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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Almost Forgot!

Well blogger friends I thought I had another 2 weeks before Easter (another senior moment I am afraid) and so that doesn't allow me much time to have my "Chocolate" giveaway for April and get it posted to you.
So I am posting the "April" giveaway now on the last day of "March" (confused yet) and I will draw it on Monday and attempt to get it to you before Easter. If this does not occur I apologise ahead of time.
Now for the giveaway...
We have 2 pieces of chocolate themed fabric, card, magnet, thread and a block of real chocolate (fair trade) A bunny cookie cutter and I have a wee drawing of a cute bunny you may like to use for NEXT Easter due to the slackness & senior moment of the drawer. If you would like to be in the hat for this giveaway you know what to do.....leave me a comment. Like I said I know it isn't much time but I will draw it Monday morning Aussie time.
Have yourself a nice relaxing weekend, I'm off to applique. Yay!
Blessings Michelle xx

Friday, March 30, 2012

Favourite things Friday

Good morning all to this glorious Friday which means I get to share a favourite with you and link up to SHAY over at Quilting in my Pyjamas. Hopefully this week I will remember to actually link up (senior moment).
Last night I went to dinner with my Son & Daughter-in-law and my youngest little Grandboy. The purpose of our meal out was to meet up with my Son's childhood friend who now lives interstate.
My son is on the left. They have been mates since they were 9 years old. They played for many years in the same footy team, held fierce backyard cricket matches, had sleepovers, ate each other's mother's pantry down to the linings, went to High School together and even though they lived in different States were in each others Wedding party. They still keep in touch and we quite often get invited along which I think is wonderful.
I have loved being able to see the two of them grow into such wonderful young men and become loving husbands and fathers. I also have to admit to wondering where the time has gone as it feels like it was just yesterday that they were tearing through my house tormenting and teasing my daughter at every possible opportunity and recreating every major football event in our front yard. Great rivalry still exists between them as they follow different teams. Because his friends family came from NSW his friend has always barracked for the Blues so you can imagine the banter around State of Origin time. Their friendship is a credit to both of them.
The other lovely part of the evening was spending it with this little cutie pie. The photo is a tad blurry as Nanna is a bit slow on the uptake in catching a fast moving youngman in an action shot.
So that is my favourite this week.... Family and Friends who just feel like Family.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. We are housebound this weekend (on call). Our country trips are curtailed for a bit.
"A true friend sings the words for you when you have forgotten your song"
Blessings Michelle xx

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still hexie-ing!

Still in the "Hexie" state of mind. Why is it even when you think you have enough fabric for a project after you have begun...turns out you don't. I had to try and match the middle of my hexies as I wanted to applique them on to backgrounds but of course NOT enough. A visit to the "Quilters Store" was such a hardship I can tell you but I was VERY restrained and for once in my life (sounds like that song) I only bought what I needed. So I am all set and have already started to applique the hexies in place.
I have felt the need to do some needleturn applique for ages now so I am busy designing something to go in the tacked on vase above which will in turn go with the hexies somehow.....having a very nice time.
You may have noticed this little cupcake on my sidebar. My daughter has started a little blog Here about her love of cupcakes and baking, her other interests and family life and when I posted about it earlier in the week some very lovely blogging friends popped over to her blog and made her feel very welcome. So thank you! You are all very sweet (excuse the pun).
I am off to fulfil the last of my Domestic Goddess duties for the day and then make myself presentable because I am going out to the local club for dinner.....Yay! No cooking!
Blessings Michelle xx

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Time to share something we treasure with MELODY  for 'Tuesday's Treasure's'. My treasure today is from the days when I used to cross stitch a lot. I loved the "Told In A Garden" series of cross stitches. I loved their simplicity and depiction of Amish life and they nearly always had a quilt or many quilts in their designs.
I fell in love with the "Country Store" as soon as I saw it all framed up in the embroidery shop and just had to stitch it. Well I have to say it nearly bought me undone and sent me crazy.
Now I can hear you saying "why is it a treasure if it nearly drove her crazy"? First look at all the tiny little jars and items in the store that were only one or two stitches in one colour......
Now can you see why I nearly went crazy. But the reason I treasure it is because it always reminds me you can achieve almost anything you set your mind to and I still think it is gorgeous. Reminds me that perhaps there was a simpler time.
What's something or someone you treasure today?

