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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Beautiful Work

Yesterday was our first stitching day for 2019. We met at friend Sandra's home to catchup. So happy to be back together after the break....almost a full compliment....missed you Anne and Moira.
When we walked in we were amazed at the simply beautiful quilt draped on Sandra's sofa. The work of another friend of hers. She is not a quilter and Sandra was helping her with the finer points of putting it together.....
It had four beautiful baby dresses handmade with smocking and embroidery on them. Then appliqued to their backgrounds.

They all had their own petticoat....this one....
Had this petticoat.
There was fussy cutting of the sweetest fabric.

Lovely applique....
And embroidery to embellish.
It has been professionally quilted beautifully as you can see.
Sandra's friend had also made a mini version.
It truly was a treat to see and admire and thanks for allowing me to share it.
Friend Lorel had put together a scrappy square quilt of what she termed 'uglies' but with lovely borders ......we thought it has turned out to be very nice indeed!
One of the many things I love in Sandra's home is her quilt amoire.
Ohhh I LOVE it! Just won't fold down and fit in my handbag!
We had a delicious morning tea and lunch....very spoilt!
I managed  between much chatting and admiring brand new Grandie photos (we had 3 over the Christmas break) to get a few bits and pieces done for the next round of 1797 Revisted.
Which now looks like this.

One thing that most of us love in our group of friends is reading and then talking about and giving critique on books we have recommended or shared with each other.  We are also women of a certain age and love, support and laughs about this stage in our lives are often amongst our topics of conversation. I think that is part of the reason I loved my new book so sad it's done! Off tomorrow to source another!
Liz Byrski is becoming a VERY favourite author!
Another long epistle folks lol! This meme on FB seems just right for today's post.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Firstly, thank you all for sharing your lovely thoughts on my previous post.....
Here's to the Art of Needle and Thread!
The troublesome Yoko block is looking better...3rd time lucky lol! Thank goodness!
And the bias for the stem applique up the side is all set to go.

The other block I have chosen for this month is almost done....I just have to work out how I am going to do the geometric shapes on the dark green.
I have made a few shortcuts. So this quilt will definitely be a 'version' hopefully celebrating the beautiful applique which first attracted me to this quilt.

It was a long weekend here last weekend in Australia to celebrate Australia Day. It definitely was a "sunburnt country" here abouts.  I got cracking sewing binding on Brinton Hall.
And then stitched it down under the aircon to beat the heat.
I used my last vintage doiley from my friend Gayes collection for my label.
Brinton Hall is now complete! And I love it!
Very happy stitcher  here.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, January 27, 2019

To Quilt or Not to Quilt?

May not be news to many of you but I am a definite "ponderer "....those who know me really well.....say perhaps I doth "ponder" too much!
But it's who I am and I doubt that will change now....I also like a good old waffle about what's going on in my pondering state. So today folks you are the it or not! If not  you are welcome to come back another day.

The catalyst for this recent ponderence was two things really...firstly comments said with a smile on the dial by some non quilters. You will have heard them too...
WHAT are you going to do with ALL those quilts? How many beds do you have to put quilts on hahaha? Gee you must spend a lot of money on fabrics!  Aren't you sick of making quilts?  I  wish I had time for hobbies! WHAT are your kids going to do with ALL this STUFF when you're gone????

NOW! As I do 'try' kindness first, I  refrain from saying .....what are you going to do with ALL those empty wine bottles and trashy magazines you love (and NO I am not a wowser) and  don't worry....NO there isn't one left to you in my  Will lol!
It intrigues me with all the waste and minute by minute gratification  today that creating a quilt is seen in a negative light!
The other thing was a project that has proven a bit challenging for me and thus being avoided....namely my Yoko Saito quilt. As it is this month's UFO project I have been working on it....and yes an hour in....problems!
Several reverse sewing episodes and it has to come out again because it's crooked!
So it got me thinking......what is it about making quilts that intrigues us so? Particularly when things go awry!
Gorgeous fabrics and designs that grab our attention for sure....but why do we have four beds in the house and twenty quilts plus numerous projects under construction.
For me? Honing the skills I have learnt over many years. It doesn't happen overnight.....why should I not use them and continue to improve them!

Rising nervously to a challenge and meeting it in your own way, encouragement from friends along the way is definitely good for self esteem and your soul.
Having the joy of seeing my needlework in my home and remembering all the experiences that went into making that quilt......choosing fabrics, stitching along with friends and the pleasure of creating something useful and beautiful.
I quilted long before I blogged so whilst it's nice to share what I am making with likeminded people I have just as many quilts made and given away that haven't made it to a blog I don't think it's for 'poser' value!

You can express your tastes and creativity in a myriad of ways....that says YOU!
And express love to others also.
I do love the invisible thread of connection to all the needlewomen that have gone before. To me its a shout out to say.....what you created with your heart and hands really mattered....thanks for the inspiration!
And attempting to do projects in a manner they would have recognised feels lovely to me....
My conclusion is because the gentle coming together of needle, thread and fabric soothes my soul. My mind quietens. It brings me relief from this crazy world we now live in and the stresses of life.  I like that it's not finished in 5 minutes. It is my happy place.....even when unpicking happens. It's FUN!
To me it is also the act of creating.....I don't care if there are 20 in the day they will warm someone or make them smile. I shan't be here to care!
Lastly but definitely not least is the magic circle of wonderful women who ply their needles.....who constantly inspire and assist with a helpful hint or that piece of fabric you need to finish a quilt, who go to their stash and contributions to your new 'scrappy' arrives in your mailbox unsolicited.....ahhh makes your heart smile!

Thanks for staying with me if you have......I love being a quilter and needlewoman! How about you?
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, January 25, 2019

Visitors and Brinton Hall

I did say that I would post close ups of the lovely quilting on my Brinton Hall quilt just back from FIONA  recently.
The main attraction for me with this quilt was the framed hexie medallions in the centre. I loved the opportunity to use those fabrics that you just love but don't want to cut into and ruin the feature.
I love how Fiona has quilted them!

And this fabric and some of the others were special gifts from my bestie Ann after a trip to the US.
I have used it throughout and as the final border as well as binding.
I did my own thing a bit after the middle section and I was very pleased with the results.
Hexies beautifully quilted.

The back is just as pretty...
Next job get the binding was put away.....ready to go.
Speaking of my friend Fiona. I was lucky enough to have her come visit for the day yesterday.
I achieved the some total of one piece sewn on to my 1797 lol!
Why? Well....chatting, cuppas, checking out quilts and design discussions got us sidetracked! Plus we had another lovely friend pop in too. SUSAN from Susan's Sewing Space We were too busy chatting for a pic so I borrowed one from Sunday!
Lovely to have a natter and a cuppa.
The day weather wise was we farewelled Susan off to her appointments and donned our swimmers and took the plunge to cool off...

 You didn't really think there would be pics did you lol! What happens in Ridgways pool stays in Ridgways pool!
Anyway it was so nice to cool off.
Fiona even got to meet our resident Aussie Mum with her new offspring....I took these photos the other evening. Mum Poss was being ever so patient as all good Mums are lol!

As always it seemed no time before Fiona's very kind chauffeur was back to collect her.....I had a very nice day....Thanks for coming xxx
Ok better start getting that binding sorted.
Hoping my fellow Aussies are finding ways to keep cool in this horrible heat and my thoughts and prayers go out to all the firefighters and residents in Tassie battling those horrendous fires and conditions down there. Stay safe.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx