....ohh and pencils and paper

Sunday, February 23, 2020

FNSI February and Celebrations

Friday night was time to join my blogging friends for our monthly sew in. We had 2 little people with us for the evening so after Tacos Grampy style we settled down to watch the Lion King. I  managed a little bit of stitching but have to admit....I was too enthralled with the movie lol!
A little bit of progress was made on Block 4 of Flowerville.
You can pop over to Wendy's blog ***HERE to see what others got up to.
This weekend was a lovely celebration for my Aunt and Uncle. They celebrated 60 years of marriage.
Loved seeing photos of their special day way back when....
And now...
They are such beautiful also happened to be my Aunts 80th that me meant cake!
And candles....
It was also a lovely opportunity for a family photo with my Mum, Brother and Sister....
So many generations.......
I came into this family as a five year old when my Mother married into it and was accepted into the fold with much love and affection.....something I will always treasure.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xx

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sunday Stitchers February

Love was the theme for the day for our Sunday Stitchers February meeting.....Sandi and Noreen did a wonderful job......
Our birthday girl was Lynda and we admired our first roll out of this years theme.
1. Drawstring bag 12" x 14 "
2. Something round
3. Something beginning with recipients initial
4. Something humorous
5. A treat
6. Something touchy feely
Cheryl did a great job being the first cab off the rank.
Top right hand corner....Lynda and her beautiful Sashiko bag.
Lots of inspirational UFO projects and show and tell....

 Incas beautiful "Coming Home" quilt  was a treat to see also.
I had my Clamshells which is my UFO and show and tell.
We all enjoyed our day.
Meanwhile 1797 has one border pinned.....
Appliquing to come next.......when I find my big girl bloomers lol!
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, February 14, 2020


My time has been spent of late trying to get my head around the borders on both my EPP projects. I tackled my clamshells quilt top first....appliquing it to the top border.
It went quite well, thank goodness!  And then the bottom and side borders.....arrggh! Let's just say I was under no illusion that the body of the quilt was hand stitched. I won't be inviting anyone to look closely at those bits! I counted, there are 917 clamshells in this quilt!
However this quilt is like me imperfect but with lots of good bits lol! The good bits were all the lovely friends who contributed reproduction type fabrics for me to add to it.....despite its flaws I shall always love this quilt......TA DA!

1797 is pinned on to its top brain needs a rest.
Block 2 of Flowerville is stitched....such gorgeous designs....loving them!
It's been a bit wet and wooly up here in the South East corner of late.....lots of local flooding....we definitely are a land of drought and flooding rains!
Take care out there.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xx

Sunday, February 9, 2020

FNWF February

CHERYLL from Gone Stitching gathered us together.
I was determined that nothing other than 1797 would pass through my hands!
So! I finished off the last blue row in the corners.
And then came the cream/blue row....
And finally......deliciously finally the 4 Brown corner pieces......
Which means.....TA DA!

All the paper piecing for 1797 Revisted is complete! Happy, happy happy!
I am going to applique it to a final border, so shopping is required.....between you me and the gatepost my friends, I didn't think I would get there!
AND how come I still have French General scraps left OVER??
This weekend we celebrated our eldest Grandsons birthday......cake!  Yum!
The rain has still been falling which is so very after family visitors I am very happily and guilt free stitching my 2nd Flowerville very cute!
I hope you are getting a soaking if you are here in Australia and your tanks are full country cousins.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, February 7, 2020


At last the heavens have opened and we here in my little corner of Australia have had a deluge.....whilst lovely for the garden and our water supply, I am hoping our  country folk don't miss out.
I now have some green grass....
When you haven't seen it for awhile it's a real treat......even have some lichen...
One of my orchids liked it so much it sent out a flower spike.
Raindrops are so pretty..... that I have bored you with watching the grass grow lol! I shall bore you with a de-wallpapered wall....
For me this is truly exciting.....priming can begin shortly!
My beautiful group of stitching friends celebrated another special birthday this week....our friend Moira. Sadly due to illness I couldn't attend the luncheon. However I can show you the quilt we made for Moira under secret squirrel circumstances! What underhanded and clandestine meetings took place lol!
Here is the birthday girl with her quilt!
It's called "A Few of My Favourite Things" designed by yours truly.  Moira  loves purples....
So she was very happy, very surprised and had a lovely time. Happy birthday Moira xx
Dear Daughter and I had a very happy time Tuesday night.  We went to see Michael Buble` in concert and it was fabulous....such a fun night! Our selfie is very atmospheric due to the red hues of the lighting lol! Lovely to share it with my girl.
That's me caught up! I am going to hopefully join in with my cyber buddies tonight for
More rain is forecast, so a bit of stitching with rain on the roof would be very nice thank you very much!
Enjoy your weekend lovely people.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx