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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday With Lucy Boston

Today was time for Sunday Stitchers and trying to share the stitching love around I decided to work on my much neglected Lucy Boston blocks.
This was the state of affairs when I emptied my tin...

Some single blocks, some assembled and one with cream background almost completed. That's the one I chose to work on.
I realised that I am a closet perfectionist (probably not a surprise to some) and a not very well matched stitching thread  (that is visible to me) put me off and poor Lucy was abandoned in the tin. I am going to try and rematch the thread for a better fit.
I finished the almost done block....
And also got it sewn on to the assembled piece...happy camper! Just have to keep giving Lucy a turn out of the tin occasionally! However I do not think this will be a bed size quilt lol!
I also get sidetracked by other peoples pretties.... so want to make a scrappy Orange Peel quilt and seeing Lynda's cute little blocks just tempts me each time I see them.
A lovely day....lots of giggles and chat and we did stitch.
On the way home I just had to stop and take a piccie of  these Native Golden Penda blooms which are flowering profusely all around where I live. Stunning!

They are medium size trees covered in these fist sized blooms.
I hope you have enjoyed your weekend too.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Visitor and FNSI

Well nothing chases away the "end of holidays" blues quite like a special visitor. Thursday my lovely friend Raewyn from NZ flew in to town and came by for a cuppa and a chat. So nice to spend time with delightful lady.
Time just flew and it seemed she had only just arrived and I was waving her off. Such a special treat.
Yesterday was Mr. R's birthday.

I took him out for coffee and cake and cooked his favourite dinner....he is so easily pleased.....rissoles with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and vegies. He loved it!
He always blows out his candles with our youngest Granddaughter who has a birthday in a few days time.
So after the dishes were done....having given the birthday boy the night off I settled down with my other Friday night stitchers over at WENDY'S at Sugarlane Quilts
I was so nearly finished this little Gardener's Journal block that I did the last little bit of stitching on it.

That done I just felt like curling up with some hand quilting. So I worked on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.
This ticked my "keeping ufos out of the cupboard " promise I am trying hard to keep.
Sorry about the crinkly photo. I am over halfway there, quilting it very simply around each flower and centre. As it was the first ever hexie anything I had done and all the background are individual hexies it is a little difficult to hand quilt. But I am determined that it shall be done.
So that's me done for FNSI. Thank you Wendy xx
A little bit of excitement for me. My very kind and supportive friends, Fiona, Raewyn and Chookyblue are organising a Stitch-a-long to stitch my Holly Cottage Christmas quilt from my book.
I am so excited to see what fabric choices everyone makes and to have other Holly Cottage Christmas quilts in the world. You can read about it HERE or even join in!

Thanks lovely are the best!

Have a  lovely weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggerty Jig

I have had a lovely break away at a favourite spot in our home on wheels....bit sad to leave my delightful view....perfect for stitching by, drawing by, reading by...oh and the odd cup of coffee.

We had some very nice visitors....

Caught up with my little brother.
He lives at a beautiful place in the world....
After completing my goal of stitching my Country at Heart Alphabet blocks I worked on Gardener's Journal again...
Excuse the poor photos...

I did a little drawing for my son....a huge Holden fan....this one is a little well loved lol! Of course I didn't take all my art supplies so a bit of tweaking still needs to happen.
So that's me caught up now....looking forward to catching up on some blog reading and my new Magazine.
But first I am off to collect a special visitor for a couple of hours....excited!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ta Da!

Finally folks....Country at Heart Alphabet blocks all finished! These are the last three corner  blocks...
Little pumpkins..
And lastly the signature tag....I added a little lavender to this one as it seemed a bit bland....
Very happy dance here....back to Gardners Journal guilt free!
Beautiful sunset last evening.
Off to play with Gardener's Journal now.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Well a little pleased with myself as I have now completee all 26 letters of my Country at Heart Alphabet.....
Last night I joined all my blogging friends with hostess Cheryll for....
I worked on one of the four remaining corner blocks I drew up as extras so that I could make a quilt from my Alphabet blocks.....pretty lavender!
Only 3 more to go....
Its a beautiful day today....been for a lovely wander and visited a country market....came home with delicious organic lady finger bananas, my favourite and I could not resist these pretty amber earrings.....swear I was a gypsy in a previous life.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, May 1, 2017

Not Too Idle

I have not been to idle these last few days since my last post....although the view can be a little distracting.

My mission is to finish my Country at Heart Alphabet blocks....getting close!
"V" and "W" are done...
"X" is on the go!
I love to sit and work on my art here....always so peaceful. I had a fair bit to do on my Victorian Major Mitchell Cockatoos. So I am happy to have them now come to life.
I hope my Queensland friends are enjoying their long weekend too.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Princess Birthday

Today our eldest Granddaughter has her birthday. Yesterday it was Princess party all the way.
You have to have a Princess cake too...
Blowing out lots of candles....
Your cousin got dressed up too.....Batgirl of tiara lol!
And taste testing the cake with the girls!
Happy birthday darling girl xxx
I have finished my quilting on the Heart quilt but nothing to show as the right binding search is on.
Back to my UFO stitcheries.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anzac Day

Today here in Australia and New Zealand we commemorate the brave men from our countries who fought against ridiculous odds in a land far from home to protect our way of life. Today we also commemorate all our Defence Forces both past and present on this day.
It touches my heart to see young people today continuing to honour them.
My Grandson sings in his school choir and they have a beautiful service every year.
My DD captured him yesterday....
DD's class handmade these beautiful tributes. There is something so touching about seeing the effort these 8 year olds went to.
I have permission to share this exquiste work of art by Queensland artist Sandi Lear. It also speaks directly to my heart.
Lest we forget.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx