....ohh and pencils and paper

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Finally Back On The Air

Good morning! With no internet or landline for 6 days until today (good old NBN again) I got a bit of stitching and art done....not to mention my latest book read as well.
My machine and I got reacquainted with each other as I set to sewing my January Sunday Stitchers UFO challenge, my circles, together.
These were my 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks and I wanted to keep with the Challenge of only using my stash for the whole top....that WAS a challenge!
Anyway.....this is the result.
Not too bad....the trouble was it was not muddy enough to suit all my usual vintage type fabrics that is my preference.....but I got there in the end....binding is even ready.  Just need to speak sweetly to my lovely quilting faerie. So No. 10 is done!
3 Little Postcards are now complete.
And  No. 4 is on it's way....lots of fun remembering where and when.
Last but not least 54 brown pieces basted and ready for the next round of 1797 Revisted.
I have missed my blog reading but all the other instant gratification type media....ummm not so much as it happens!
It's been a bit warm of late also which means I have been spending a bit of time here.
Trying hard to work off those December goodies. It's one of the things I love about living where I live in Summer....also the perfume from my Frangapani outside my bedroom window....Devine!
Quite a while ago Alison from Sunday Stitchers shared her cut back of a red Frangapani with us. I got my piece later as I was away. I popped my piece in the garage as it was winter planning to plant it out when it was warmer. They keep for ages....truth is I completely forgot about it until I found it a couple of weeks ago.....I really didn't feel optimistic!
But...ta da! Leaves and lots of them.....Amazing!
So looking forward to seeing it bloom eventually!
Well that's it from me.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

1797 etc.

Well it is taking much longer to add a row to 1797 these days. But it is very relaxing just stitching away when I can. The cream row is now done.
Next row will be browns.....and as I have so many reds....another cream and then red!
So back to basting!
Another little postcard is on its way.....they are such fun! Hopefully after 40 I will still think so lol!
My Mum gave me a new book to read when I saw her over Christmas .....all ready to jump inside the cover.
I hope that you are enjoying your day....
Loved this on the old FB thought I would share.
I am sure many of us can relate lol!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, January 5, 2019

First 2019 FNWF

I love our Friday night cyber sew ins. There is something so nice knowing others are joining you from all over. CHERYLL gathered us all together once again. I was home alone and enjoyed a "NO fuss" dinner and watched a movie that I am fond of that just happened to be on telly last night.....Moonlight and Valentino....very nice without "manplaining" lol!
I  look like I achieved lots but truth be told, I had done a bit on each project.
Firstly the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks are finally finished...yay!
Ice blue...
Of course I had to lay them out to see what they looked like.....I seem to have a lot of blue....but I am done and not doing anymore. It will be fine for knees in Winter.
They are all packed up in their rows now waiting for assembly and borders.
I finished off my night with the last bit of stitching on my very first postcard for Romancing the Road trip.
I am really looking forward to personalising each one even if it's a bit more work.
Thank you Cheryll for hosting us.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, January 4, 2019

New Year Vibe

Today the Christmas decos are coming down.....
See you next year Heartwood Creek Santas!
Some of my favourite music is accompanying my efforts.....everything just goes better singing out loud to the Eagles!
Time for a cuppa and a blog post.
We celebrated the brand New Year with the family down at our go to spot....down by the bay.
We took kids and bikes.....
And the dog...nicknamed the "D man" beautiful boy!
Swimming happened...
A long walk, chilling with the cousins and fish and chips to finish.
Happy happy day!
Tonight is our 1st
Over at GONE STITCHIN with Cheryll . I have a little bit to do on my last lot of Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks and think that's where I will start. I think it will also be my Sunday Stitchers UFO challenge for January which is number

Hope to be stitching with you tonight.
Oki dokie.....break over.....back to my putting away.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A Fresh Page

Happy 2019 lovely people. Hope you celebrated your way. I managed to keep my eyes open and welcome the new year into being. I am not a person for resolutions. Life over the years has taught me each day is a blessing and full of promise. Some days may seem unremarkable but the very fact you are able to take part is such a gift.
I do however reflect on how I can be more at peace with myself and take action where I can. Saying NO is a big one for me and making time for the treasured and true and letting go of what doesn't nourish me.
 I have had such a wonderful year stitching without pressure now that deadlines are no longer a part of my life.....slow stitching has been a joy...and continues to be so.
I have enjoyed and learnt so much with my art and the learning continues. Thank you to all of you that pop over to my art blog and leave me lovely encouraging comments.....A few of my projects this past year.
I feel so blessed to have stitching and drawing in my you meet the nicest people! Very blessed in that department.
I have been having a very nice relaxing time over the Christmas break, being with family, reading and working away on my 1797 Revisted rushing for me!
My Sunday Stitchers UFO list remains blank....
I will get to it. After lots of thought I think I may go for progress rather than finishes.
I enjoyed the NO FUSS STITCH ALONG last year so much (even if I got a very late start) that I am joining in again.
We are stitching another lovely Leanne Beasley design from her book Road trip.
I am using the same fabric range I used for Ruth's quilt because I had  a jelly roll and it requires lots of 2 1/2 inch squares. I didn't use a lot of fabrics  in the jelly roll from this range for Ruth's quilt so it should hopefully look different. Plus I  love it and want to use it up!
I am tweaking the postcard designs to suit our travelling journeys and I am making it for our "chateaux 'de wheels"......eventually. So some tracing has occurred and threads purchased. I have gone for regular DMC as I figure it may take awhile and I want to be able to obtain more when I  need it.....especially if I am away in my van.
Excited! I am also looking forward to working more on my "WINGS AND PRETTY THINGS " with my friends Fiona and's also a no pressure project. My new Mantra...
I would like to thank all of you who read my words, leave comments or just visit my blog. Also the other bloggers out there that I visit, some of whom are now dear friends. You constantly inspire me with your creativity, resourcefulness, kindness and friendship. Women sharing....... I love seeing others sharing their lives and experiences often from all over the world. World leaders need to stitch and blog....We may then have a chance for world Peace lol!
Anyway I wish you a year of good health, happiness, creativity and peace. 
Ohhh and be gentle and kind in and with Nature.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx