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Monday, August 21, 2017


A lot of the items on our holiday list have belonged to hubby but this one is mine and in capital letters....SUNSET AT UBIRR. I was thrilled just with the drive in...
Before we get there though we visit the Border store and Cahills Crossing.

My boys love watching the extreme 4wd blokes and have seen lots about Cahills's not actually the real Crossing Mr Cahill used to drive his cattle across the river...its upstream a aways anyway....crazy people go fishing there with crocs watching their every move.....

Its a bit of a dicey crossing in the dry season ......
And as you can see some come to grief.....note one dead 4wd.
We counted 10 crocs whilst we were watching from a safe platform....

I was glad to hop back in the car.....
The monoliths of rocks in Ubirr is amazing....some look like they have been sliced and placed in layers. Several rock art sites as well.
We had a bit of a climb to experience the flood plains vista but so worth it.
View from the top....

Then the very top!

Amazing 360 degree panoramic views......we were early so we found a shady spot under an overhanging ledge and just sat still, listened and took it all in. It was like we were the only two people on the planet.....magic! We must have sat there for over an hour. Even when other folks arrived they too became quiet.....natures effect on us is incredible some the sunset!

Stunning! Definitely a diamond day!
The drive home was a tad scary.....pitch black and I was really worried about wildlife.....thankfully we had an uneventful trip. But STARS Kay STARS!
Thanks for hanging in there.

Burrungkuy (Nourlangie)

Today boots, hats and sunscreen on again and off to see some more wonderful rock art and walk to the Gunwarddewarde lookout.
It was very hot but we stopped while in this amazing and huge rock shelter.....Anbangbang Shelter used supposedly 20,000 years ago by our ancient people.

We listened to a talk by Ranger Luke about it.....very interesting! There was a little rock art but we found more along our walk further in.

We wandered through rocky over hangs and crevices....lovely and cool and it was obvious why these special places were chosen as shelters.

More wonderful art.....

Everyone likes a dance party...even back then!

Off to the lookout...

More amazing vistas at the top.

Of course piccies at the top so we remember we got up there lol!

We were so pleased we made the effort to do it and experience this special place.
On our drive back to the cool pool waiting for us we deviated a little and drove in to see Anbangbang billabong....not much walking. ....phew!

Loads of water birds and hundred of little ducks and wading birds doing their thing....lovely to see.
Then back home and flopped in an icy cold pool.....ahhhhh!
More Kakadu tomorrow but I shall give you some peace for now.
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Farewell Darwin. G'day Kakadu

Well folks more long posts! So be warned.  I shall be not offended if you skim through or skip a comment on these holiday snaps. I do understand its more exciting doing the doing rather than seeing tge snaps lol! We had a quiet kind of last day in Darwin, visiting the Royal Flying Doctor's Service on the wharf.
We then explored a spot called Nightcliff and Rapid pretty!

We took advantage of a coffee and fish and chip van...yum!
Iced coffees and hot chips with sauce.....
It was so peaceful sitting staring out over the beautiful Arafura Sea. I took a trillion photos but won't bore you silly with them all.

We have loved our time much history and beauty to see and experience.
Kakadu National Park was next on our "really want to see" list. We have heard so many differing points of view about it....all I can say if you come prepared to make an effort to experience some of its amazing natural beauty you will be in awe....if not....I am truly sorry that you missed it. Anyway we were excited to get here.
Our children groan at our selfie attempts and I think the lovely young girl waiting for her turn at the photo felt the same.....she graciously offered to take our photos....she was such a sweet girl....a Northern Terriorian as well.

Job done lol!
I shall be back with Ubirr shortly!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx