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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Big Smoke

We have gone from this...............
To this......we were a little shell shocked not having seen so much traffic for ages (except the hour Gary got us lost in Adelaide but I forgot we are not talking about that)
We were momentarily excited to being going over the Westgate Bridge and all was going extremely well.
Until the navigator (namely me) discovered what I had determined to be a toll road was in fact a toll exacting tunnel with huge trucks on either side.....aarrghh! I don't do tunnels just ask my friend Ann. Being extremely claustrophobic, mass panic ensued and I had my head in my hands trying to do my Yogic breathing and wishing that daylight would announce the nightmare had ended. Helpful husband kept telling me it was fine and to look up and face my fears....yeah right! Could be why I ended up with a headache.
Finally I was advised that daylight was visible up ahead and I was very thankful indeed. Apart from this hiccup we were very pleased to know that all the signs sent us where they said they went and we arrived in lovely Healesville. We discovered a bakery called Beechworth Bakery claiming to be Australia's best bakery and so Gary was sent in for a little something to have with our coffee back at the van and of course he cannot be trusted leading me astray at every opportunity and came out with "Death by Chocolate" x 2 !!!!!!
We shared one and saved the other for tomorrow because it was so rich and very decadent even I couldn't have eaten a whole one.
That is it from me. For the first time in many weeks a small post.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. oh Michelle i feel for you in the tunnel i would've been the same,i wont drive in Melb scares the heck out of me,yummy chocolate cakes.xx

  2. took me some time to conquer my fear of the city tunnels. Just concentrate and get through them quickly!
    Your getting closer and closer!

  3. well done you... you did it.... now relax and enjoy Melbourne and say Hi to all the girls from me....

  4. Welcome to Melbourne - hooray that you are here.

  5. Mmm that death by chocolate looked pretty good Michelle. Loved all your photos of the Great Ocean Road - its only two hours away for us and a trip we enjoy doing regularly - its so beautiful

  6. Are you sure we aren't sisters , I hate tunnels too or any enclosed space even elevators freak me out. Glad you made it through to enjoy another love of mine Chocolate , yumm!

  7. G'day Michelle. Welcome to beautiful Melbourne. The Beechworth Bakery have such decadent delights. Healsville is a lovely town. Only about and hour and a bit from me. I hope you enjoy your visit to my home state. Will you be visiting the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne while you are here? Take care. Liz...

  8. Life has been so crazy that I had got behind in reading of your travels,but have caught up now. Such wonderful pics, couldnt get tired of seeing what our country has to offer.
    Lovely to hear you are meeting up with more bloggy friends in Melbourne. I know you will have a wonderful time.
    Hugs xx

  9. Wow you are here,a huge welcome to you both,just wish we could put on some sunshine for you, but can see that you don't let the weather spoil your fun.Hugs from Rosalie.

  10. smiley face that you have got to Melbourne. Can't wait for tomorrow when we meet face to face. Just maybe the sun will shine. Those death by chocolate cakes look scrummy.

  11. Have fun in Melbourne, please give Melody a big HUG for me tomorrow
    :-) enjoy your morning tea with the other blogger ladies as well.
    have a good weekend, I am looking forward to the next installment of your great adventure.

  12. Glad you survived the tunnel. Hope the headache has long gone. Enjoy Melbourne. Hugs...

  13. UGH I hate tunnels too - we used to take the tunnel under the river to Canada, and I remember being nervous about the leaking water I saw, lol. No thanks very much. Glad you survived. Death By Chocolate - oh that sounds wonderful, that's the name of my favorite ice cream, lol!

  14. I think I need to do a road trip to Melbourne just to get some of that cake !


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