....ohh and pencils and paper

Friday, October 30, 2015

Meet Roma.

Two more blocks completed for "Roma"...

I had to sneak a little needle and thread on to this quilt somewhere as my Grandmother was a beautiful needlewoman and I am sure that's where my love of needlework came the fact that she taught me to embroider. 

This little block holds a lot of meaning even though it isn't starry. You see she was the "heart" of my family circle for me and helped me grow in so many ways.
I have probably shared this photo before but would you like to meet my dear Grandmother Roma? Such a beautiful kind person.

I am working on a butterfly next but I think some unsewing is required as I realise from the photo it's little body is verrrry crooked...ah well...1 step forward  etc.

The little pile of applique blocks is growing......and the box of single blocks is getting quite full.

As the mad Domestic Goddess overtook me yesterday and I cleaned the house like a crazy person...I am following gentler pursuits today and off to restock some threads so that I can get started on some little Christmas decos.
Enjoy your weekend whether it be grand entrtainment or simple pursuits.
Namaste and Blesssings
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This and That

Good morning all. A cloudy old morning greeted me for my walk...nice and cool though. So a hot cuppa in my favourite mug went down a treat when I returned.
Before I  get to the "stitchin' stuff" just wanted to share this beautiful fur-girl "Angel" who is the only female general purpose police dog currently in the service. The very clever people who created the Dog Squad Calendar chose her photo for October which is International Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Our Story Bridge was even lit up for the photo shoot....another lovely photo of her here is in the Calendar. Money raised from the sale of these Calendars supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation and several other important causes. They are available at I know two of these amazing dogs and their handler and they do a phenomenal job! 
If you love dogs, you will love this....I bought one as a gift as well. 
Ok "Stitchin' Stuff"
I have 2 more blocks finished for Roma..

I  had some waiting around to do so took my big flower hexies and got 2 sewn on.
It is growing very slowly.

Also a little spot of Christmas.

Which my very cute Christmas buttons I purchased from Yvonne at Yvonnewdesigns may or may not be for...not saying!

I love Yvonne's beautiful little works of art. If you want to  contact Yvonne you can at 
Don't forget there are lots of Christmas goodies to stitch in my book...

Have a lovely day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lazy Sunday

As I told you last post I was going to visit our Botanical Gardens particularly the auditorium to view the Queensland Wildlife Artists "Wild Australia" exhibition. I loved wandering around looking at the talent of these very clever artists. No photos of the art work was permitted understandably but I did get permission to get a photo with my very talented art teacher, wild life artist Sandra Temple.
That's her beautiful piece behind us. My fellow classmate and another talented artist Diane Smith was demonstrating her amazing scratchboard technique there so I twisted her arm for a piccie too.
Lunch was then in order and it is always very nice sitting overlooking the lagoon.
We also had a local resident water dragon making sure we minded our manners at lunch...
Even though it has been quite dry it was still lovely to go for a meander through the gardens. I took loads of reference photos of busy ducks and water dragons and lots of rocks and foliage.

 I love the domed hot house...
Lots of exotics growing in the humid conditions...
Woops! Not that one.... this one.....hahaha!
Mr R. just couldn't resist having a sit in this special sculpture in the Fern House called  "Chair" by Kenneth Armitage from the 1988 expo
Love the little rock pools....
Pretty water lillies...
Busy little bees....
Exquisite Magnolia blooms...
and lots of other unusual pretties....
All in all a very nice day for a wander....hope you enjoyed your Sunday too...
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Little Finish

I have a little finish....the "Harebells " block...

Happy with it even though there was a couple of tricky bits.
Next is the "Bluebells" block. I have made a start.

Just a quick one duties call.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, October 23, 2015

Applique Begun

Good morning to you all. I love mornings like this when everything is fresh from the afternoon storm the day before....makes for a very pleasant early morning wander. I also love when our aged Jacaranda tree dons her pretty blossoms for the year.

And so our mauve carpet on the lawn begins.

The blue faced honeyeaters love it when she blooms...they were too quick for my camera.  I found this piccie on pinterest for the overseas girls.

I am still very happily stitching away on my Roma's Quilt. I decided to embroider the stems of the corner carnations.

All 4 corners are now done and I quite like it. This being done meant I could move on to the remaining single blocks for the next border. This one is called Harebells and features a hare and my version of the flower Harebells. I have another bluebell block drawn up and wanted to make this one a little different. 
So work is begun...

Now for a blatant plug.....I am visiting this on the weekend...
 I am really looking forward to seeing these amazing artists and of course the subject is where my heart lies as you all know. I am also looking forward to a bit of a meander through our beautiful Botanical Gardens. If you are in Brisbane go and take a peek.
Whatever your weekend holds I wish you enjoyment.
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle xxx

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Busy days!

Is it only Wednesday?  Seems to have been very busy so far this week....mainly good kind of busy!
Monday I had this little duo keep me company all day...
Yesterday was art and school pick up.....I was really happy to put my signature finally to my little Tasmanian furry friend "Tassie". I do hope he appreciates all the effort I put into giving him a nice devil like den to live in.
I only had the photo reference for the little devil so I had to invent his home...I was so pleased that it ended up resembling the vision I had in my head. The search for my next little critter model is on....first I must finish a cute Cockatoo who has been waiting patiently.
At night I have been working away on my Roma quilt and after getting back on track after the unsewing episode I have all 4 borders hexied....
After much thought I decided to applique a little single carnation flower in those blank corners.
I am loving the "go with the flow" aspect of designing this quilt. Even if there are a few little bumps that arise along the way....
Today I was treated to another Grandparents Day celebration with our youngest Grandson Cooper...
We were having fun with some drawing and I had a story read to me....
The service was lovely, nice choir singing and delicious morning tea. Very blessed to have these lovely children in my life.
A few little treasures in my poor neglected garden to finish off.
Lily decided to flower for the first time. In my favourite "RED"
 So did the variegated Hibiscus...
and the Star Jasmine is a picture...
I just love the way Nature says "go ahead neglect me...I don't care! I will be stunning anyway!"
Off to play with fabric flowers....carnations!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Where's My Pearls?

Yesterday I was very fortunate to be invited to attend Linen and Lace at Cleveland's  annual Garden Party. Marilyn hosts it for those who have supported and encouraged her throughout the year to say thank you! Isn't that the nicest thing. I have known Marilyn it's lovely owner for many years and always admired her exquisite taste and hard work. So I had to get a bit lacy and find the pearls.....
Well as lacy and pearly as I can get! Off I went to meet some of my close friends who also know Marilyn. The shop has a little courtyard beside it and this is where it was set up...just perfect.
The front table in the photo was ours and those are my lovely friends. Bev was trying out her new Vintage Cloche hat before Melbourne Cup. She just happened to have bought it from Marilyn lol! Here is Gaye and Sandra looks very elegant and swish!
The tables were set beautifully with gorgeous china and pretty flowers from Marilyn's own garden.
I loved the pink depression glass dish! Oh and the scent from the Sweet Peas..mmmh! We began with Champagne in elegant pink vintage flutes.
We were treated to a fashion parade of some of the beautiful vintage clothing and accessories available at Linen and Lace..some of which is beautifully handcrafted by Marilyn herself.
Of course there were pretty teacups....constantly being refilled...
accompanied by a delicious high tea...and yes refills!
I had the loveliest time, being with dear friends Sandra, Gaye, Bev and new friend Annette and surrounded by such gorgeousness. Afterwards we got to pop into the shop for a browse...It is overflowing with such beautiful treasures.
On various visits to the shop I have looked lovingly at some beautiful silver earrings fashioned from the handles of petite teaspoons. I couldn't resist this time as there were tiny little birds on these. Bit of a splurge but I don't often do it.
I also replenished my supply of beautiful Lavender hand cream. I told Mr R. I wouldn't be too late but after lots and lots of chatter and laughter I was very late home! Definitely a "Diamond Day"!
This morning I enjoyed another little treat with my morning coffee....this beautiful magazine gifted to me by my friend Bev yesterday.
Ok back to my pretty pages...
Enjoy your Sunday.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx