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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Leliyn (Edith Falls)

I thought I would share this post now as we are heading back into unreliable web coverage soon.
Today we did a return visit to Nitmiluk National Park at the top end of the park to Edith Falls. We went better prepared this time and did the 2.6km top pool and loop walk....lots of rocky steps....quite a steep climb at times.
But all the while we had something wonderful to look at like that view off into the distance...

The top pools were beautiful and there was no chance of a shot without other folks cooling off.

The water looked so cool and inviting!

But we walked on to Bemang lookout for another wonderful view.

Its a very long way down....
Look at this tree just adjusting to living on a rocky escarpment! Nature is amazing!
As a "rockaholic" I found the groupings of boulders fascinating!
You won't be able to see this little fellow that frightened the life out of me rustling in the dry grass beside me....boy did I lift my feet high lol! But I have included a graphic from the info booth so you can see him....he was so pretty...glorious gold, blacks and white....amazing markings.

This was our view on our way down towards the loops end.
And just around this bend and across the bridge.....

A great big delicious wallow in the bottom plunge pool awaited us.....oh it was devine!

After we recuperated we headed up to the simple kiosk they have at the falls. Oh my goodness we had the best scones, jam and cream I have enjoyed in a very long time!
Glad we saved this for the return trip so we could take our time and enjoy it.
Very tired little campers getting off here for a toastie and a cool drink!
Not sure when I'll post again.....depends on coverage.
Thanks ever so for all your lovely comments and glad I haven't bored all of you to tears just yet.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings to you all
Michelle xx

Friday, August 25, 2017

Kakadu Magic Again

Hello everyone. I haven't had very good internet coverage so have had to wait until we arrived back in Katherine to post our last magical experience in Kakadu.
Firstly a little explore we had whilst staying at Gagadju Lodge in Cooinda. We hit the dirt roads....nice and red and rough and rutted.....
We visited Jim Jim pristine and beautiful.
Those crocs have the best back yards....
 We were a bit foolish and decided to walk to Mirral Lookout up the highway, a bit late in the day and even though we had lots of cool water, hats and sunscreen it was too was also very, very steep...
We almost made it but it was just too hot and we gave in...we got a hint of the view through the trees 3/4 s of the way up. Spectacular! Thank goodness for cool swimming pools on our return at Gagadju Lodge......ahhhhhh!
Next time we will be more sensible and go very early in the morning!
Now for the MAGIC ! Yesterday we got up before dawn to join the sunrise cruise on Yellow Water Billabong. As we arrived a fine mist was visible across the waterway.....

The sunrise was just beautiful with the colours spilling out across the Billabong.

Our guide was a local indigenous fellow called Rueben. His family and ancestors are from this area and he showed us his country with such love, knowledge and was a beautiful experience and one which will stay with me always.
His knowledge was extraordinary! He pointed out and named all manner of the boat up close for our photos....which thrilled me. Those pics are on my camera. I just loved these beautiful hot pink waterlily fields....
Reflections in the water.....gorgeous!

Huge Pandanus!
Loved this......White Egret in the dead tree while Magpie Geese fly above....hope you can see it ok.

Of course these snappy critters were in abundance too!

The water was clear and we could see fish swimming in the water. Huge Sea Eagles wheeled above us.....magnificent birds. Right in front of us one had a difference of opinion with a whistling kite.....very dramatic to see..
Lots of Plumed ducks and Whistling ducks.
This is definitely a magical place and I am so happy that I got to have this wonderful experience and to have its beauty and secrets revealed by one of its very own custodians.

Enlarge the photos if you can for a better look.
Well folks this is a hit and run post.....tomorrow we are having a couple of do overs.....several spots we saved for on the way home.
I hope you enjoyed Kakadu with us. If you ever have the chance GO!
Blessings to all.
Michelle xx

Monday, August 21, 2017


A lot of the items on our holiday list have belonged to hubby but this one is mine and in capital letters....SUNSET AT UBIRR. I was thrilled just with the drive in...
Before we get there though we visit the Border store and Cahills Crossing.

My boys love watching the extreme 4wd blokes and have seen lots about Cahills's not actually the real Crossing Mr Cahill used to drive his cattle across the river...its upstream a aways anyway....crazy people go fishing there with crocs watching their every move.....

Its a bit of a dicey crossing in the dry season ......
And as you can see some come to grief.....note one dead 4wd.
We counted 10 crocs whilst we were watching from a safe platform....

I was glad to hop back in the car.....
The monoliths of rocks in Ubirr is amazing....some look like they have been sliced and placed in layers. Several rock art sites as well.
We had a bit of a climb to experience the flood plains vista but so worth it.
View from the top....

Then the very top!

Amazing 360 degree panoramic views......we were early so we found a shady spot under an overhanging ledge and just sat still, listened and took it all in. It was like we were the only two people on the planet.....magic! We must have sat there for over an hour. Even when other folks arrived they too became quiet.....natures effect on us is incredible some the sunset!

Stunning! Definitely a diamond day!
The drive home was a tad scary.....pitch black and I was really worried about wildlife.....thankfully we had an uneventful trip. But STARS Kay STARS!
Thanks for hanging in there.