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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Wings Progress

After a bit of reverse sewing progress is finally happening on Wings.....
I have one of the chubby Dresden Plate completed and 2 of the applique blocks.
Now that I have a couple done I can start work out the fabric choices with more clarity....I do love needleturn and it feels very nice to see the blocks evolve.
I am resisting the temptation of more until I have the other 3 Chubby Dresdens done.

I have been a bit slow with my postcards this month with only one so far. This one has a little story I thought I would share.
You will see a scary face in the car going up the! We towed our caravan up and over Mt Hotham on the Great Alpine Way.....I have never been so terrified in all my life and I am not afraid of heights! The view straight down over the side took your breath away!  We laugh about it now but I was NOT smiling at the time...I felt the memory definitely had to be included in the "Romancing the Roadtrip" quilt. 
Recently I have had the best time stitching wise secretly making a mini quilt for my friend FIONA'S Birthday
I chose tiny hexie flowers and tried my hand at fussy cutting a few....

They are so cute when tiny.....
I think I may fancy making one in French General fabrics for myself one day.
Ok cuppa time for me....
Be kind to each other.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, February 25, 2019

Celebrating in the Country

A little country road trip was on our dance card for yesterday for hubby and I. The reason was to have lunch and celebrate my lovely mate FIONA'S milestone birthday.
We chose the town of Forest Hill.

We had lunch at the Post Office Cafe which was delicious and ohhh the coffee was so pretty! Lots of lovelies to admire during lunch as well.

After lunch we went for a bit of a wander and took in the history of the place....lovely old pubs and bank complete with window bars!
I also took the opportunity to snap some art reference photos to keep on rust! On the other side of that mural was a quilting shop that was closed by the time yours truly realised there was one....oh well just means another visit lol!
A little mischief is always in order....especially after all those candles *wink!
We found these two in the park....
Such nice company. Happy birthday my friend.....loved our day!

Hubby decided to go home through a neighbouring town with a few detours.....he cannot resist a sign indicating a dam or lake or a "scenic" lookout we detoured!
Lake Dyer was a bit underwhelming due to sadly, the low levels of water....
Lots of pelicans enjoying what was there.
Then off to Cunningham's Crest lookout......this is the lake from up there!
It was a lovely spot and great views.....I loved all the grass trees!

The story of the area is on the sides of the steps at the lookout.

Beautiful sculpture greeted you at the bottom.....
So I have to admit a very nice and interesting detour!
I did get to bring home my Circles quilt from Fiona.....Gorgeous! Love it! I will share some photos later.
Thanks for hanging in there and letting me share a very nice day!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Between the Pages.....

Is where I seem to have preferred to be of late. It all started when I managed to get nearly the full compliment of a Nora Roberts quartet from the library....3 with the final installment booked.
It's a wee bit fluffy and tooo romantic for me but nevertheless got me hooked!
Her range does amaze me! Before that I absolutely loved this lend from a friend.
This author is steadily growing on me.
After I had greedily polished off these tales I did get back to a little stitching. I completed block 7 in Beyond the Garden Gate.
2 more to go...they do take a bit of time but nice and relaxing.
I have also fished out my UFO CHALLENGE No.
These 4 little blocks of Frosties that I stitched from my pattern FROSTY FRIENDS...
I stitched them in Country Garden Thread...."Blue Wren". So rather than leave them as little orphans the plan is to make a simple wall hanging from fabric needs to be sorted for them.
So that is about it. I often feel the need to stopping pushing and striving and lately I've done just that.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, February 18, 2019

February Sunday Stitchers

Yesterday was our February meeting for Sunday Stitchers.  As we were very close to Valentine's Day and Lynda was our birthday girl we decided to share the love with a Valentine's Day theme for morning tea.
Another lovely gathering with lots of great company and beautiful show and tell and UFO CHALLENGE progress.....which I have completely mixed up in my collages lol!
Sorry about that!
Helen has been super busy with wonderful minis, embroidery and quilts!
The black and pink quilt was also Helen's and  it was  a stunner! Noela had very cute Christmas projects almost done to share....beautiful stitching and thread.
Our birthday girl Lynda has been on a great trip to Japan and did some Shabori dying and weaving workshops and shared her results!
See that sweet teeny tiny little Japanese was 2 sweets gifted to us by Lynda....none of us could bear to unwrap it and eat it!
Sandi had lots of lovelies to share also.....minis, a travel group of zipper pouches and very cute camera ornaments!
Loved Inca's beautiful Flower Sugar's pretty on both sides! Maria had finished another glorious and very snuggly rug....we know we tested it out. Also a pair of cuties also from Cheryl.
Tatyana had pretty hexies and lovely cross stitch and a very OLD UFO she told us in the shape of a tote bag.....we all have those lol!
I was very happy to flash my No. 8
This month we have....
Which for me is a wall hanging of cute Frosties.....I will share them next post.
I worked some more on a Wings Block......too much talking resulted in reverse sewing.....TWICE!
A lovely day!
That's it from me.
Namasteand Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, February 16, 2019


I thought I would show my "Wings and Pretty Things" some love last night when I linked up with all the other bloggers over at WENDY'S at Sugarlane Quilts
No actual stitching was done but....tracing....
Bias strips cut and pressed....
Templates made and applique pieces traced and cut out, then pin and basted in place.
Ohhh I tell a lie basting is stitching lol! Because I basted 3 hexies too.
So I am now set to start some applique....May just be my Sunday Stitchers project to work on tomorrow.
I have been taking my Beyond the Garden Gate with me to school pick up and block 7 is coming along.
That's it from yours truly!
Thanks to Wendy for hosting us once again.
I hope that you are spending your weekend how you choose.....

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx