....ohh and pencils and paper

Monday, July 15, 2019

Not A Lot To Share

Well I may not have a lot of photographic evidence of progress but I  have been very consistent in doing lots of this.....
And also lots of this...
I have been on a mission to only pay attention to my Clamshells and it has pleased me no end! I now have a piece measuring 60 inches x 60 inches. I feel that I may just get there.  As I want it to be rectangular still more rows to go.
We have also had a little furry house guest......our Son's Staffy.....Diesel. Our family are great lovers of Staffies.....they are so loyal but crazy little dogs.....they take a while to get into your heart but once they do you are ruined forever! Lol!
Diesel fretted to be left by his family and looked so sad!
But he soon made our place his lol! Never got the concept of "get down"....
Soon every cuppa was under close scrutiny lol! Is that a bikkie?
Crumbs maybe?? Pleeease?
It has gotten a bit cool in old Brisbane town over the weekend and I  made good use of my favourite snuggle quilt....
That is after the house guest was evicted from my chair lol!
Still it was very nice to have some Staffy Love for a little while.
So that is about it from me........the Clamshell journey continues.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, July 6, 2019


CHERYLL over at GONE STITCHIN gathered us together for our July Sew In.
I had a nice relaxing evening preparing more Clamshells for my quilt. Boring for you to see but nice for me to work on
So lots of chopping and basting kept me going until bedtime.
I still have several more rows to close but not quite!
Ok back to my Clamshells!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx