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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Railmotors & Rainbows.

It just rained all night here and we had tickets for the railmotor "Cockle Train" and we were sure it would be cancelled. But when we fronted up to check some very cheery volunteers said "Nope" she's running! While we waited for the rail motor to come up the line we were very fortunate to be able to look across the foreshore where a Mother and baby whale were playing in the bay. I couldn't zoom in close enough and they were much to quick for me to get a photo. It was such a wonderful bonus. We jumped upon the 1926 railmotor and set off along the foreshore to the historical fishing village of Goolwa. Despite the rain it was still a lovely scenic journey and a little more dramatic with the churned up ocean crashing on to the shore.
We had planned to do a little sightseeing and had even packed our lunch to have picnic......but as it was so freezing cold and wet we decided to scrap that catch the train back. As we left the station the sun broke through and a glorious rainbow appeared over the bay at Goolwa.
Both Gary and I were able to sit up in the drivers cabin coming back and it was great.
We hadn't gone to far when the train slowed down and came to a complete stop and I thought there was water over the line but no.....
Yep! Sheep on the track and they were being rounded up by the tiniest sheep dogs....heinz 57 variety but very dedicated to their job. You can see how much it has rained by all the water beside the track.
We arrived back in Victor Harbour and decided it was perfect 'hot chips' weather so we paid our 2nd visit to "The Original Victor Harbour Fish Shop" and got our chips. Then off to the esplanade to eat them with our authentic German pretzels we had bought yesterday. While we were there we agreed it was certainly the day for rainbows with another one appearing before us in the bay.
One of the things I am loving here in S.A. is the gorgeous historic stone buildings and cottages and I definitely fancy one appliqued and embroidered on something at sometime. This one below is a Colonial Residence built in 1866 for the Customs Officer here in Victor Harbour. There were many outstanding buildings here but I fancied this one.
Our neighbour in the park has been a gentleman in a motorhome with a black 4 legged companion. When they were packing up to go Mr Black sat in the drivers seat and would not budge it was so funny. He was so cute so had to take a pic.
Lastly but most importantly I would like to say a great BIG Happy Birthday to our dear Baby Boy today who decided to scare the life out of me by celebrating with 4 very fast laps with motorcycle racer Troy Bayliss. No wonder I have to dye my hair. Love You Son! xxx
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. More lovely adventures , beautiful rainbows . Happy Birthday to your son. Hugs Sheila

  2. i love Adelaide also Michelle,the sandstone buildings are beautiful,once again lovely pics Michelle.xx

  3. OMG, when I tell my hubby what your son has done he will be green with envy, Troy Bayliss, THE Troy Bayliss, Troy Bayliss World Superbike Champion.... OMG.

    Oh nearly forgot...Happy Birthday to your son... :-)

  4. Michelle that sounds like so much fun to ride a train. We have only done that once in Colorado. How neat is that, that the train was able to stop for the sheep. What a wonderful journey y'all are one. The rainbows are so beautiful.

  5. Looks like you are having a lovely time Michelle :) your train trip reminded me of one we did in Scotland a few years ago. Poured with rain, misty hills and rivers - but thatbjust seemed to make it more interesting. So nice to see there are parks that allow dogs as guests. Mr Black looks like he is in charge of he and his mates holiday!

  6. More gorgeous adventures!!! And wow do you get the rainbows, girl. That is a darling train, I think you need a design of it. I love love love stone cottages - my favorite - can't wait to see what comes from your pencil! Happy Birthday to your son, what a way to celebrate, woohoo!

  7. I remember noticing all the beautiful stone buildings in Adelaide when I visited about 20 years ago. Loved Handorf village too.

  8. We have some nice buildings here and Goolwa is very historic. I dont envy you the weather we turned on though for your visit. Not nice !


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