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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Boring Sunsets

Good Golly Miss Molly it was very chilly here last night. So glad to have the old electric blanket plugged in. It was great today to just sleep in  and not have any where to go or anything to do.....except a little stitching and I look oh soooo glamorous!!!
We took the opportunity for one last walk and a look at the sunset and we managed to get a couple of pics of some of the very elusive Bowna Bunnies....
And then they turned tails on us and hopped away.
There has also been flocks of Galahs and it is something we don't see at home. We used to see the odd one or two when the west was in drought but not like this. It was lovely to hear them calling to each other and then see them swooping down to feed on grassy banks near the lake. There would have had to have been 50 - 60 of them. This is just one small portion of them. I wanted to show the girls overseas how pretty they are.
I fancied taking a photo of this log protruding from the lake and as I got closer I noticed another little birdie I am very fond of.... "Willie Wagtail" perched on the top end of the log. I thought it made a pretty picture.

I know I am being boring but I love nothing better than watching the sun set and over water...even better. Then if you add in a tree or two, even dead ones.....especially some sculptural looking dead ones...LOVE it!
And then another.....
Ok you twisted my arm just one more.
I have loved being here in this beautiful spot. If you don't like peace and quiet, wildlife, no shops or traffic then this is not the place for you but it was for us and we are certainly putting Bowna and Lake Hume on our list of  "Must visit again"
Not sure where we will be tomorrow probably somewhere near visit the Aviation Musuem. A young girls dream....Yay! But my travelling companion is excited.
Goodnight all,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Not boring, am loving all your wonderful photos....and I especially like the willy wagtail. I haven't seen one for ages. They used to everywhere when I was growing up.

  2. Galahas are so pretty aren't they. I find them a little too noisy though. I love the Willy Wagtails too, so cute and always so busy. Watching sunsets is very therapeutic and pics of them are always welcome. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  3. Your photos are not boring - they are really good. It's like taking a virtual holiday for those of us at home.

  4. love your pics,i feel like i have been on holiays with you,lol,goddnight and keep warm.xx

  5. Sunsets are never boring Michelle... still loving all your photos. Glad you finally got a chance to rest a bit! Cute photos of the bunnies too.. Keep enjoying!

  6. Loved seeing your lovely photos. Not boring at all.

  7. What a wonderful adventure you two are having Michelle. Love reading, seeing and travelling with you too!

  8. Love the sunsets and your posts. Keep them coming. Hugs......

  9. Such beautiful photos. we get lots of galahs here(theres a joke there I'm sure) and I love them.

  10. We're
    heading to Temora in October so I will be interested to see some photos. I'm sure I heard there's a quilt shop there as well. Heading off in the caravan for a few weeks & hope to go to The Home Patch as well.
    Enjoying all your photos.

  11. Beautiful Sunsets could never be boring Michelle, especially with reflections in the water, Birdies are lovely too, not sure about Rabbits. Cheers Rosalie.

  12. never boring to see sunsets and sunrises - even the cute and gorgeous wildlife is good - particularly for a city cliker like myself.

  13. I agree, not boring at all, you help us remember the feeling of peace and relaxation that only comes from holidays near water! Wendy xx


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