....ohh and pencils and paper

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Treasures From Sunday

I promised I would share the treasures from Sundays "Bring and Buy".
Several lovely see I was busy designing when all these lovely things came I am enjoying stitching them now lol! Also a very nice cutlery roll and mat....perfect for taking to stitching and workshops to avoid plastic it!
I seem to have come home with lots of Sandi's gorgeousness.
Honey straight from the hive from her neighbour in the cutest jar.
Dear little needlebook and pincushion.
And this gorgeous little Easter runner that Sandi wasn't happy with.....I adore it!
De gave us our March UFO CHALLENGE number which is...
My number 9 is to work on Angel Story. So that will be very nice.
On Sunday I worked on a little Easter mini quilt for my 12 inch hanger I drew up.
You see I have 2 of these cute hangers but don't have much to put on hopefully I can remedy that and make a couple....starting with one for Easter.
Lastly I wanted to share a family heirloom of sorts. I meant to share when I posted all my orchids.....this teeny tiny unremarkable native orchid belonged to my Great Grandmother and was rescued after her death by my Grandmother who passed it to my Mum who passed it to me......whilst technically its like us new generations of the same family I love having it. No flowers at present but hopefully when it flowers I can grab a snap....the flowers are the tiniest little star orchids. So cute!
Those leaves are no bigger than my thumb nail!
Ok my bed is calling me.....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, March 19, 2018

Sunday Stitchers

As March is Melanoma Awareness month, Sunday Stitchers had a special fund raising day amongst ourselves for Melanoma Institute and Tour de Cure. Blue and Yellow are their banner we went with that colour scheme too.
Sandi and myself provided raffles...we had blue and yellow themed food and a wonderful "bring and buy" table......a few things may have popped into my bag....I will share in a later post. This made for lots of happy stitchers lol!
The winner of first prize in the raffle was Inca and she was thrilled with her win.
We were very pleased with our efforts and managed to raise $664, which will be shared with both charities......a wonderful day and loads of fun too.
We had 3 birthday girls....Teresa, De and Inca.
And our UFO CHALLENGES have made for lots of lovely show and tell....
My Yoko Saito blocks which was my No. 10 on my list.
Sandi had lots of cute Easter themed projects.....and her table centre is reversable....clever bunny!
Noreen has been stitching up a storm....
De's delightful quilt.
Susan's very useful sewing station....loved it! Plus a lovely wall hanging. Incas wonderful EPP in Tildas and another lovely by Sandi.
Noela's Ruth Quilt pretty!
Maria has also been making progress on her EPP projects and another gorgeous blanket. Lynda's working hard on her hand stitched Trip around the World.
Teresa's beautiful sewing this too! Helen finished a sweet wall hanging and loads of lovely work in Tatyana 's amazing Russian cross stitch.
I always feel so inspired when I get to see all that these clever ladies do.
We had a great day with purpose and fun rolled into one.

When you do small things with can't help but make a difference!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A New Week

Well because I think you can't have too much of a good thing, I got to spend another day with friends Shez and lovely!
We visited a fabric outlet very near to where I  live.....which made two little stitchers very happy. I loved watching the choosing lol! And there may have been a bit!
I fancied these 3 pieces together.....for what? I have no clue! But I just like them!
The only stitching is my hand quilting project.....progress is being made around the border.....
Our weather has been very changeable but my orchids are still flowering away like crazy!
I noticed this morning whilst having my breakfast on my verandah, both my Cooktown orchids are getting in on the act too!

Very excited to see the darker one! It is nice to see little pops of colour in my "garden of neglect".....

And my Flapjacks have gone nuts!
Now I live in the heart of it is always a privilege when wildlife come for a wander.....two little ducks have wandered down from the Environmental Park, snacking on all the grass seeds and insects after Mr. R. did the mowing this morning.

I  wish you all a very creative week......I have a new post on my Art Blog HERE if you wish to read it.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Up the Misty Mountain

Yesterday I picked up my friends SHEZ and CHERYLL who are in town for the Lets Get Stitched meet up. We went on a girls road trip up to meet our lovely mate FIONA. up on the Darling Downs. We met Fiona at one of my favourite spots along the way to have a cuppa....Spring Bluff railway station.
You never know what kind of clientele you may meet there though lol!
We made poor Shez and her recovering ankle walk up all those stairs to the cafe. It is a lovely cafe which I have always enjoyed.

We had a lovely morning tea out on the front verandah and even had a little sunshine overlooking the gardens. You know......word of warning !
Tour guides should check their facts....yours truly informed her friends...... trains hardly ever come through here. Cheryll crossed the tracks......for a squizzy look see....not long after .....
Might have got that a tad wrong lol! One of three....oops!
I love the old station and the gardens....not at their best with all the recent heat but still pretty.

If you look closely you will see some of the bees that were all over these blooms...
After our sustenance Fiona took us for a little fabric therapy at Highfields....
Very nice indeed.
She then took us off to her lovely home and fed and watered us.....some of us couldn't wait to inspect Fiona's  new sewing chair (with secret compartment )
Ahhh she knows us so well......inside a little surprise each for! Sprung!
So gorgeous! Sweet tin with chokkies and fabric....yum!
As it turns out mine is from the same range that I had treated myself to earlier...
As is the way when you are spending time with special friends, it just flew by way too fast! Filled with laughter and chatter and lovely lunch.....thank you Fiona xxx
The rain had held off all day but we had a misty and rainy trip down the mountain home.
Mr. R. was smiling big-time when he saw my gift from Shez......
Shez 's hubby's green fingers and Shez delicious cooking makes for the best beetroot EVER!
Finding people with whom you can just be yourself is such a blessing.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx