....ohh and pencils and paper

Monday, September 30, 2019

Beyond the Garden Gate

It is a very nice feeling to have a very old UFO finally completed....."Beyond the Garden Gate". It is a lovely quilt to stitch and I have no clue why it languished in the cupboard almost finished for so long!
FIONA'S quilting is lovely and I am thrilled with it....I love the leaves. Perfect for a garden quilt.

I had in my stash for years, several bits and pieces of a Violets range of fabric that I had bought just because I love the nostalgia depicted. However there never seemed to be the right project to be able to use it.......until BTGG!
AND I used just about every skerrick of it.....borders, backing and binding!

It was lovely sewing the binding down and enjoying all the beautiful quilting and the quotes on the fabric. It is now hanging in my lounge room and I am delighted!

The second quilt is getting it's binding sewn down now.
I also have been doing a little secret squirrel stuff.....
I cannot believe how quickly the festive season seems to be approaching and I hate panic....I like to enjoy the process. But we are all different I guess.
Speaking of which....I just love how my two gorgeous Grandie girls are authentically themselves.....had to share these SMILES are contagious.
Miss E. Loves a bit of something you can get your teeth into in her reading choices. She's very proud that she is reading Chapter books now!
And Miss C. adores pink....the pinker the better....and when you get to make a bear to your very own taste.....well you'd go for it wouldn't you! I hope they always stay true to themselves 💜💕
Ok must get the washing in.....Looks like we may get a storm.....fingers crossed...not a fierce one but rain would be welcome.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

In a Bind what I have been in. Finally allocating time to get the binding sewn on my recently returned quilts from Fiona.
First there was one...
Then there was two....
And finally three...
I can now enjoy at my leisure hand stitching the binding down.
Two more Postcards are added to the pile.....hopefully I may get some assembly done soon. I had several to do before I could indulge my need for some kind of time line order.....I know......I know.....if only I had the same overwhelming feelings towards housework lol!
On Monday I received a lovely gift from one of my art buddies....a gorgeous orchid from her collection. I think it is from the "Moth" group....don't know the botanical correct name. Really hoping that I can keep it alive  now!
Loved the reflections in the water on our Sunday wander....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, September 21, 2019

FNSI September

I cannot believe that September is more than half way through! But it also was time for our cyber get together, hosted by WENDY at Sugarlane Quilts.
I was was very lucky to have an all day Friday Sew In because my friend FIONA from BubzRugz came for a visit. Fiona bought some quilts back to me after working her magic....but I am going to get the bindings on first before I thrilled with them!
It was a lovely day and we managed amongst all the chatting and laughter to do some all good things the day went way to fast! I worked on my next Wings block and got it finished by bedtime.

I finished this one last week....
And managed another Postcard.....I am very behind where I want to be so without any stress I am trying to keep momentum going with them.
The other activity I have been indulging in is a binge-fest on one of my favourite authors. I found several in second hand book shops on my holiday and it has just rolled on from there.....ahh lovely!
Last post I mentioned my hopeful anticipation of a couple of Egrets for future drawing projects from my Mister's camera learning experiences.....
Happy scribbler! Hoping to use these for inspiration.....

Happy weekend folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Out and About

I have been missing my daily  dose of nature since we got home. So we got up early and Hubby and I took ourselves off to a wetland we had been wanting to visit a little drive from home (*** side note: however silly me missed Sunday Stitchers today.....thought it was next should always check the blog ) That aside we have had a very nice day......Mr.R. was wanting to try out the new lens on our camera. Encouragement came from yours truly as there is always the chance of a future art project!  I have my hopes up for a great egret! Whilst we wandered and he did that I snapped a few pics of our day.
Very peaceful, wandering these paths between the waterways....
The main lagoon which was heaving with ducks, swamphens, coots, jacanas and egrets. It really drove home the importance of our wetlands for our wildlife. Not to mention the benefit to your health just to wander there and experience them.

 Beautiful reflections!
Some pretty blossoms to admire along the walk to the waterways.
Lots of side pools to investigate. Loads of Waterlillies but my tablet couldn't pick them up.
We were there for quite a while and when we decided we were  finished we drove to the bay for some sustenance.....I had made a picnic lunch, very enjoyable looking at the bay.

After lunch another wander. Even though a smoky haze still hangs over us the view was still lovely.

We arrived home weary but very content.
And SURPRISE I do have some stitching to share. Another Postcard block for the pile.
And a bit of needleturn applique is keeping me out of mischief.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend too.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Back in the Groove

I am slowly getting back in to gear and am enjoying a little stitching.  This is a little secret sewing project I am working on and I am sorry but this is all I can share for quite a while lol!
Another Postcard is also in the hoop but nothing to show yet .
I had a birthday whilst I was away and still lovely mail came to my house.
Some beautiful fabrics from dear friend Shez.....right up my pretty I don't know how I shall cut them....
My friend Sue knows I love this artist....ohhh and Wombats! The sweetest little dish! Thought it might fit ONE TimTam but I think that it will fit TWO *wink
My lovely mate up on the mountain  Fiona made me a wonderful see through project it! Particularly as I hate sewing anything with a zip....haha.
And a new project to work on to go inside.....
Thank you gorgeous friends ❤❤ I feel very spoilt!
With all of our garden very dry and crunchy at the moment, it was such a joy to see another of my orchids starting to is such a beauty!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, September 7, 2019

FNWF September

It was very nice to join in with other blogging friends for....
Our hostess CHERYLL from Gone Stitchin' magicked us all together from the other side of the world.
I got all enthusiastic and made a cut out a couple of these to play with.
But ALAS! My iron decided to cark it! So I couldn't press my chosen fabrics.....sigh*
So Plan B.....back to my neglected Postcards. I ended up quite pleased as I had not done a lot on this one and managed to complete it before bed.
So I had a nice relaxing night of quiet stitching.
On a scarier note our South Eastern corner and part of Northern NSW are experiencing terrifying bushfires at the moment, with homes already lost. Praying for friends and those in the pathways stay safe and loss is minimal.
Big shout out to our incredible and courageous Firefighters.......amazing heroes!

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Stitching on the Road

I didn't get to do a lot of stitching.....too many wonderful things to see and do! However I did take my Clamshells away with me as they have been my Roadtrip project. I began them in 2016 in Ballarat after a fantastic shopping trip with friend Shez after seeing another friends beautiful completed quilt......I was smitten! They have been all over this great land of ours with me.
Happy to say that I finished the last row in Woodgate.
47 rows alternating 20 clamshells and 19 clamshells across. I chose the border fabric ages ago....looks much better in real life! Wasn't easy with so many scrappy pieces....I wanted to stay with the vintage look but not take away from the clamshells.
So that's the next job!
I did manage a little bit of secret sewing.....ssshh!
And tried out some EPP stars.....seduced as I was by my friend Sue's gorgeous stars over at Kiwi kid. Mine however are quite large but as I have cut out loads I shall be having BIG stars kids lol!
I now need to find where I left my sewing mojo along the way......I did a wee bit on my very neglected postcards yesterday so maybe that will help!
It is amazing how plants can lift your spirits. I was thrilled to see my King orchid out in bloom when I arrived home and that I didn't miss it. It had 3 flower spikes this year....I seem to be getting an extra one each year since it decided to bloom!
That's it from me......get well Bev xx Off to fill the bare pantry now!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx