....ohh and pencils and paper

Monday, April 27, 2020

From a Distance

Good morning everyone. I felt I wanted to document for the ages something that I have never experienced. On April 25th Australia and New Zealand mark the landing at Gallipoli of our defence forces in World War 1. It is a day where we also pay tribute to all our fallen Defence personnel in all wars and conflicts and those serving today.
Due to this hideous virus we were unable to pay tribute as we usually do, gathering for dawn services and our Anazac day marches. Something that has never happened before in my lifetime.
However we Aussies will find away. A "Light Up The Dawn " was born and Aussies all over the country gathered in their driveways and on balconies to pay tribute with candles was so touching....with children and adults alike playing the Last Post on whatever was their instrument of choice as the sun rose. Families gathered in PJs or uniforms or track pants.....didn't matter. It was all so special.
We participated too from our verandah.

As did our families.....sleepy faces determined to participate touched my heart. I am very proud of them for choosing to pay homage to our fallen Diggers.
I think we will all remember Anzac day 2020 especially the Aussie spirit that holds us all together as one.
Something else I have never done is not hug my Grandkids for their birthdays....but this year that was the case and  Social distancing gift giving was the go.
Our Charley Bear turned 7. She still had an awesome birthday and was thrilled with her "Love Heart " I Spy quilt that I had made for her....and UNICORNS RULE!
I am back to sewing....woohoo!
More little baskets....
And I finished 2 more LOVE AND HUGS FROM AUSTRALIA blocks that I began before...."the incident"
They are such sweet designs and I am enjoying them.
I have also read a book I just loved.....WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING by Delia Owen.
I didn't want it to end I loved it so much! They are apparently making a movie from the book......I am worried they will ruin it. It is so beautifully written I just hope it translates well in to film....often they don't!
Well folks that was the weekend that was.....I am going to try getting back to my drawing today now my hand feels so much better.
As I am writing this my Kooka friend has came again to say hello, cackling to alert me to his presence........he lets me get so close but it not to keen on my tablet when I try for a closer photo lol!

Such a lovely start to my day.
Be safe, be well.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, April 23, 2020


Hello iso-friends. I hope you are all well and managing not to go to crazy.  Increased activity can be a dangerous thing.....
A sudden fit of cleaning madness overtook me earlier in the week and I decided to wash down our back verandah and the windows and screens that face it.....felt great....looked fresh and sparkling. Ahhh!
I then spoilt it all by slipping over in a puddle of water right on my back.....ouch!
My put my right hand out to try and save myself and ended up with a very sore and bruised hand.....
Our Doctor said "at my age" pfft! I was very lucky.....I put my luck down to being a traditionally built! But I have been very sore and sorry for myself.
So not much sewing this week......this is my progress up until I spilt my lollies.
That makes four!
Two Basket Case blocks....
Which adds up to nineteen blocks so far.
I read an interesting book......I had started it but couldn't get into it. But I started it over and got going straight away.....very weird! It was not a happy story but one of human endurance. I have never liked books set in the war, about the war. I find them very distressing for some reason....anyway I am pleased that I now know these people and their story.
On a lighter note reading from my Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady has been lovely. I am reading each month in turn.....
And delighting in the sweet watercolour illustrations.
Whilst I was writing this post, our hardworking postie bought me some exciting mail....
 Here's a peak......because it deserves a post of it's own....
I am off to attempt a bit of stitching today as my hand is much better, thank goodness!
Look after yourselves and stay well.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, April 18, 2020

FNSI April

Thank you WENDY from SUGARLANE QUILTS for bringing us altogether once again.
After some "hunting and gathering " I had quite the creative time.
Friend Fiona and I chatted remotely and stitched which was a very nice catchup.
I basted the second row of elongated hexies for Wings while we chatted......
The second row of joining was also begun....
In the afternoon I got back to my pencils and continued working on my current art project......a beautiful rose and blue banded bee. I am loving drawing this. An art friend gave me permission to draw his fabulous macro photo....I am lucky that clever friends think of me and my pencil obsession!
I love it so much.....I CANNOT leave it alone!
When the good natural light was gone  however I did set it aside.....until later today!!!
I settled down to watch my regular Friday night ABC favourites and worked on my
"Sew a little happiness " project. I wanted to finish this little block of work....
The little rabbit represents the very strange Easter we all had!
I got a little further with the next block of work.....finishing the sunflower and starting on the cotton reel.
I am really loving this project.....not sure what to do with it once it's done though.
I was thinking maybe a big block keeper.......Definitely no rush!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.....I have a date with pencils,  a rose and a pretty bottomed bee.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xx

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Needles and Threads Go Wild

Good morning lovely "lockdownees " How are you all travelling? Are you like me and admitting to being a bit over all the "false positivity", the "amazing opportunity to get to know the REAL you?" And if one more celebrity sings to me and tells me that "We are all in this together " or shows me their daily workout regime from their mansions I swear I shall scream!
I am a glass half full, even spilling over the top kind of girl but I think you do have to be a bit kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel a little pinged off about it all if you feel that long as you don't choose to live there, I think that is healthy.  I mean do we really have to make this a competitive thing too......who's doing lockdown most successfully....pleeeese!
So you can see how I've been travelling lol! I miss my family, my friends, my life!
And yes I do know I am very fortunate to have a safe home to shelter in and appreciate that fact! But saying it out loud is good for the soul!
This made me laugh on Facebook.....
I am still laughing so that's a good thing!
I have found that my needles and threads have gone wild and are stitching everything in sight.....I am going have to take control shortly.
3 more little baskets to add to my growing pile....
Progress on my #sewalittlehappinesseveryday project......

I am pleased with how it is looking.....the pondering is a nice part of it. Sadly is just does not photograph well!
DD did a wonderful book drive by drop I had been rereading books I had.
A lovely selection !
I wasn't sure at first if I was going to enjoy this one....but I loved it.....a surprising little book.
Thank goodness for the journey books will take you on.
My orchids that live in my front door tree have no idea about lock down and are sending little flower spikes out all over the place.....not a good photo but you get the idea....makes me very happy indeed!

Well that's me caught up folks......
I hope you are all well and staying safe. My new word for these times when we feel we have no control is.....ALLOW!
Allow a nap, allow a good old read, allow a bit of a dummy spit, allow humour, allow doing NOTHING if you choose......ALLOW!
Love and hugs,
Namaste and blessings Michelle xx

Saturday, April 11, 2020


I joined CHERYLL from GONE STITCHIN and my other blogging friends for a Good Friday stitching evening. I decided to work on the stitcheries from LOVE AND HUGS FROM AUSTRALIA.
I had two little bits of finishing to do first.....
I forgot the running stitch on Natalie Bird's remedied that.

Then there was a teeny bit of stitching left and two hearts to applique on Libby Richardson's gorgeous bears block...
After these little tweaks....which took longer than I thought they would, I settled down to begin the Gail Pan block....
Looking forward to seeing what you all got up to last night.
I wasn't going to put my little Easter things out this year but I received a beautiful handmade Easter card from my eldest Granddaughter so it seemed a perfect reason to go ahead.
The card.....
My Easter things have been with me for a very long time. I usually try and add a little something each year but not this year....

I am glad I made the adds a bit of joy to the staying at home thing.
I wish you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy Easter.

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, April 9, 2020

I Spy....Lots of Stitching

Good morning all. Apart from the grocery run and Flu jab visit this week, home has been the best place to be.  I feel immense gratitude that I have a comfortable home in which to retreat to and wait this nasty thing out. I have also found that apart from a reputable news update, I must then switch off from all the commercial news outlets that to me seem to be adding to everyone's heightened anxiety and find a little peace. Lose myself in some creative pursuits.
What has kept me busy this week.......
Binding my Granddaughters I Spy Love Heart quilts.

They have been beautifully quilted by my friend FIONA of BUBZRUGZ

Both girls have birthdays coming up....4 weeks apart and I can't wait for them to receive them.
Miss C's .....
And Miss E's .....
As often happens in quilting....these quilts have lots of donations from lovely thank you xxx
My hand stitching consisted of 4 more "Basket Case" baskets.
And the first block by Natalie Bird in the on line stitchalong called LOVE AND HUGS FROM AUSTRALIA .....Beautiful blocks from all our amazing Aussie designers. If you pop over to Facebook you can find it there.
The other project I am just loving is #sewalittlehappinesseveryday
My piece is slowly growing and it is a gorgeous no rush, slow stitching journey.
This is how it looks at the present moment.
I am using some orphan drawings for stitching and I am happy they now have a home. It is a good project too for those lovely teeny bits of fabrics that you can't bear to throw in the bin e.g. the little bee and fox circles.
I have to admit to finding the grey very challenging to get stitching threads to show up on it and not be garish......however a little sense of pride in "making do" is a good feeling I have to say.
Stay safe, stay well, stay home.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx