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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More of Uluru

We awoke to another chilly morning minus 1 again but it turned into a glorious day and we headed back to Uluru and as we chose to respect the wishes of the traditional owners and not climb the rock we decided  to do the base walk around Uluru 10.6 kms....seemed like a good idea at the time. The scenery was however beautiful.
On a lot of the walk photography was fobidden as the areas are sacred sites. Gary on the path near one of the caves. We laughed when we realised Gary has the same jumper on as in all the previous photos. He has dozens at home but neglected to include them in his packing so his Holden jumper is becoming his holiday uniform. LOL! Other tourists are starting to recognize him.
The walk took us 2 and a half hours and you can see from the next photo towards the end I was feeling every minute of my 59 years and was slowly loosing the will to live. To add insult to injury there were bus loads of fit teenagers on school holidays that went passed us like we were standing still.
A little bit further on the carpark came into view ( I am sure some one kept moving it further away). I have never been so glad to get to the end of anything. I felt as bad as I looked. I tell you I am not having anyone tell me I'm a whimp after the last few days.
To reward ourselves for our efforts we viewed Uluru at sunset....just amazing! We just missed the sunrise this morning trying to get a good possie. There are people everywhere out here. I have learned this about myself on this trip. I am not a very good tourist amidst loads of people. I am not a fan of crowds.
After this spectacle we went to dinner at the "Outback Pioneer" Hotel. We had a drink first and the table top had spiders, scorpions and a snakeskin set in resin.....gave me a bit of a start I can tell you. We really are "A Weird Mob" as some one once said. The question for me was WHY!!
This sign gave us a giggle despite the serious message.
We enjoyed our dinner and our drinks. Speaking of dinner I just had to share this with you. The folks in the next campsite to us are in a small campervan (the combi sort). We heard them head out early and when we got back from the sunrise attempt we noticed this beside the joint power outlets. We were gobsmacked!
They had prepared their dinner and put it in the slow cooker and gone out sight seeing for the day. We checked it out when we got home and it smelled very yummy. People's ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.
Well I am a very tired and sore little vegemite and my bed is calling to me in very persuasive tones and I feel I will give in.
Tomorrow we having a quiet day and a bit of a tidy up ready to move camp again on Thursday. Hopefully we will have better luck with the sunrise too. We are however going on a camel ride to view Uluru at sunset with nibbles and beer damper after. My Mum gave it to Gary for his birthday, so we are really looking forward to that. I'll probably then have a sore butt to match the rest of me.
Good night all,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hey Michelle! OK ... I confess ... I had a giggle at your woe-begone look at the end of your base walk ... but only because that's how I was looking at the end of all of the walks we did when we were on hols! :0) Uluru is pretty special all right ... we STARTED the base walk, but stopped part way round to backtrack ... after the soles of our sneakers started to melt!!! Yes ... we were there in January! :0) I'm with you re. crowds. Enjoy your recovery day - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  2. once again Michelle such amazing pics and the stories that go with them so interesting,now rest those weary bones.xx

  3. I would have looked that shattered 100 metres in to the hike!

    Good on you for finishing (not that you had an alternative unless Gary felt like giving you a piggy back !)

  4. well done you..... a huge trek....
    more lovely pictures.. thanks... enjoy the sunrise...

  5. Great job doing the base walk. We didn't actually do the whole thing. Too busy doing other things! Enjoy the camel trek. It was the highlight of our trip. That beer damper is very yummy. Don't forget to try some of the bush tomato chutney!

  6. Another interesting read , great photos and such a beautiful area.Thanks so much for sharing and get some rest :-0

  7. Awesome effort Michelle! Enjoy your rest day; maybe some stitching? I'm with you on the crowd thing too.

  8. So many people speak highly of the slow cooker Mum. I am going to finally try mine today so that I may put it on before work and not have to worry about dinner when I get home!!! The rock looks lovely.

  9. Yep I question ''why'' as well... great photos xxx

  10. Hi Michelle,great to be with you on the journey, in spirit. Like you we chose not to climb the Rock, but have walked the base a couple of times,(younger then). Loving your photos, and next time I will certainly take the slow cooker, what a great idea. Cheers R.

  11. Had a good giggle at you after the walk. Well done though, take a pat on the back. Loved the drink responsibly poster. Having a great time reading your adventure posts.


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