"Hexie Fever" Well thanks to all you 'hexie' infected stitching girls out there I too have become infected it seems and found myself doing this.

I have a little something up my sleeve regarding these and the several still left to stitch. I have had these fabrics for so long. They were are collection of gifts from some friends and were all fat 1/8 ths and I never knew what to do with them as I didn't really want to seperate them. So thanks girls! Now I also have to admit that the "old fossil" that resides within this hip and happened (not a typo either) woman presented herself and told me she didn't really enjoy glueing the hexie's down so to keep the peace I am back to tacking them individually which I find quite relaxing even if it does take a lot longer.
Have a wonderful day everyone. Don't forget to embrace the beautiful uniqueness that is you and you alone.
I am off to the movies with some lovely Yoga sisters and a spot of lunch.
Michelle xx

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet Saturday

As I alluded to in my previous post my Daughter had heard from a friend about a sweet little cafe called
Couture Cupcakes situated in Bardon one of my favourite places being just around the corner where Grandpa of Jacaranda tree fame lived. His house is lived in and loved by others now (we know 'cos we did a sentimental drive by). We had such a delicious time from the moment we saw their gorgeous signage. Pink being my Daughters favourite colour.
We were greeted by a lovely gentleman who showed great patience as I ummed & ahhed over my selection. It was so hard as they all looked so gorgeously delish.We then made our way out to some beautiful wrought iron tables and chairs to wait for our 'cupcakes' and coffee.
Dear Daughters choice was easy as she is a lover of Fererro Roche's she chose the choclate cupcake atopped by one of her favs as soon as she set eyes upon it.

Having always been a fan of "Butterfly" cakes I finally settled on this yummy choice and it was devine.         
A gorgeous surprise of raspberry jam awaited inside the cake just under the frosting. Is your mouth watering.
Being "Cupcake Lovers" my daughter and I were in raptures over these sweet treats and the coffee was beautiful too. If you click on their name at the top of my post it will take you to their web site where you can view their amazing selection and get all their details. We had a lovely experience and we even bought a couple home for the blokes 
I got a lot of brownie points I can tell you for bringing home this sweet little box. Inside the same variety my daughter chose. We had planned to hit the shops at Paddington but we could not get a park anywhere within miles of the Antique Centre as there were hordes of people out for voting. It was so nice to spend time with my daughter in such a lovely little spot. We have already decided on a return visit......but what will I have????
Now as Hubby and I are about to have our freedom curtailed as he is back on call this weekend we ventured out for one more little drive down to Brunswick Heads to the Co-op for some Fish and chips for lunch and a walk along the river. It was a bit blowy but we enjoyed it. Only two pics this time....
Yours truly by the river....

and lunch.....Flat head in beer batter, calamari, whiting fillets and chippies...YUM!

Now after all that goodness a bit of exercise is in order but no Yoga today for me as I must wait in for the electrician.....oh well I guess I shall have to do a spot of stitching instead.
Enjoy your Monday,
Blessings Michelle xx
P.S. on the subject of cupcakes my Daughter has decide to start a little blog about her love of cupcakes, baking and family Here

Friday, March 23, 2012

Favourite things Friday

I still have a little of Friday left to join with SHAY for "Favoruite Things Friday" and if I am perfectly honest, so disgruntled have I been the last two days with my technical savvy regarding the management of this here blog I was very tempted to delete the lot and slink back into my 'old lady' cupboard. But then the thought of not communicating with all my lovely friends in blogland bought me to my senses which brings me to my 'favourite' this week. "Friends". Once you make great friends the joy they bring is immeasureable. Last week was my regular catch up with my work colleagues for coffee. In one of my very early posts I spoke about a gorgeous lady I had worked under and how she had knitted a very charming cardigan for my bear "Pickles". Jenny left us and went travelling with her husband and did all sorts of other interesting things and we hadn't  seen her for a number of years. One of the girls ran into Jenny recently and relayed how we catch up for coffee and she said "Count me in I'll be there" but our very sneaky friend Deb didn't tell us she has seen her or was coming so when she appeared there was much squealing hugging and kissing and we gas bagged just like we had all been together yesterday. It was wonderful.
Jenny is in the middle in the front. It always amazes me how the heart instantly recognises a friend. Deb is missing as she was the photographer. So here's to "Friends" whether far away or close by.
Just a little note.....want to know how much I really love red. I had to wear it everyday for 18 and a half years and I still love it.

I have also been doing a lot of this in the last couple of days as I have stitched my little heart out and I have finished "felt pile project" which a friend in Sydney requested and garnered from the  sneaky pics that I had kept my word. So yes Pat and Vivian I have indeed worked my fingers to the bone but you will have to wait unitl October to see the finished project. I also have finished the binding on the "secret Christmas business quilt".
I really should have shares in the "Tim Tam" factory at least it would make my sugar addiction and my 'real woman shape' worth while. I have been trying so hard lately to cut back (can't go cold turkey) but I just enjoy my lovely cup of coffee with sugar so much. It is also one of my favourite things......My dear Uncle Bill used to tell me "all this deprivation doesn't make you live longer it just feels long and drawn out." and my dear Nana used to tell me "a little bit of what you fancy does you good". These are the things I resort to when I don't really want to give up my bad habits.
So that's me done for this Friday and I wish you all a great weekend. I am going to try and forget that a lot of this techno stuff is beyond me and enjoy a nice day out with DD at a cute little "cupcake" cafe she has tracked down in one of my favourite parts of town **Paddington** You see what hope do I have. Of course I could go and not have a devine cupcake......yeah right!
Blessings to you all,
Michelle xx

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Pile of Felt.

You will remember my little happy pile of felt I posted about earlier.
Well I have been busy stitching these out of all that while listening to the beautiful voice of Eva Cassidy.........ahh Bliss!
I also have been stitching something like this.....
to go right along with them. When I get through with these lovely Christmas projects I am going to draw me up something real pretty to stitch. I feel like I have been stitching Christmas forever at the moment and I feel the need for flowers, butterflies or tea cups......something away from the festive season. Of course it won't last long as gingies, plum puddings, snowmen and reindeers will come to call and I shall have to follow where they lead me.
I heard today that if you are a creative type and if you get a good nights sleep regularly it increases your creativity by 40%. Wonder if that includes sleeping in?

This little fairy is for my dear friend Helen (she loves fairies) who is unwell at the moment. Get better real soon my lovely friend and you just know I am going to say "Look after Yourself"!
Blessings to all,
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Firstly I would like to correct an error I made about the winner of March Giveaway. It is Cheryl H. not R. I have no idea where I got R. from.....'senior moment'! Sorry Cheryl.
Today I am linking up with the MELODY for ''Tuesday's Treasures''. Most of you know I love needle turn Applique even though I don't get to do as much as I would like so my treasure today is an Angel beautifully designed by the talented Robyn Pandolph. I adored stitching this Angel (and she is huge 23 inches x 32 inches). I stitched this one for a friend and she had it framed. She didn't have room for it at her new house so she gave it back to me. I used all Robyn Pandolph fabric to make it as well.
I loved stitching it so much I did a second one in different colours but still Robyn Pandolph fabrics which will be a quilt if I ever get to finish it. Hence the wrinkles in the photo (I could have ironed it lol) but you get the idea right!
So there you have it.....needle turn applique and Robyn Pandolph's gorgeous designs are todays 'treasure'

Recently while visiting The lovely Helen and Sheila's blogs I was taken by their lovely string pieced quilt and really wanted to have a go. So.... I assembled  a block of 4. It is quite addictive and I am quite excited with myself I can tell you. I don't know if I did it correctly but it sort of looks the same. Quite a 'scrap buster'.

I was good and sewed the binding on my "secret stitchers business quilt" first though after finally finishing the hand quilting on it. You will have to wait until later in the year for this one to be revealed.
I am off over to Melody's to see what treasures are being shared today.
Blessings Michelle xx

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Inspiration of Friends and Giveaway Winner.

Soon after I began this blogging journey I was very fortunate to find a new blogging friend by the name of Melody who has a wonderful blog called "The house on the side of the hill" I loved her blog instantly and felt as if I had found a kindred spirit sharing as we do a love of furry four legged friends, bears, reading, stitching, old vintage treasures and many other things. It was during the lovely process of getting to know Melody I discovered she loved as I do.....honey and the clever little bees that make it for us.
I was in the process of stitching a 'bee themed' project for Country Threads Magazine when a little bird told me Melody was unwell and I just felt I had to make her a little 'beehive' to cheer her up. From then on I kept referring to the project as Melody's Beehive. So I asked Mel if she would mind if I called the project after her as I couldn't think of it as anything else....she agreed. Friday the latest issue of Country Threads arrived on my doorstep and here it is.....
Thank you Melody for your inspiration, generosity, kindness and friendship.
Handmade Magazine was also on my doorstep and inside my friend  Maree from 'on my verandah' has another great project featured as well as one we have done together. Oh and there is also a 5 minute chat with some old girl called Michelle Ridgway if you are interested. LOL!
So I was a very happy little stitcher when I opened my mail.
Saturday, despite the predicted showers we awoke to sunshine so we decide to take a trip up to Woodford for a coffee and a wander through the collectibles store there and as my Grandmother was born and wed there I have been trying to locate the site of the original dairy farm her parents owned where she grew up.I now have the road but not the exact situation but I digress. We decided to come home through Kilcoy and up around Toowoomba (love this area) Well to say we found the predicted rain was an understatement. It was a very damp and dreary drive home and worst of all because our journey was slowed considerably by the weather I missed the Quilters Angel. :(

Now to the WINNER of little Ryan's March Giveaway......Ta Da!
The winner is Cheryl R. (no blog) Congratulations Cheryl your giftie will be in the post soon.
Thank you everyone for taking part once again.

I feel a spot of 'chocolate' coming on for next month's giveaway!!!!!
One of these days I am going to shock you and only type half a dozen words.....but not today!
I wish you all a wonderful week ahead no matter how you choose to spend it or how it chooses to spend you.
Blessings Michelle xx

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Happy St Pat's Day to you all.

"An Irish Blessing"
May the road rise to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
May the rains fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Michelle xx

Friday, March 16, 2012

Favourite things Friday

Good Afternoon and welcome to Favourite Things Friday with SHAY. My 'favourite' this week and bare in mind I have a few photos, is my favourite colour which is red through burgundy to rosey pink. I am instantly drawn to this colour and it's variants and shades. One of favourite music bands is called "SIMPLY RED" as well. Here are a  few other favs.....
Beautiful red roses, a cranberry cut glass cheese bell.....
This print hangs over my stairs and makes me happy every day when I look at it. Certainly not expensive but I never tire of looking at it...

And then there is red work stitchery of course. Also Christmas, threads and fabric. In fact I have to make myself not always choose fabric in these colour ways. If it is combined with green my other favourite then oh dear I am a goner....In fact friends point out  these combinations to me as they know I love them so much.
Sweet little red birds...
Then we come to china. I would be here for ever if I had photographed all the red and pink that lives at my house.... so  there is Cranberry & White...

Of course "Old Country Roses" which is why it is featured on my blog header.
and the earlier "Country Roses"......This one is on my wish list for one day when I win lotto.
My latest in lovely red/pink things is a gorgeous paper weight with dragonflys all over it which was a Christmas gift from my lovely friend Helen.....
So that is a sample of my favourite this week. I do hope you're not seeing red by this stage. I fear I am developing a terrible 'over the top' personality trait and it's all your fault.
Before I go back to my quilting I just wanted to share a lovely Aussie comment made to me in conversation the other day and I wonder if you know what it means...."All of us girls just love a good  old mag!"  Not the best English I know. Hhmmm? I'm sure you do.

