....ohh and pencils and paper

Friday, June 28, 2013

One Step Closer to Finishing

I have had a lovely productive day in my sewing room today and I just have to say using my new mat and blade was like a hot knife through butter....heaven.
I have a couple of sneaky peeks of some finishes....sorry but you have to wait ( I feel like such a meanie)
Finish No 1
Finish No 2
Now what does a girl listen to while she is sewing??? Well her 2 new Cd's of course....loved them!
Mick Hucknall got me so chilled out I even got the final border on "Circles" YaY! Basting next and then a spot of hand quilting.
Finally I wanted to wish my gorgeous friend Janeen a very Happy Birthday for today.....there are gems and then there are jewels' that can't help but sparkle....she is the latter.
I wish you all a weekend filled with the things that make your heart sing.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, June 27, 2013

We're Back!!!

QUEENSLANDER!!!!! Woo hoo! We are back in contention for the Series now...
Our Mighty Queensland Maroons walloped the NSW Blues last night at the "Cauldron" in Brisbane so we are now back on track to contest the series next month....sooooo love being a Queenslander.
Phew! Now that I have that out of my system I can tell you what a lovely day I had yesterday (besides State of Origin) with my stitching girls which was hosted by the lovely Moira. She fed us delicious food until we were just about overflowing and finished with this delicious Raspberry swirl cake.
And can you see Moira loves the same china that I do. Made the cake taste even better.
We had a fun day. Thanks so much Moira. Now I thought my circles were pretty cool but you should see my friend Lorel's.
They are made with a series of little narrow strips sewn together (I forgot to ask their size) and they then have a light square placed over the top and the circles are reverse appliqued in place.
They were just amazing so just wanted to share them with you. I also forgot to ask where or what pattern it was. We also had lots of knitting going on as well yesterday from Bev and Gaye.
I did actually do some stitching as well and talking.
You may remember that I have been musing over what to use my French General Rouenneries Deux  fabric and charm squares for. I wanted to showcase the fabrics and use as much of it as possible. So after the 'circles' idea with the other French General charm squares I decided I fancied having some "French" china.
I decided to use these English paper pieces I bought at a stitching show last year for Dresden plates.
This is my progress so far.
There are 16 small blades in each plate so it is not quick to come together but I am enjoying it so far and as I love Dresden of my favourites I am really happy that I have settled on this design. The other good thing is that as the blades are narrow I get at least 2 maybe three from each charm square. So glad I picked up that little kit at the show.
Well domestic duties are on the go for today....hunting and gathering and then hopefully getting some order to rein on my dining room table which is at present covered with patterns in various stages on assembly plus Mr R. caravanning magazines and data as he works out the logistics for our next road trip...I thought I was bad with my quilting mags...oh my word!!!!
Have a lovely day everyone...oh can you hear that terrible wailing???? It's just the NSW Blues supporters don't worry...hehehe!
Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Cutting Board.

Looky!!! A brand new Olfa cutting mat...
Also my pretty pink cutter has a brand new shiny blade too. Hopefully no more strain and less headches. Thanks everyone for your input. Sometimes it is nice to hear others say what you are already thinking.
Oh by the way with this new equipment I am not promising that I will become a rotary cutting, mad piecing know me slow and steady and mostly a hand stitching girl. It is however nice to know I can when I want to.
Speaking of which a little spot of needle turn applique on the go.

I loved this fabric when I saw it and have been waiting for the perfect project to use it and it has arrived...don't you love it when that happens.
Ok back to the pattern stuff....maybe even a little mint slice :) Energy don't ya know!!
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fantastic Show

Yesterday was a gorgeous winters day in the river city. DD and I had tickets to a matinee performance of the fabulous Ballet Revolucion all the way from Cuba at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex.
It was absolutely fantastic.. so vibrant and full of energy. A mix of modern and West Indian themes with exquisite balletic technique and it was wonderful to see healthy and very fit looking young women rather than thin waif like creatures that were the preferred body shape (and I can say that because DD was a tiny little thing) when my daughter was dancing. The men were also amazing. There was a live band with live singers behind them while they danced not to mention the fantastic guy who did a solo on the huge hand drums (not sure what they are called) So to cut the waffle we adored it.
DD and I decided we needed sustenance before we settled in to watch all those gorgeous bare chested men.
So hot chocolate and cake were definitely needed.
I got the blame for this decadence but DD looks so unhappy about tucking in to it.
Walking back by the river at Southbank with the city in the background.
Love my hometown....
So apparently did the sea of red shirted Brits that were teeming along the river walks and in the bars and cafe's here for the Rugby Series against the Wallabies....believe they won the first game.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend....I think a little quiet sewing might be in order.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rainy Day and a Sweet Gift.

Raindrops falling on the garden here today, so I didn't mind finishing off the pattern writing....very nearly there YAY!! I just have to find a drawing I very carefully put away for safe keeping and now can't find. If worse comes to worse I shall just draw it again. While I have been waiting for the 'lost things' faerie to remember where I put it I put my circles together.....check it out!
I even got some of those seams to meet (note I said some). I have the first border on too which I had to put a join in :( ...hate that! But I did not want to have to buy a whole new longer piece and so I am overlooking those 2 wee seams.
Last border to come. I am quite pleased so far.
Yesterday I got the sweetest mail from the lovely Joy (no blog) up in Bundaberg. She read my post about my love of birdies and sent me the most gorgeous gift of a little painting of a Fairy Blue Wren painted by her very talented husband is so sweet.
The detail is just beautiful. I love it! Thank you so much Dave for sharing your lovely work with me and Joy for your kindness...very special. I feel very blessed.
Also speaking of gifts our very own Swap Queen Cheryll sent me a couple of her quilt labels a while ago and I was very happy to use it on my sneaky peek project.
Just have to fill it in now...thanks Cheryll.
Ok I must go and help that little faerie find my drawing and then hopefully I might get to do a little stitching.
Oh! Before I go. Can you lovely ladies that do lots of cutting and piecing please tell me which cutting mat you use. I had a lovely Olfa for years which died a year ago. I bought another variety and it is shocking. It is furrowed already and blunts my rotary cutter blades constantly and as I have neck and shoulder issues I can't do a lot of cutting battling with blunt blades. Please help!!!! Love to know your thoughts.
Love and enjoy the special people in your life. Have a great weekend.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lots of Writing Today

