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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Mixed Bag.

We are tonight freezing our patooties off in Mt Gambier very near the Blue Lake which is just beautiful. Apparently it is an extinct volcanic crater and is a crystal clear water supply for the town as it filters underground through limestone. Every November it changes from this steely grey to a vibrant turquoise blue and then back again in March. There are 2 other crater lakes near by. Our park is just across the way from it and was a complete surprise to us as we stumbled upon it looking for somewhere to stay. It occurred to us that the fact that even though we are travelling east we were now also about 300kms further south could be why it is a little chilly here.
Speaking of stumbling on to things, I am the designated navigator whenever we travel anywhere and I manage quite well even if I do say so myself except when the main driver fails to consult with aforementioned navigator and gets us completely and utterly lost in Adelaide but that's another story. Imagine my fright after carefully planning and plotting our course for today only to find when we reached a little town called Wellington we ran out of road and ran straight into the Murray reputation was on the line here. I was positive there was no mention of a ferry or the road not continuing and a huge sigh of relief came from me when I realised we would be ferried across the river. Phew!
The driver was too excited about going across the Murray on the ferry to call my navigating skills into question.
We were soon on our way again and decided to take a little break beside Lake Albert in the town of Meningie. When the wind blew the coffee out of our cups (not kidding) we had to come up with a new plan and so we espied across the road a cafe called Daluc 's Diner. Well I must say if anyone was listening to the ooh's & aahs coming from inside our vehicle they would have wondered what was going on. The "best" cornish pastie and the "best" vanilla slice I have ever tasted. It was worth getting blown all around town for. No photo they disappeared too fast.
We were by now on the South Eastern Coast of South Australia in the Coorong National Park area and if like me the book by Colin Thiele "Storm Boy" and later the movie is a favourite it felt very special to be able to see some of the areas where it was filmed. My photos aren't too good as the weather by now was getting atrocious  to say the least. We have ducked and dived a lot of showers packing up and setting up today we have been so lucky. However the night sky is putting on a very beautiful show for us here tonight.....stars galore!
That long pennisula is called "Young Husband Pennisula" and stretches for many kilometres. It was another very interesting drive especially with the views of the coastline on one side and rural scenes of sheep and cattle on the other.
I know it is not strictly about our holiday but as it happened while we were on holidays
I just wanted to share a couple of photos of our son celebrating his birthday yesterday.
First his hero Troy Bayliss  multiple Superbike world champion and Moto GP race winner signing his framed poster with very happy son.
Then the big ride begins.  On the back with Troy for 4 laps. I am so glad I was not here to watch this in person.
Father and Son......he has no hope it's it in the blood.
Tomorrow we are off to Warrnambool for some sightseeing.
Take care,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. great pics Michelle and have fun in windy Warrnambool.xx

  2. I am so enjoying your adventures , an amazing country you live in , so much to see. Your son had a fantastic birthday doing something he truly loves and meeting and riding with a super hero , how could it get any better . Hugs Sheila

  3. Fabulous pics Michelle. I think you are right biking is in the blood. Stay warm! Hugs x

  4. What a nice trip. The blue lake is beautiful. You did good getting your self on a ferry without even knowing it. I am the designated navigator when we travel two....I would love to ride the ferry. Have a good week.

  5. Wonderful pics! That lake is just gorgeous. Oh I don't like ferries....make me nervous, they do. Good thing the navigator was happy to cross by one. LOL. Great pics of your son, now THAT looks like fun - I used to race motorcross bikes and loved it!

  6. I love those type of ferries. You don't see many of them these days.

  7. My old stomping ground... we lived in Mt Gambier for 18 months and I took many walks around the lake... and visited Waarnambool often too... maybe too early for the whales?

  8. I know exactly where you're staying because I used to live in Mt Gambier (and Sara who hooks up to FTF lives there ) I used to live two streets back from the lake.

    Have fun. Make sure you go to the OK pie shop[ in the main street . They do yummy stuff!

  9. You look like you are having so much fun, Michelle :) I laughed at your navigating trials and tribulations - sounds a bit like me and Mr SHH. Most of the time I impress even myself with my navigating, but once in a while........

  10. I think it was very wise of the driver to keep quiet about someone's navigational skills. Michelle, I still am really enjoying the travelogue and pictures - but where are the quilt shops???

  11. Sorry Michelle, the best vanilla slices come from Briar Hill bakery! Loved the rainbows in previous post and am glad you are still seeing some wonderful places.


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