It means to have a good old chat....."like chattering magpies". I hadn't heard it said for so long and it made me smile and think how much I love our 'Aussie-isms' which sadly are slowly being lost.
So have a good weekend and even though it's been one sided, I have enjoyed having a 'good old mag' with you.
Blessings Michelle xx

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody & Finally Something Finished...

Well it is said "Sunshine and Showers bring the Flowers" which is certainly true here today. We have had both and had it at the same time here this morning. So that is why our picnic will be on the verandah again!
My little bear "Sunflower" loves wearing her litttle garland and is trying to make the picnic more Sunshiney with her sunflowers and her Snickers bars to share. I made her from mohair and it is the prettiest golden colour. I think she was a project in one of the Bear Magazines but I can't be sure.
Wait a minute is that a  wee "Irish" lad there on the picnic rug with Sunlower???? Sunflower tells me his name is "Ryan" and he wants to join in with the other picnicers......said he will even share is gold......Hmmm! I wonder can you trust the wee folk especially when it comes to their 'pot of gold'. Oh Dear! I hope he is not up to any mischief. Looks too sweet really doesn't he.
I am going over to MELODY'S to see who the other picnicers are this Thursday.

Finally I have finished "Angel of the Teaparty". She is ready to sprinkle icing sugar and chocolate drops all over your cupcakes anytime you are ready. I did end up adding the suffolk puffs and I like them. You will have to excuse the photo as the breeze kept blowing each time I tried to take the photo.
When I imagined this project it was to be a simple little wallhanging but as usual I couldn't leave it alone and I ended up drawing it within an inch of it's life and it took me a little longer than I thought to stitch but I loved creating her and I am glad I didn't rush. Anyway who can I complain to....the designer!  She is not likely to listen. Now all  that is left is writing the pattern..........oohh how I love that bit!

Ya gotta love a suffolk puff or three. I think they are pretty even though I was up past midnight getting them finished. Bit weary this morning I can tell you. Instructions will have to wait 'til I can see straight.
Must fly busy day ahead. Have a great something nice for yourself. Maybe drink a cuppa out of your very best china or wear a spray of your 'best' perfume even though you are staying home. ****You deserve it****
Blesssings Michelle xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 'o the Morning (sorry afternoon) to Ya!

Having a touch of the 'celt' in me and going weak at the knees when I hear Irish pipes and also being as it is time for this month's giveaway I thought we would try for all things GREEN....
There is  lovely green fabric and threads, some spearmint and peppermint tea, some green M&M's (coconut flavoured), a lovely hand made card from my clever bestie Ann, a tiny green tube of lotion and I thought as my pattern covers are always green a pattern is included. I have chosen a tote bag pattern as they are always a green choice over a plastic one. So there you have it.....March Irish Madness Giveaway 
Just leave me a comment to be in the draw. I shall draw it next Tuesday 19th March, 2012.
In case you were thinking that I had gone off my trolley and decided to roam endlessly around the countryside I can tell you I have done some stitching. I have sewn the binding on "Teaparty Angel" ready to stitch down. This poor project seems to have been around for so long in various stages of construction without getting completed. I really do love it and I just didn't want to rush it just to get it done hence still deciding on the suffolk puffs.....
I love this 'rosey' looks so delicate. The photo doesn't do it justice.
I also have a little sneaky peek to show...yes I know another one. I have been very busy doing things which will appear later in the year in my favourite magazine Country Threads so I am trying to keep you all in suspenders for awhile longer. Sorry!
I have to say I have loved doing this wee project as it features applique and embroidery and was a joy to stitch.....I love it when that happens. I now have to try and put it all together in a pleasing manner...hmmm!

Hope you enjoyed the sneaky peek.
Lastly, a just because I love it photo of a sweet tag my friend Tracey painted for me a while ago which inspires me when I look at it and reminds me 'Home no matter how humble is lovely place to be'

Blessings Michelle xx