Lots of instructions writing today for me....tied to the keyboard.
One of the new patterns I have been developing is a little "frosty" I created and stitched a while ago...
I loved him but just could not decide how to finish him so I put him aside. I have learnt now that if it doesn't happen straight away to let it rest. I am very happy to say however that he decided to be a cute wall hanging with his feathery friends....
What do you think???
Aside from my magazine project I need to write up there is also my "Cup of  Friendship" cushion I showed you in an earlier post.
So that is my lot for today. I hope you all have a wonderful day and can squeeze in a little stitching or even a lot.
Lastly I would like to share with you a little saying that has always helped me rise above the negative folk in this world...
"What you think of me is really none of my business and speaks volumes about you and affects me not" - Anon.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I have been Stitching

My circles are all finished and in typical Michelle style I cut out and started the circles confident that I would have enough background fabric to use all charm squares...Wrong!!! So plan B. We now have 4 co-ordinating corner squares but just a tad different. I then found there is no more Rural Jardin available in the colours I wanted remaining on the planet (sigh) so I chose with much trepidation 2 fabrics from the French General "Favourites" range and I actually love it.
I have thrown my circles around with happy abandon and I think they look quite ok with this fabric..
Now that I know I can finish it and be happy with my choices I can put it aside to play with later as I have a few Magazine deadlines to meet. Today I got this one a lot closer with only the binding to stitch down...a sneaky peek for you.
I have enjoyed creating this happy summery project...hope you will like it too when it is revealed.
These little birdies in my hoop are next on the list...
Hhmm! Wonder what they will become???? Redwork always makes me happy, how about you?
Well I must get back to my binding and a spot of coffee in my favourite cup as it is a little cool here but still a glorious Queensland winter's day.
Just wanted to say thank you all for your heartfelt wishes for my cousin. She remains unchanged which at least gives us hope...big hugs to you all xx
Hope you are nice and toasty where ever you are.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just Dropping In.....

Not a lot of stitching going on around here at present.....a little redwork and I have finished all my circles so they are waiting to be put together in the near future. I have had a visitor for the past week so not a lot of time to do a post as it has been a little hectic and to be perfectly honest with you all, I have not really felt much like it. As I mentioned in a previous post I have a family member who is at present undergoing a mammoth battle and she and her family are never far from my mind. So I just dropped into say...I am still here and perfectly well. Thank so much. I hope my sewing space will be back to getting a work out really soon.
Doesn't look this way very often. LOL!

Happy Stitching,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday's Treasures with Melody

How I love to see this little graphic appear as it means my lovely friend Melody is hosting Tuesday's Treasures. Today we have an extra celebration as it is Melody's 1001st wonderful is that.
My treasure for today is my little collection of 'birdies'. They are not old, or expensive but I love them to bits as I have collected them separately on little special outings or holidays...
First there are the little blue birds which perch next to a very favourite and special gift. A beautiful stitched verse by Anni Downs which was stitched by my friend Fiona which just happens to feature a sweet little bluebird.

Next are two little red birdies which I thought would look good at Christmas time but I just couldn't put them away...
My most recent additions were purchased on a visit to Highfields in a gorgeous gift shop there.
I treasure our feathered friends and I am always delighted when they honour my garden with a visit. So whether it is the real thing....
or one I have created in thread...
I do love a sweet little birdie.
Who, where or what are you treasuring today???
Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, June 8, 2013

FNWF and other bits

Last night I joined all my blogging friends all over the Auss and did some stitching. Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' was our lovely hostess once again...thanks Cheryll xx
I didn't do a whole lot last night just some more of this...
which resulted in some more of these...
They are so relaxing to sit quietly and stitch which was just what I needed because Mr R. and I spent the day at the Camping and Caravan Show oohing and ahhing and mainly doing a whole lot of sighing "one day!" We did have a purpose though and that was to try and purchase a portable fridge for our road trips as you can't have the camper fridge on with the lid down whilst travelling. We got a great bargain and came home with a big smile and a very empty wallet.....least the Bundy Sars will be chilled now.
At the show they had a Vintage Caravan and I just had to take a couple of pics....her name is "Betty"!!!
Isn't she just sooo cute. She is the palest prettiest pink and inside is full of retro 1950's gear...
Check out the cushions on the bed....
Love the red polka dot curtains lol... Then we had the 'rinky dink' Vintage camper van....
We feel we travel in the lap of luxury looking at this number.
So after our big day there was a spot of stitching and some dozing in the chair and an early night. I am looking forward to checking out what all you girls got up to though.
Now if you are tired of seeing my gorgeous Grandchildren look away now because I want these piccies recorded for my blog book.
Here is sweet little Charlotte (nicknamed Sleeping Beauty by her Dad) She was 6 weeks old yesterday.
And where's my close up Mr De Mille....
Ohhh she is so gorgeous!!!
This photo of little Erin with her eyes open was taken by her big cousin Zoe...
She is 2 weeks old already. What a honey....can you tell that I am a bit partial to our new bubbas.

I think that is about it for me....except to ask you all to pray for a very ill family member of mine who needs all your prayers at present. Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend folks and be kind to yourself and those you encounter.
Blessings Michelle xxx