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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Lunch With Good Friends (Finally in the Right Place)

Yesterday I joined good friends for Christmas lunch. We have each year a Secret Santa. I was making for lovely Sandra.....I used some of my French General Christmas fabrics to make a table runner.......

I wanted to gift handmade this year so I drew and painted my Christmas cards for the girls.....
And stitched a little hexie ornament to pop inside.
I really loved making my gifts for these dear friends.
My Secret Santa was Kay.....oh boy spoilt silly! Kay made me a gorgeous sewing caddy and thread catcher in my favourite French General fabrics.
Look inside...
Room for all my stitching tools....such a gorgeous duo! There was also this beautiful book....right up my street!
It's going to be so nice pouring over the beautiful pages.
We took a group photo but it is terrible. The waitress said "oh that's lovely" lol!....I am posting it for memory's sake alone!
We had several of our lovely group missing.....we missed you Bev and Moira and dear Gaye you will be missed for all time.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Wrong Spot!

Well I knew I  would do it eventually! It had to happen sooner or later! Write a post on the wrong blog lol!
So if you want to read my latest post go HERE as I don't know how to tranfer it over without rewriting the whole post....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Sleigh Arrived....and SPOILT!

I am involved in a lovely swap hosted by CHOOKYBLUE
It involves Aussie girls and International girls. My parcel arrived whilst I was out yesterday. I asked hubby to tell me the country of origin but not the sender...a surprise for later. Anyway it has travelled across the ditch from Kiwiland..New Zealand.
I was allowed to open the small parcel.....which is always a tree ornament. Love mine! So lovely!
I have done as instructed and the main gift is waiting for me until Christmas Day.
Thank you Kiwi Secret Santa and thank you Chooky for organising this lovely swap.
The spoiling continued when the postie left this parcel from my dear friend Shez.
Can you see that cute Elf.....well he goes on a shelf....and he told me he likes my wall unit.....the Cherished Teddies in the unit like him too!
Shez also made some beautiful ornies using a design from one of my Pocket Minis. She sent me one.....gorgeous!
Thank you so much for all that spoiling Shez xxx
Well I must fly....glad rags to be donned for a Christmas lunch with friends.
Enjoy your day lovely people.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Yesterday we were invited to lunch with friends who live amongst the treetops in a beautiful spot overlooking the Samford Valley.....our view as we ate our delicious lunch.
 Currawongs seranaded us and we watched in delight as two pale headed rosellas perched in the treetops close by....beautiful!
My friend has a fondness for purple. So of course your Christmas tree ornies would then have to be purple! Not great pics but such a pretty tree.

It is so nice to catch up with old friends. I, however definitely have "view" envy lol!
I treated myself to a new ornament this year when I visited the recent Craft and Quilt show here. Beautiful cross stitched Santa....loved it! Made by a womens group trying to be self supporting.
Not a single stitch to show you  today I am afraid......toooooo tired!

But! Recently I shared one of my Christmas Frosties that I made with some friends a number of years ago....turns out you all loved it as much as I do! I searched high and low for the pattern and designer to no avail.....and then lovely JULIE FROM SIMPLE STITCHES came to the rescue....
Thank you so much Julie.  So perhaps check your back issues. The designer was Sandra Paull. I  do love my chilly chappie.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Stitching and Sausages

Our last Friday Night With Friends for the year on Friday night, with our lovely hostess CHERYLL from Gone Stitchin' sailed home especially to host us.
I had Nana duties earlier on but settled down in the evening to work on the stitchery on my Sophie block from Angels Story. Very pleased to have finished it.
Bit hard to photograph!
Earlier in the week I got the first border on my "Wings" centrepiece.
And prepped for the next row....

Yesterday my Mister and I volunteered for this...

Our son Lucas is cycling 2 legs in the Tour de Cure from Mackay in April next year, raising much needed funds for cancer research.
Being currently on life saving immunotherapy for stage 4 Melanoma its a cause close to his heart and ours.....hubby cooked snags from 7am - 3pm with lots of help from wonderful volunteers. Even his local member came down and gave a hand.
Yours truly served lovely customers for 4 hours and then did a handover of the Grandkids from there other Grandparents......
Home to Nanas to meet up with the cousins for a very welcome swim!
Nana included lol! We raised a lot of dollars which Lucas and all of us were thrilled about. We are all tired but happy and definitely.....ALL SAUSAGED OUT!
Thank you also to my lovely stitchy and art friends....I recently rattled a donation tin before them for this cause and $160 came out of that little tin....wonderful!

I'm going to check out other Friday night stitchers later today.....we are off to have lunch with some lovely friends first though.....
I even baked Macadamia and Cranberry cookies amongst the chaos....
As a challenged baker I was pretty impressed lol! Now to pop them in a pretty box!
I do hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, December 7, 2017


I  have climbed down off my little soapbox of yesterday and as promised have the rest of my decorating to share.
Decorating the Christmas tree is always such it!

Love my collection of Jim Shore Christmas collectables.

Some old decos and some newer ones....
Favourite festive quilts....
Santa is in place too.
Favourite Christmas reading for young and old....
And just in case it slips my mind what month this is....
Now just need to get the art supplies off my dining room table and clean up the renegade tinsel bits....where are the elves when you need them!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Circles and Trees

I am kind of pleased with my centre block of my new design....which incidently is going to be called "Wings and Pretty Things "(c) The central Dresden Plate is surrounded now by little circles and all corners blooms are on too.

I am cutting into some of my French General stash of Josephine to use throughout the design as well....used this one on the little circles and will use it for the first border frame too. Even though I am hoping for the scrappy look, I still want a bit of cohesion if I can.
So whilst I wait for a block of time to get to my machine, I shall continue working on my Angel's Story blocks....
I caved and put out some of my favourite Gingies.....

They make me feel happy!
I have a little collection of Christmas mugs....I am sure a lot of you do too!
I have just about  finished my decorating...just a few little touches here and there  so I will save that for next post.......a little you love to decorate at Christmas?
You know over the years I have been asked why do I bother with so much decorating at Christmas? Well it looks lovely for one thing! But I think perhaps it's because as a child my Christmases were fraught with anxiety and stress and I so did NOT want that for my children and so I treated my children and my much younger self to safe and very Christmasy Christmases. My children both embrace decorating for thecSeason. Now when I see the joy on my Grandkids faces it is such a blessing for me and so worth the effort.
I don't dwell on those past childhood Christmas times......I have been so thoroughly blessed in my life but it did make me aware that someone somewhere finds the festive season a very difficult time......missing loved ones, ill health, in a bad life situation. Whilst you can't always change their experience you can always be kind and thoughtful and be grateful for your own blessings.
Just a little food for thought.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx