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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Times They are a Changing

You may have wondered why your lovely comments have gone unanswered. Well huge changes are happening with EUROPEAN GDPR which effects privacy. We seem to have a glitch effecting many blogs with regards to notification of comments through email which is how I know you left me one....hopefully it will be resolved soon. I did read each and everyone so thank you.
I also must advise you that I have a PRIVACY POLICY now in my top gadget bar which you should read. This policy covers this blog and also my Nature of Art blog too.
Ok! Now that is all out of the way I shall share what I have been up to.
I used "Big Bertha" as she is affectionately now named and completed the top of my 2016/2017 Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.
Using the old stash was definitely a challenge but I got there and whilst may not be a perfect choice I am very glad to have completed the challenge.
I had enough pink to do a narrow border but not enough of anything remotely suitable for the 2nd I dived back into the stash and cut a whole bunch of
4 1/2 inch squares....... I think it works.
I added a little square of the background cream in each corner and appliqued a chocolate kind of add balance to the quilt.
So No. 5 on the UFO CHALLENGE list is done.....hopefully I might get the one before done before the next meeting!
It has gotten a little cooler up here which has allowed mevto FINALLY get my Baltimore into the quilting hoop.
Lots of little stitches are appearing and I am enjoying hand quilting once again......seems so long.

I have been hankering for an old rusty wheelbarrow to grow some succulents in and am still the mean time I have potted up some supplies.

I am even trying the propagation method I have heard about using some of  the leaves.....hmmmm time will tell.
We also got a few vegies planted in the vegie patch.....
So that's it from me. Hopefully I shall be able to get backing to replying to you in the near future. Fingers crossed!
I have a new Art post HERE if you are so inclined.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, May 25, 2018

New Adventure

I am a bit worried about this post as I fear it may result in several good friends passing out in absolute SHOCK.  Hope you are sitting down Diane W.
Yesterday I got really brave and began to get to know the wonderful gift my hubby gave me TWO years ago.....I know shocking!
I am not a mechanical type person and whilst I was thrilled I with my gift I was also terrified to touch it!  I kept promising myself I would have a go but couldn't find the courage. But yesterday  I got out the big fat instructions manual.....
Had a little read.....well actually a BIG read and turned her on. Evidence of straight sewing.....
Not game to attempt anything else until I familiarise myself some more. I am going for a proper lesson soon.....hubby was laughing as it took me over an hour to work out the accessories box lol!
Still I took my time and slowly got my Rainbow Scrap Challenge Quilt blocks from 2016/2017 together.
This is on my UFO CHALLENGE list which this month is number
I missed last months due to holidays but hopefully I may get to work on it as well.
Trying to keep to the challenge of using your stash for borders.....well its a....challenge!
That's todays job to come up with something.
So back playing with the big girl! Wish me luck.
Before we went away I ordered 2 of Carrie Bickmores "Beanies for Brain Cancer" and they were here when we got home.....I love them and such a great cause too!

Don't think hubby will be wearing his until after State of Orgin though lol! I however will  be just fine!
Well hopefully my friends have picked themselves up off the floor by now lol!
Ok sustenance is required. Have a great day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cake and Circles

I have had birthdays at every turn of  late.....some very nice people are born in May.
Hubby celebrated another turn around the sun....
As did our youngest Granddaughter.
NOBODY enjoys cake with such delight as our little girl....cracks us up!
When Miss E was a baby and suffering those terrible seizures, we were told her physical abilities would be at 5 to see her having a ball in the school colour fun run made our hearts sing with gratitude!
She even made it into the paper lol!
So happy big Number 5 sweet girl xxx
We also celebrated our friend Theresa's special birthday.
It was lovely to be all together from near and far for a very nice lunch.
It was a glorious Autumn day....the locals loved the sunshine too....

I stitched Theresa a little needlecase and scissor fob to pop in her projects.
I used my very own STITCHERS ALPHABET spots.
I have made the MAY deadline for Rainbow Scrap Challenge which was PINK/ROSE.
So some Rosy circles...
I am also stepping right out of my comfort zone and sewing some quite bright ones which I will explain later down the track.
On the subject of bright, my eldest GD was thrilled about gifting me my "ruby slippers" proper name "slumbies" I was informed for Mother's Day in my favourite RED....I love them.
Well I think I may be done. I shall leave you with a bit of naughtiness us "mature" ladies had a giggle over at lunch yesterday.....
Oh dear! Girls will be girls lol!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Home Again

Well all good things must come to an end....that is the way of vacations. I had a very relaxing time, making a concerted effort to have a bit of a break from the online world.....mostly succeeding. Slowing down and taking each moment as it came.
The odd treat and disappearing between the covers of 7 wonderful books was just bliss.
I also did some slow stitching, enjoying adding extra rows to my Clamshell quilt. I am over halfway now.
Lots of watching the locals and the ebb and flow of the river estuary and beach walks.
We did go a-touristing, firstly  into the hinterland to beautiful Minyan Falls.
And managed to get lost as we always do lol! But such a pretty place.
Secondly we dropped by the Byron Bay Lighthouse for coffee, cake and the views.
Some silly (me) decided it would be good to walk off our cake and go out to the point at Little Watagoe Beach......mainly stairs going down.....which meant....coming up!
Beautiful walk but I was shattered by the time I got to the carpark....and my calves screamed for days.....but I  figure you don't see things in your do it if you are able.

Hubby experienced the lament of most fishermen......only 2 keepers! So "fishy" dinners were mostly from the local fish 'n' chip shop! But I suspect paddling around in his kayak was a treasure in itself.
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.....we have birthday people.
Hubby's today and little Granddaughter early in the week.
It's nice to be back and I have lots of blog reading and news to catch up on.
There is a new Art Blog post also....HERE if the mood takes you.
I have a blog approval in place at the moment to try and combat a whole lot of spam I was getting....just in case you wondered.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx