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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

I recently was struck when observing my first 'crazy patch' wallhanging  of our far I had come since then. I tried out new skills on this wallhanging, refined old ones and stitched some treasured pieces of lace and buttons on as well. There is a little pearl heart with "Mother" etched into that was sent to my Husbands Grandmother from a son away at war in New Guinea which I treasure. I had a wonderful time creating this piece. I revisited the excitement I felt when I first discovered this form of quilting in books about the subject. I loved the stories and memories stitched into these quilts.
I think it is lovely to have some of your early pieces and efforts so you can  reflect on the journey we take as stitchers and how we hone our skills sometimes without even realising it.
So my treasure today is my little wallhanging which has found it's way home to me once more.
Visit  MELODY'S wonderful blog to see what other folks are treasuring today.
I do apologise for you having to read the story after the photos...I just can't seen to get that bit right. LOL!
Blessings Michelle xx

Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to Monday.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and I hope all of my East coast US friends are safe and have seen the worst of the terrible storms.
It was such a glorious day here yesterday I have hope that Spring is not too far away now.
Block 5  "My Country Garden"
Hubby and I went to see the Australian Movie "Red Dog" which is a true story about an amazing Red kelpie in the 1970's in Dampier W.A. We loved it. But being a dog lover of unlimited passion of course I had  many  huge big wet tissue moments throughout the movie(so did hubby ssshh!) We also loved the Aussie humour in it and the music was great. I can't say I came out rejoicing but I loved that some one took the time to  write about and honour this amazing furry four legged Aussie and that dogs quite often teach so much about life and how to be loyal and are so much more than just "Pets". So if you are a dog lover you will love it. If your not a dog lover..I feel sorry for you!
I did get some stitching done on "country garden" and I am at the half way mark now. Yippee!
My porrige and coffee awaits. Enjoy your day everyone.

"A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than it loves himself" - Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw)
Blesssings Michelle xx

Friday, August 26, 2011

Favourite things Friday and Tea for Six.

My Favourite thing this Friday is a sweet little Tea Shop called "The Willows Tea Room" situated at Mt Gravatt Central a few suburbs away from my home.
I went there for morning tea with some of my lovely friends for morning tea.
The Tea Room has a lovely 'olde world' charm about it with lovely linen gracing every table. We each had a delicious Devonshire Tea with lashings of jam and cream and the choice of one of the extensive range of teas available. All served in and on the most exquisite vintage china and REAL napkins. I was in heaven!
Our lovely waitress Lee turned out to be a fellow yogini I had had the pleasure of meeting at a friends once before. We're everywhere!!!
"The Willows" friendly and welcoming Proprietor "Rosalyn" hopes that "people will come with family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere and relax over a pot of tea and a delicious scone or cake"
The girls and I certainly did that and some. Lots of chatting and laughter and next time  a few of us are going back to have a tarot card reading as well as the morning tea. Rosalyn even has a lovely gift area to have a little browse in. I loved a lovely old dresser which held a collection of china jugs and teapots (sorry forgot to get a pic) and a great sign that I had to get a photo with. I am getting a little worried about myself because I am certainly embracing "it's all about me" lately! Anyway!
Thanks Rosalyn for a great morning in your lovely Tea Room we will certainly be back we throughly enjoyed ourselves....the company I kept certainly helped a lot too.
Thanks and Namaste to Lee for looking after us so well.
Warmness and loveliness await inside.
Isn't this tablecloth just gorgeous and you know how I love a beaded cover and cute little sugar tongs too!
Our lovely Hostess and Proprietor Rosalyn preparing another lovely cup of tea!
Now you can understand my temptation. This was my teacup.
Jacky and Gaye enjoying morning tea (look at the china) YUM!
I loved this sign
My friends were worried I would have to be frisked on the way out for contraband vintage teacups upon my person but I was very good and no such embarrassment ocurred.
What is your favourite thing this Friday visit SHAY who hosts "Favourite Things Friday" and see what other Favourites are being expressed.
Blessings Michelle
P.S. You will notice that I am wearing my new scarf and earrings...favourites also.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shopping and a Movie!

New Jim jams!
A trio of indulgence for another day
This colour made me feel happy and that Spring was surely just down the road!
Yesterday I decided to take myself out on a date. So I went to the movies to see "Jane Eyre" which I have never seen on the screen. No one I knew was all that keen to go so I thought I'll take myself (I often take myself..I'm quite a fun date). I really loved it and my enjoyment was not diminished seeing it alone. I didn't want to drag someone along and then we worried the whole time that they were hating it. So after Michelle and I had a lovely coffee after the movie we set about spending the lovely gift vouchers given to me by my Mum and family for my recent birthday...Now I am an advocate for reusing, recycling and limited consumerism but by golly I still enjoy a little spendathon from time to time.
I bought some yummy new Jim Jams  (I now have to decide which old favs are getting the chop) and a gorgeous bright coral scarf and even found some earrings to match....I do love to match! LOL! I then proceeded to buy a book called "The Goodbye Quilt" by Susan Wiggs (never read her before) and a Julia Roberts DVD "Mona Lisa Smile" (will be watching it alone I should imagine) and I had $2 left what's a book and DVD with out a bargain 3 bar "Timeout". I will try hard not to demolish it straight away!
I finished off by doing a little Christmas swap pressie buying...sssshhhh! (No pictures)
So thanks for the instant cash everyone I put it to good use.
I really enjoyed my date I'm good company! LOL!
"You may as well get to know and like yourself as you spend so much time alone together"
Michelle xx

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

As long as I can remember I have loved Beatrix Potter. Poured over books in the Library about her home at the farm and her studio at Hilltop, books about her artwork. I adore all her drawings....I can but dream. So when I had children I couldn't wait to introduce them to Peter and all her other characters. My daughter was smitten with the stories and as my Mum went on a holiday to England 7 days after she was born she bought back all the missing books in our collection of which there were quite a few. I had bought the little bookcase in which they all reside and still do. It's a little bit well loved but still intact with it's treasure.
My daughters favourite story was "The Tale of Two Bad Mice" with naughty "Hunca Munca". I've lost count of the number of times I read that book. My son didn't like them quite so much because being the gentle soul he was and still is he was always frightened for Peter in Mr Macgregors garden and hated that Peters father ended up in a pie.
My Mum bought them each an egg cup on her next visit to the UK and the Peter Rabbit Mug I bought for my Grandson. When he was born I made him a quilt from all the gorgeous Beatrix Potter fabric available.
So today I am treasuring the wonderful talents of Beatrix Potter and her little books and fabulous art all of which have given me enormus joy.
Visit MELODY to see what others are treasures are being shared.
Blessings Michelle xx

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Miracle of Yoga.

Well I am back and as promised feeling much more like my 'unwhingey' self. The miracle of a session of Yoga and meditation never ceases to amaze me. I just thought I would reassure all of you that read my 'moaning Myrtle' impersonation this morning that I left her out at Jimboomba somewhere and good riddance!
Abundant Avacados on one of the many trees. These ones are round I can't remember their name but they are oh so creamy and delicious.
My 'Harvest' in my obligatory bag.
The beautiful view from the room where we practise our Yoga every fortnight. Could have something to do with the improvement of my disposition this afternoon.
Our lovely friend Sam offers her gorgeous home for our Yoga every 2nd week. With our other lovely friend Cathy having it the other week. Both girls live on acreage in lovely bushland settings...we are so lucky. Sam is such a generous soul and she has amazing avocado trees and it is a ritual that when there is fruit on the avo trees after class we are each given a bag and 'told' we are not leaving or getting a cuppa until we fill our bags (of course we all complain terribly) with 4 different varieties of avocados. So we all march up to the grove and do as we are told. It's wonderful to wander up there chatting and laughing and picking the avocados straight from the trees. No bugs, no sprays....what a blessing it is.
So today I have bought home my bag of heavenly home grown avos. Just have to will them into ripeness so I can enjoy them on crunchy toasted Rye bread with salt and pepper...Yum!
Blessings Michelle xx

A little bit of this and that!

Well I had a very quiet weekend as Husband and Son went to the V8 racing at Willowbank so I indulged myself completely by drawing ( I think the Christmas Fairy has finally left my head....not complaining mind but I will miss it until it comes to visit again) a little bit of stitching, lovely music and finishing a lovely book I bought 2nd hand at a little store when we visited Brunswick Heads. It was such a great story. It's called "The Olive Sisters" by Amanda Hampson and is set in Australia...really loved it.
All my scritchings
A little stitching
A lot of reading.....beautiful book!
My friend Ann left lots of bits and pieces with me when she moved....some are for me....some are to go to other homes. But amongst it all were a trilogy of books set in Victoria in Canada. So I had to have a bit of a squizz at them and now of course I have started the first one and can't put it down. No wonder I never get any housework done! But it's that kind of weather...AGAIN!
I am sure I have been transported to some other place that is NOT "Sunny Queensland" and I didn't realise it at the time. I am now 100% convinced that I have finally turned into a bon fide 'weather whinger'. Types I previously detested. But I have never felt like this ever in my life before and I am sure I will need an operation soon to remove my dressing gown. Last weekend I thought we were heading in the right direction you know sunny day, light breeze.. but No just a tease to get me all excited. I NEED sunshine!!! Can you tell I have also been neglecting my yoga mat at all?
Well I feel better now that I have got that off my chest and I AM going to a yoga class today...woohoo!
A new woman may present herself later today. Won't that be a blessing for myself and everyone around me.
Have a great Monday everyone.
Michelle xx

Friday, August 19, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Well the end of the working week is upon us which means it's Friday which means it's Favourite Things. with SHAY at Quilting in my Pyjamas.
My favourite thing this Friday is that I have been married to a wonderful 'bloke' for the past 39 years. Yes it is our Anniversary. We were remincising last night and cannot believe how fast the years have flown by.
We met at Festival Hall in Brisbane which in recent times has been torn down..we were quite sad as we were very sentimantal about the old place and we saw many fantastic performers there over the years. We used to drive our kids past and tell them "your Dad and I met there" to responses of  'PERLEEEESSE! WHO CARES! and much eyeball rolling.
The night we met was the "Hoadley's Battle of the Bands" (Hoadleys made a fabbo choc called "Violet Crumble Bars") he asked me to dance and we watched the band competition and afterwards he walked me to the bus stop. I agreed to meet him the following Saturday in the City. ALAS! My bus was late. I trudged  sore of heart up Queen Street (no mall in those days) feeling certain he would not have waited as I was nearly an hour late by this stage but as I turned the corner there he was still waiting for me. You can all go AWWW!! now. I might add I have been waiting for him ever since! Anyway we had a lovely date and as I hadn't told my Mum I was meeting a 'boy' she asked me to purchase her a new nightie (HOW embarrasing) which my new beau carried for me AND promptly took home with him. He had to fess up to his Mum about me but I chickened out and I told my Mum I had left it on the bus and had to go back into town next week(another rendenzvous) to collect it...boy was I in trouble. I still hate nighties to this day!
Anyway after a very passionate courtship ( I know hard to imagine) and a lot of opposition I might add I ran away and married him anyway... and here we are. He is my best friend and we share a very wicked sense of humour, a love of music, murder mysteries, nature, long drives and HOME. Mr R has given me the home and family I had always longed for. A place and people to belong to at last. Do you get the idea  yet that perhaps I am a sentimental sap! At least I didn't say 'you complete me' ERK!
We have 2 fantastic grown children and 2 beautiful Grandchildren and we still quite like each other and still laugh a great deal....who said it wouldn't last.
Happy Anniversary Mr R.
Love always,
Oh So Sweet!
The 'Boy' and I
Michelle xx

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ekka Holiday and some Stitching.

Well it's our Royal show day holiday today for Brisbane and as we live on the outskirts our area had a holiday on Monday as well. Now we fall into 2 categories either love the "Ekka" or you hate it. I fall into the 2nd category as I dislike crowds it isn't for me. My Husband always took our children as it doesn't set a very good example to the 'billy lids' when the Mother is losing the plot at every turn and children don't like have bruises on their hands or losing the feeling in their arms where the 'crazy' Mother is gripping them like a seized up vice in case they get lost or decide to wander off. They preferred Dad anyway as No was seldom in his vocabulary when it came to buying 'sample bags'. So it suited everyone!
So needless to say I didn't go this year either! I did however finish another "Country Garden" block and a Christmas pressie (just a sneak peek). I also am still in Christmas 'drawing' mode....thought I was finished but nope there is still some left to get down on paper. The butterflies and flowers still won't come...instead it's still Christmas all the way!!!
Block 4 "My Country Garden" quilt
A sneaky peek !!
Blessings Michelle

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Today I am sharing my love for the smell of 'lavender'. I adore it. It transports me to a beautiful place. I also love looking at it in gardens, love laender candles and aromatherapy melts, love stitching it, love having creamy lotions, love recieving beautiful cards featuring lavender, love having a cup of tea and a bikkie out of my beautiful lavender mug.....I even have a very BAD hat and lovely socks. I bought these when we visited "Bridestowe' lavender farm in Tasmania a few years back. I just get the 'look' when I put my cute little hat on. I know I have posted about that place before....but I was truly in heaven! The smell was devine! Another four weeks later and we would have missed it as it would have been harvested.
So my Treasure this Tuesday is the humble but magnificent "Lavender" plant.
Loads of Lavender Treasures
Me in Lavender Heaven at Bridestowe Lavender Farm Tasmania
Tea tastes so nice in my Lavender mug
A spot of Lavender stitching
Visit MELODY'S wonderful blog to see what other Treasure abounds today.
"A Smile but lingers on the lips for a moment but stays in the recipients heart for a great deal longer"
Smile at some one today.
Blessings Michelle

Monday, August 15, 2011

A bit of Sunshine

Yesterday we drove the 50 minutes from our house to our favourite fish and chip shop on the Gold coast near Tugun Beach for lunch and to sit and take in the view and get a bit of Vitamin D from the lovely sunshine. We  plonked our chairs down on the beachfront and enjoyed the view.

Beach front at Tugun Beach Gold Coast

Our fish and chips were yummo and as we ate them a whale appeared out in the was something! We watched it for ages. I took a photo but all you can see is ocean and you will have to take my word for it but there IS a whale in the picture. It was a glorious day and it was so nice to take time out together. I love our coast line and I don't care if I am biased. It doesn't matter whether it's in Tassie, NSW or Victoria or here it's always beautiful. I hope to include the rest of OZ in this statement when I get to see it.
Blessings Michelle

Friday, August 12, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Did any one see which way the week went?? Crikey! It's Friday again! The great thing about Friday is SHAYS 'favourite thing Friday'. I wanted to share with you this week one of my 'favourite' pastimes and that is embroidery....I LOVE a good 'bullion stitch'. Now you may say...not very exciting! Well to me it is. When I was growing up and at High School I had the worst most soul destroying teacher for Sewing. I can still recall her cold hard stares that told you that you were a 1st class moron. She even said those words to you if you displeased her enough. I hated sewing and couldn't seem to do a thing right in her eyes. Now the fact that stitching and sewing are a huge part of my life (and some would say I don't do a bad job) is no thanks to her. But I must confess to a naughty sense of satisfaction when I think of her sometimes!
my crazy patch blocks
more blocks....a work in progress
I would relay these tales of misery to my Grandmother when I visited her and she would tsk, tsk, and say "terrible woman" and at the same time produce a little embroidery doiley for me to work on while she comisserated with me.....quietly encouraging and saying "just turn your needle a little this way" or "turn your work around. That's it!" she would say. So unbeknowns to me I was being taught embroidery with love and patience while I thought aren't I lucky to have a Nanna who agrees with me about Miss *#! My love for embroidery grew from these special moments and I consider I was taught by the 'best'. So this is why embroidery is one of my "Favourite Things" to do. I have given a lot of my embroidery away but I have a couple of pieces to show you. The last is a crazy patch quilt that is a 'long term' project I am working on.

The front of my gorgeous stocking...did I tell you I love a snowman!
The back is gorgeous toooo!!
Closeup of gorgeous Mr Frosty
Beautiful card and gorgeous wrapped pressies for Christmas
My other favourite thing this Friday is not a thing but actually a wonderful person called MELODY who was my swap partner in a special friends swap and she made me the most gorgeous stocking and I promised I would show you some pics....she has put pressies inside beautifully wrapped but I must wait until Christmas. "torture!" So thank you once again Melody...can't wait to hang it up for Santa!
Enjoy your weekend,
Blessings Michelle

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

We have been all dressed and ready for the picnic but blogger wouldn't play nice. My name is "Sarah" and my dolly and I and our friends "Brittany" and "Wild Willy" have our favourite rug and some Timeouts choccies to share (there's only a couple 'cos Michelle is eating the the rest! Growl!)
I was made by a clever lady...Heather Ritter and I am a "Ritzy Bear". Michelle bought me home from the Brisbane bear show a few years back. That's where I met "Brittany" who was made by Jane Sponza of Christina Jane Bears. Michelle couldn't choose so she took us both home. We came to live with her and that's where we met "Wild Willy" who has his very own blue teacup. He is only about 4 inches tall and no fur conditioner can tame his wild fur. He was a handmade gift to Michelle from a friend. We have our coats on so we are off to see who else is picnicing over at MELODY'S today... why don't you come with us!
Sarah, Brittany and Wild Willy and of course dolly
I love a close up!
Willy is very shy and loves to hide in his teacup
Michelle said to tell you she has the winner of the AUGUST giveaway at the end of this post. She says we have to do it because she can't talk with her mouth full (another Timeout!!!)

So  I am 'beary' excited to tell you the winner of Michelle's AUGUST giveaway is MARINA from 'maisie and the boys'. Congratulations! Marina! Please send Michelle your snail mail address so she can send you your winnings.
Bear Hugs from Sarah, Brittany and Wild Willy. (and Michelle) XXX

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

I am issuing a warning this Tuesdays Treasure. If you don't like sentimentality as they in the movies "Look away Now!" My treasure today is my best friend Ann. Most of you will have read my posts about my lovely friend. Yesterday we caught up for lunch before she gets too the day I have dreaded has finally arrived. She has sold her house and she moves next week. I am both excited for her and sad for me. Being 15 minutes away and being and hour and a half away is certainly going to be different. Ann is the most loving and caring friend and has stood by me through some very trying times especially when others have let me down badly. Ann is also the most generous soul I have ever encountered in this lifetime.She believed in my ability when I didn't even believe in it myself. We have had HUGE laughs lost in the country because we missed the turn from talking too much, sat on peoples verandahs we didn't know (some of you will be familiar with that story), had great holidays together, searched out that special "Christmas" piece and enjoyed many happy times. I know the happy times aren't over just changing but as you can tell I am feeling a little sorry for myself right now. Being in Ann's company for me is like 'coming home'...where they know you and love you regardless of how 'weird' you are...and believe me I'm weird!!!
My Lovely freind Ann
My beautiful handmade Birthday card from Ann
Ann and her husband so deserve to have their  wishes come true  as both are in professions that take care of us, Ann being a theatre nurse and her Husband a fireman for many years. So I wish them Joy in their new home  and all of lifes good things....and they better hurry up and  unpack and decorate my bedroom  and get the kettle on 'cause I won't be long.  You can look back now!! If you have someone or something you treasure share it with us over at  MELODY'S lovely blog.
When the 'scribbling fairy' and I run amok!

I finally put the scribbling fairy to bed for a while and am back to some stitching as I am trying to get my "Secret Santa" pressie  for my craft group and Santa sack swap finished in plenty of time.
Have a great day. I am off to put my soggy tissues in the bin.
Blessings Michelle

Monday, August 8, 2011

A BIG THANK YOU to Tarnyia

My August gifties have arrived and after the obligitary squeeze went straight into my tote bag so I wouldn't be tempted anymore. So thank you Tarnyia!!!!  I think I will be beside myself by the time Christmas is here.
Not a lot of stitching here at the moment. I have felt like I have been scritching and scribbling to my hearts content. How come I start out thinking I will draw one thing but 9 Christmas drawings come tumbling out of the pencil.....AND I had so much fun I'm going back to do some more... smaller ones this time. I'm sure there is a Christmas Village living in my head!
If there is a Christmas Doctor out there I'm not going....I know I have a problem and I like it!!!
Happy 'whatever' makes you happy today.
Michelle xxx