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  1. Holy guacamole - where diD you get all that??
    I hope you don't mind if I pinch a bit of it.

    Darn GDPR- its so slow replying to comments manually.

  2. Wow, does this have to go on all blogs now Michelle??

  3. Hello! I just happened upon your blog today and have so enjoyed looking at all you do. Your paintings are wonderful. I am especially interested in the quilt you have been doing with all the baskets. Are you going to make a pattern available for it? I am mostly a counted cross stitcher and have been doing that for more than 40 samplers, shepherds bush designs and am now doing hawk run hollow. I have done some quilting and finished several lap quilts but with time in between each one I always feel like I am starting again at the new quilter level. I have made LOTS of pieced totes and love doing that. I like handwork so the applique of the baskets and the center block with the flowers looks like something I not only could accomplish but also would enjoy. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    My husbands email comes up on email is

  4. hi michelle i would like to say thanks for your patterns. i would like to get the calendar bears pattern you put out in the country threads stitchery as i missed getting all the patterns and i would like to make it

    with thanks
    ann bull


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