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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Well I am a little late. It's been a hectic day. I have 2 things that I am treasuring today the first is a lovely impromtu cup of coffee with a caring friend when I needed one with kind doses of reassurance and love thrown in for good measure. Thank you Gaye.
The second is a little wall hanging I made a very long time was a Christine Book design and it has lots of little treasures attached to it.  Old buttons, crochet, old lace and a couple of hand made brooches.Several friends and I made them at a retreat and I still love it.
Pop over to Melody's for more treasure at

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pretty Teacups

One of my freinds has just received her final accreditation as a fully fledged Yoga teacher and to celebrate she decided to combine "Biggest morning tea"  accept in the afternoon with her celebration. The venue was her beautiful deck with it's lovely outlook. There were beautiful tables decorated with gorgeous roses. We all had to bring our "prettiest teacup" and a donation to pop in the box. It was a lovely afternoon with lots & lots of pretty teacups to be admired and  you could've been tempted to pop a couple  in your bag for your collection ............or was that just me......
There were Yoga sisters everywhere, with loads of hugs, laughs, chatting and just a "FEW" cupcakes, meringue tartlets, club sandwiches, real turkish delight and the  list of yummies goes on.
So Blessings to you Janeen. I know your wisdom will be appreciated where ever it is sprinkled.
Have a great Monday everyone,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday Night Out With Friends

Being with good friends certainly lifts your spirits. Last night  we met up with some of our oldest (sorry guys but it's true) and dearest friends for some fine Greek food  at a 'no frills' little Taverna called LEFKAS at West End on the south side of the Brisbane River....a very old Brisbane inner suburb which has become a wonderful centre for all kinds of multicultural fare. The food was delicious and LOTS of it. The company was great....I haven't laughed that much and that hard for ages....thanks Mr. B! We are really looking forward to July when we get to do it all again to celebrate the Birthdays of Myself and another fine gentleman Mr D. we share the same Birthday however!.... HE is a tinsy bit younger than I. All in all a great night with great company!!
I'm off to the "Biggest Morning Tea" except in the Afternoon....
Don't forget to make yourself or someone else smile today.
Blessings Michelle

Friday, May 27, 2011

Favourite things Friday and Floral Friday and a Sneak Peek.

Now it is the considered opinion of some that 'artistic pursuits' are irrelevant and that I wile away my days doing nothing very substanial....being a creative type and all and especially as now I am not employed in proper (paid) work. Extremely grateful as I am to be able to 'finally' do what I love on a full time basis it has to be said it is not without a certain amount of dedication (to the tiny spark of an idea that won't let you sleep), hard work and sometimes very late nights. I agree I have a great boss and she does let me come to work in my P.J.s but it is like anything worthwhile it takes a huge investment on my part. Soooo! I have 3 FTF's this week.
The first being, that after being available for all and sundry for so long "I" get to decide now how I will spend my days and whether or not it is in worthwhile ways. The second is after working fairly solidly since last October (when this little spark just refused to let me sleep) I have finally completed my 2011 Christmas designs instructions and all(I even scared myself).....that was in doubt a few weeks ago when I rendered myself useless after swinging my sewing machine up on to the sewing table and hurting my back. I have included a little sneak peek for your viewing pleasure. I'm keeping it under wraps for  just a little while longer.
My final FTF is also my "Floral" offfering. As you know My thumbs are 'wanna bees' in the green thumb department.....but I had been trying unsuccessfully to grow this little violet type plant (sorry no clue as to it's name) when my friend Gaye who has bright green thumbs gave me a piece from her thriving plant and GUESS WHAT!! I have photographic evidence not only have I got it to grow it even has flowers on it. Woo hoo!! You may be saying to yourself 'big deal' well to me it's a huge deal! Applause is probably not necessary but you can if you like....
Too see other FTF's visit Shay at and then make sure you pop over to
Bronwyns for I'm sure will be more "Floral" delights at

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

First I just have to say......GO THE MIGHTY MAROONS....QUEENSLAND WOOHOO!!!! OK now I have that out of my system, some very sweet little friends of mine 'the Gollies' are really looking forward to the picnic with the teddies today. They have their favourite book (which was mine too when I was a little girl) by Enid Blyton and some of their special "Beechworth" peppermints to share. They are all wearing their jackets so they'll be warm enough.
The large golly was made by me and the others have been purchased at various bear shows the tiniest one is 1 inch tall. I love gollies and I loved that story as a child. They're off to see who else is there over at Melody's at and then I am off to the sewing room as I have a ton of work to do and a few deadlines to meet.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

The thing I am treasuring today is SUNSHINE!!!!! and a beautiful place  literally 5 minutes drive from my home. You will have to bare with me as there a lot of photos...I tried to cull them and this is the best I could do. This special place is 'Daisy Hill conservation park and Koala centre'. The forest is right on the edge of suburbia and is part of a wildlife corridor and safe koala habitat region. There are beautiful bush walking tracks, special bridal paths for horses, picnic areas and of course the koala centre. There were only two in residence today 'Euci' who was sound asleep and 'Freckles' who was determined to get her breakfast regardless of gorgeous. The food trees for these koalas grow in abundance in this forest and supports hundred of koalas. You can climb up the tower to get a high top view and try and spot some in the huge stringybarks. Because of yesterdays rain it was closed slippery. This is a very special place for myself and my family having celebrated many birthdays and great cricket matches here when my children were younger and I hope now my grandchildren can enjoy it too. I love knowing it's so close to me.

For more treasures visit Melody at

Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Audrey's' Pattern is available.

I am very pleased that 'Shades of Audrey' is now completely finished and the pattern is done also. To celebrate my being very dedicated and diligent in getting it done and also because so many kind people have contacted me making enquiries about the pattern.....until June 30th 2011 you can buy the pattern for the special price of $12.00 AUS (it will be $14.50 AUS after then) The price includes P&H if you are in Australia. I accept Paypal or Direct Debit, cheque or money order. If you wish to purchase a pattern please email me at to order and  please quote the reference JS1.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Sewing Here

Well no sewing done here today so far but I have finally tidied up my sewing room! Now you should have seen it.....I had stuff hang out of cupboards,  fabric all over every available surface, patterns in various stages of completion and packaging and I really didn't know which end was up. I had to take a photo as I know it won't last long and to show me what it can look like. My house is an old seventies style home and is slowly getting some updating but my sewing room (once DD's bedroom) gets passed over as I just can't stand the thought of moving it all out and finding somewhere for it all while something gets done. We did begin removing the wallpaper but I found I was losing the will to live we stopped and conseqently you will see bits missing from the walls in places and.....Soooo! Nothing gets done.....except lots of sewing and I guess that's what's most important to me. I do however get the green eyed meanies sometimes when I see some of your beautiful sewing spaces until friends remind me that at least I have a space of my own and that I'm lucky....which is true. Anyway enough of all this armchair philosophing and God Bless all you people with wondeful sewing rooms I don't begrudge you really (alright maybe just a teensy weensy bit).
Well I'm off to make a pizza for hubby and I for dinner and then I'm going back to quilting my new Chrissy design in my Jim Jams and fuzzy socks.
Happy Stitching and don't forget to make yourself smile!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Is it still Friday? I am very late I know. My favourite thing for me this Friday was being able to give a Reiki session to my dear young friend Megan who has given me countless fantastic massages over the years.It was great to give back. It was tinged with a tiny bit of sadness as we were also catching up to say farewell. Megan is moving to the Northern Territory for work. She works with troubled youth and is a wonderful young woman wise beyond her years (I've received several bits of good advice over the years)Her dedication, compassion and kindness are without bounds and I know she will make a huge difference to the people whose lives she touches.
I'm really going to miss you Megs!! ( yes Megan is tall and I'm not really shrinking)
Blessings in all you do,
Namaste Michelle xxx

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Christmas Club Update

The lastest piece of news about the Christmas club is unfortunately one of our Designers has had to drop out BUT the exciting news is that joining myself, Gail Pan, Toni Alexander and Jodi Herbert will be 'Bronwyn Hayes and Brutus". So all you Christmas Clubbers out there.....get your little selves excited. Bronwyn Hayes has been someone I have admired since she produced her first little "Red Brolly" books and I adore her work. So I AM EXCITED!!!! I better get a-stitchin' and finish my design!

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

Flora is all set for the picnic today she has her favourite teacup quilt to sit on, her favourite cup and saucer and her very favourite bikkies.....white choc "chunkies" with chocolate drizzles. She did bring an extra to share. Flora is another bear made as a gift for me by my friend Ann. I have lots of Ann bears as I have known her for a very long time and she knows I can't resist a lovely handmade bear.
Flora is mohair and has a skirt and scarf made from vintage embroidered fabric in a lovely peach colour.
Her cup and saucer and little dish were gifts from my Mum when she went to the UK and stayed with friends in Derby..... this is "Royal Crown Derby" and the design is "Derby Posies". I have a big persons cup and saucer, a lidded sugar bowl and creamer and a dear little bud vase in this design. Flora loves it too and her little cup and saucer were just right for a picnic. We are off to visit Melody to see who else will be at the picnic today at

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brookfield Show

This weekend 20/21/22 May the Brookfield Show is on again. It's like the old country shows we used to enjoy and is great for all the family. There is so much to see and do.
Within the show they feature a 'Needlework and Quilting' show  and  attract many entries in their Needlework and Quilting competition. You can view  all the entries and prize winners. This part of the show is always very popular. I was very honoured  this year to be asked to sponsor some of the prizes. So pop out to the western suburbs of Brisbane and visit the show. I am sure you will enjoy it. The address is 550 Brookfield Rd., Brookfield.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Today I would like to share my little collection of milk jug covers. The 3 in the front were crocheted and beaded by my Grandmother and the 2 at the back by my friend Ann's mum June.  One has a little teacup and saucer crocheted on the top.I love them all. I have had tea with my Nanna on her beautiful front veranda when these covers have been in use. I think of these wonderful moments when I look at them.
The lovely pink 'Royal Winton' jug belonged to my Husbands Grandparents and was given to me by my Father-in-law as 'nobody really liked it and they used it everyday for breakfast anyway so I don't think it's worth much. But if you like it you can have it.' Well like it I did and I had never heard of 'Royal Winton' back then. It just that (a) it was a lovely pink (b) it was old china (c) they used it everday. It still makes me smile. I saw one at an Antique Shop in Victoria recently and when I looked at the price tag I scared myself.
For more Treasures visit Melody's lovely blog

Monday, May 16, 2011

May Giveaway Winner....

The winner of the May giveaway is............... JEANETTE from 'Jeanettes place'. Congratulations! If you could email me your postal details I will send your little parcel off with the postie. Thanks everyone for joining in. I'll have another one in June so keep your eyes peeled.
Have a great Monday,
Blessings Michelle

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good Times!!

Good friends of ours Al and Mike share the same birthday and so celebrated together (Al was the big 50) aboard the river cruiser  "James Cavill" The theme for the evening was PURPLE!!!!!!! Our friend Marina came as the "Phantom" (photo didn't turn out) It was hilarious as she was dropped off in the park while our other friend Alison parked the car. I so wanted to see the expressions on the dog walkers in the park as the "PHANTOM" lurked amongst the trees LOL! I aplogise for the photos I couldn't seem to get the settings right. So the people in "Purple" are myself and Al in the middle with Alison and Marina on each side of us. My husband unimpressed about having his photo taken at the back of the boat, myself, and photos of our lovely bridges and city by night. We cruised down to the Port of Brisbane and up to the Regatta hotel. I just couldn't believe how beautiful and peaceful our river looked and it seemed so long ago that it was so devastated and yet it was mere months ago. It felt so alive with the "city cats"criss crossing  the river ferrying people to their evenings out. The city skyline lit up was lovely  and magical (I haven't done it justice). It was a tad chilly but there was great music, a spot of dancing, good food & drinks for some......and lots of laughter. Huge cupcakes with yummy chocolate frosting was the "Birthday cake"....... Delish! You know how I love cupcakes.....Al even gave me a little doggy bag with 1 each for today.
A good time was had by all................

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Audrey is finished!

Well with no blogger a lot of sewing certainly got done and I have now finished "Shades of Audrey" and I think it's quite cute even if I do say so myself. The pattern should be ready by the end of the month if I am disciplined in my efforts. I have also started quilting my new Christmas design for 2011 which I'll keep you in suspenders about but I am really pleased with the way it's evolved.....There has been quite a bit of stitching involved..I'll keep you posted (sorry about the pun) I'm off to catch up on all that I have missed the last little while.
Happy Stitching Michelle

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

Sweet "Tiny" and grumpy little "Rumpole" want to warm their paws at Melodies picnic today. They are probably my tiniest teds. Both bears are 4inches high. "Tiny "was made by my lovely friend Kay as a gift. He is so exquisitely made and he loves to sit up amongst my china away from sticky fingers. He has convinced "Rumpole" that he needs some friends, fresh air and sunshine for his health and demeanor. "Rumpole's" tag said he was made by Suzanne. He lives in an old tobacco tin with his favourite blocks and has the grumpiest little face. Reminds me of my dear Husband at times (naughty I know) Visit Melody at to see who else will be at he picnic to cheer "Rumpole" up.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lovely Fellow Stitchers

What a lovely day I have had. I got a leave pass from my quilting group (it's group day) to go and visit Maree from 'On my Verandah ' for a cuppa and a chat and a spot of stitching. I had the pleasure of meeting Maree's lovely stitching friends....Lyn and Alison. I was made to feel so welcome and it was a joy getting to know these gorgeous girls. We chatted away as if we had known each other for ages.
So thank you Maree, Lyn and Alison I hope we can do it again real soon.