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Monday, November 5, 2018

Very Late FNWF and Arty Weekend

I am very late posting my efforts last Friday evening. I had a very busy day Friday and and even busier weekend which you can read about *HERE*
As I was overdue in finishing my October Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks which happened to be DARK GREEN, I stitched my 4 circle blocks.....
The last 2 months of the year are your own choice or finishing friend Lorel and I are still deciding.....hmmmm?
So apart from some basting for my next row for 1797 Revisted, not much stitching has happened.
Our weekend in Brisbane was quite steamy and hot so I went out early on Sunday to get a nice relaxed walk in before the exhibition opened for the day and the heat set in....such a lovely place......thought you may like a wander with me....I love the Japanese Gardens....
Beautiful reflections.....

Cool running water tripping over the sound.

A little resident startled me....
Another favourite for me in the gardens are the sculptures dotted throughout.....I adore this little group of Aussies.....reminding us that this used to be their home!
I love the Butterfly Chasers amidst the Agapanthus in bloom.
The hugging chair as my kids called it and the  Stargazer always make me smile.
I love the interesting blooms and plants...

Down by the Lagoon was already bright with sunshine and heat.

The iconic Dome of the hothouse is visible from lots of areas in the garden....alas I was a little short on time to visit this time.
These gardens and this area we call Mt Cootha is an oasis and paradise just 10kms from the city centre. A haven for wildlife particularly Powerful Owls, Koalas and all manner of birds and reptiles. I have enjoyed this place since I was a young child with my family. The very idea that they are proposing a zipline....7 to be exact from the summit through our nature belt to these gardens fills me with anger and despair.....access to the summit and beautiful walks and picnic areas will be effected. Won't it be enjoyable to picnic with people flying overhead....NOT!
Anyway I shall hop off my soapbox and look forward to visiting the Gardens again next weekend for the Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Exhibition in the Auditorium.....may even squeeze in another wander.
If you are out and about call's a beautiful exhibition.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Almost Friday AGAIN!

I felt sure I had posted only a couple of days ago but here we are again at almost Friday.
I have had a busy week as I have two art related weekends coming up the first commencing tomorrow. A group of art friends who have been taught by Sandra Temple join her and have a little mini exhibition. It's a lovely thing to be a part of.
So I  have been packing cards...

A few little handmade Christmas decorations.
And some unframed drawings...
All for sale over the weekend. There will be lots of beautiful artwork too. Our motto.....must be handmade......I love visiting our Botanical that's my weekend sorted! Hopefully time for a few inspirational art photos as well.
I enjoyed a lovely day yesterday stitching with my friends. I worked away at 1797 is wonderful to feel invisibly connected to a needlewoman from yesteryear who worked this coverlet in the year 1797.
And last night I finished round 6.
It is obviously taking a lot longer to stitch a round now lol!
Hubby has finished his lastest bit of painting.......we are now whiter and brighter.
I tried to find a photo of what it looked like before but this is the only one I could find....
Excuse the woman with the quilt!
I also had on the kitchen side a very cumbersome shelving I decided that it had to go and is  doing duty downstairs under the house for tv holding for hubby.
I replaced it with an old vintage hospital beside cupboard I have that a friend replaced the door paneling on with his beautiful lead light work.
Hubby CANNOT understand why I will not let him sand off the old crazed paint and give it a brand new coat. Lol! Call me crazy but I LOVE it just how it is!
So that is the week that is almost done and dusted.
Whilst I could sit here writing to you and listening to my Magpie family warbling away outside in the Jacaranda tree to each other all day.....chores await me.
Have a lovely day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday Roundup

Another week has seemingly flown by and Summer is giving us a preview this week of what's in store for us.....a very warm one forecast for us today.
For many years now Jacaranda trees seem to have become the herald of Spring in Brisbane with masses of beautiful mauve/blue blooms everywhere.
My old tree gives her best each year......such a pretty sight outside my verandah.
I love the visitors that come.....believe or not but their a lots of birdie bums amongst those blossoms. I look forward each  year to the Blue faced Honeyeaters that seem to just love the sweet blooms......I tried very hard for a photo to show you and this was the best I could do lol!
Some find the carpet of mauve on their lawns annoying.....I think it looks  so pretty!
Sewing wise I have been doing a little festive stitching......
The hexie border is on Wings waiting for butterflies in each corner....made a bit of a mess of my measuring and chopped but I am not crying over what I cannot put back!

Slow stitching on 1797 Revisted has been taking place whilst waiting in the car for the Grandie pickup..
Decisions on the fabric choices takes me! Trying hard to use what I have and give my treasured French General bits another turn at becoming something beautiful......apparently I am not alone lol!
We have a timber room divider and it is something we saved hard for back in the day but now looks very tired so the dear husband is giving it a revamp in lovely pearl.
This photo is called...."Suprised Tradie" lol!
I had only just got all the dust cleaned in all the nooks and crannies from the sanding in the entry and it seems we are at it again.....
Looking forward to it being done.
Enjoy your weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, October 22, 2018


Yesterday was our Sunday Stitchers meeting for usual loads of beautiful show and tell. I don't know about you but seeing the work of others is very inspiring to me......
Helen had her gorgeous Miss Matty's Parlour finished to show us and I love the label. Noreen shared her stunning "Breast of Friends" quilt and we also had a special visitor.........De's Mum, Pat....all the way from Tassie! That beautiful bag was made especially for her by De.
Noreen also had 3 other lovely finishes particularly the blue strippy quilt made in rememberance of her dear Brother and donated to his care home.
Helen also had her beautiful Ruth's Quilt all finished and was a treat to see. I am not sure what the other lovely quilt was called.

Inca was also very industrious and made a great work pouch and gorgeous quilt in Flower Sugar fabrics.....the pretty blue quilt is a charming charity quilt Inca has made from donated fabrics. Tatyana's very cute little lady beetle was so sweet too.
Marilyn had some lovely finishes also.....a row by row group project, Christmas wall hanging and cute pouch.
I shared my Brinton Hall quilt which was my October UFO CHALLENGE.  I now have a finished flimsy.....woohoo! I do love those framed medallions!
I am really happy that I decided to finish it at this point.

Lots and lots of hexies....

A very nice way to spend a Sunday. Stitching, sharing and being inspired.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx