuits.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Picking Up Where I left Off

Hello out there! I hope you are all well and haven't let the easing of restrictions go to your head too much. I am still not that adventurous.
Since finishing my Baltimore I have been keen to get back to my other projects. I couldn't decide which one so I gave several a little bit of time each.
BLOCK 7 of Flowerville.....
I think this one and the Coffee Pot house are turning out to be my favourites.
Another LOVE & HUGS block......
All the stitchery needed doing.
Another Basket block for BASKET CASE....I am going to rename it as BASKET CASE ANTIDOTE as I noticed another Aussie designer already has a quilt by that name....pure coincidence I assure you
I used this fabric for a border around the centre basket block and I have sewn the first rows of basket around that to see what it looks like.

 I also did a test run of how many baskets I had made so I could determine how many to go......I am liking it so far.....only 27 left to make....I think!
After all the effort on the hand quilting I was also very happy to dive into some reading. I am a huge sucker for a good old  Australian country romance.
Especially if there are strong country women, horses and faithful them!
There was another, a Fiona McCallum book but it's back with its lender now.
Enjoyed every one of them! Love a good yarn.
We have had some nice showers over the weekend which the garden has lapped up...literally!
With a little bit of sunshine this morning my pink geranium was like a jewel.
Well that is me all caught up for now.
One of my favourite poems.....I know I have shared it before but it sums up perfectly what it feels like to love reading.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

I Shall Remember June 2020

As the the time I finally after 14 years finished my Baltimore Album Quilt.
Monday I got the last quilting stitches done on the border.

Amended the little booklet on the centre block which had optimistically and embarrassingly read.....2006 -2012! It was a bit messy but I got it correctly dated.

Binding was attached....
And was stitched down that folks it's FINISHED!!!
I can now open that cupboard without that ghostly voice in my head need to finish that Baltimore lol! Having said that I am sure it will have friends willing to take it's place lol!
No more UFOS for me this year......this has more than fulfilled my quota! Playtime from here in!
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx