....ohh and pencils and paper

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stitching and Show and Tell

Oh I am delighting in the cooler weather, although yesterdays wind was enough to blow  your wig on backwards! I enjoyed stitching time with my friends at our friend Denises home. I was very diligent and took my No.10 UFO item to work on.
One flower was accomplished!
My friend Lorel surprised me when she bought a Christmas quilt top she had made to show is made up of all my little stitchery designs.

I was very chuffed and loved seeing looks wonderful and Lorel stitches so beautifully. In fact I snapped Lorels UFO that she was working on.....these sweet French General clamshells. 1 inch I think.
Aren't they lovely! Lots of work....I am bit anxious now as I have 8 blocks of 1 inch clamshells to do for the final row of Brinton Hall......yikes!
All the 16 hexie flowers are now ready for applique on the next BH border.
One somehow jumped off the table but I have done 16.
I have received lovely mail this morning from friend JEANETTE more yummy pieces for my clamshells......
How cute is this card Jeanette popped in with them.....
I am sure that is me without my shoes lol! Thanks so very much Jeanette.
I saw this on FB the other day and it is so true. You may think the smallest of kindnesses are not very important but they matter so much and so do you!

I am resting today as I have a really sore shoulder from thinking I am still 21 and flinging a very heavy art bag with abandon into my car....ouch! I  was pretending it wasn't really hurting and that it would go giving it time out.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, February 19, 2018

Sunday Stitchers

Yesterday was our February meeting of Sunday Stitchers. So nice to spend the day in the cool air con with nice ladies and stitch......lots of wonderful No. 12 UFO show and tell (a few photos) got a viewing.
Lynda was our birthday girl and she had also created this teeeny Lucy Boston block.
You can see the size of it next to the small embroidery scissors! So darn cute!
Marilyn's Raspberry Quilt.
De's Farm Girl Vintage .
Inca's lovely Christmas banner
Cheryl's gorgeous Sashiko up close...
And woolen felt pincushions.
Susan's Cityscape quilt. Delicous in these colours.
Noela using technology to show evidence of her no. 12 lol!
Marias hexies and beautiful snuggly knitted cot soft!
Teresa's needlecase, pouch and wall hanging.
Helen's lovely wall hanging.
Finally yours truly and my Brinton Hall progress.
I worked on making little piles of hexies yesterday and last night made a couple more hexie flowers....
De gave us our next UFO CHALLENGE number....which is...
On my list that is a Yoko Saito block...hoping this will kick start my enthusiasm for this quilt again.
It was a very enjoyable day and all that beautiful stitching makes you feel so inspired.
Happy Monday folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Big fess up here......last night I went over to the dark side and played with my other obsession....not a stitch sewn! I was however being creative. So that counts doesn't it?
I usually post these things on my art blog but seeing as they directly related to FNSI or lack of I am posting it here.
I have been trying to learn more about these gorgeous things.....
Those of you who follow my art blog will know I mention Pan Pastels a lot....these are they! I began working with them in the afternoon and truth be told couldn't put them I didn't! I worked the background on this piece....
And what a fine old time I had! Played until very late too! So I was with you in spirit .
Still this morning I have kind of redeemed myself and finished making this little needlecase with the Angel Story stitchery I had finished earlier.
I think perhaps I have the Northern Hemisphere girls keeping me company now.
If you want to see what else was going on in blogland pop over HERE to WENDY'S who so kindly gathers us all together each month.
Now with aircon on I am going to work some more on Brinton Hall as this month is  slipping away so fast and a new UFO number is up soon.
Have a lovely weekend all.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, February 16, 2018


Well it is official folks! I am a Whingey Weather Whiner!  Not enjoying this little heatwave at all!
After a wild old storm Sunday night, a poor family near us had a big tree fall on their roof so we had no power for 21 hours....which meant no fans or that was fun! Many homes across our city were in the same situation as winds bought trees down everywhere. We are used to doing without TV and devices etc from our camping trips but the heat was a wee bit trying! Makes you wonder how our pioneering folk managed as they did.
Still, a few little gems throughout have been.....
Beautiful freshly picked lemons from a friends bountiful tree to pop in chilled water to cool us.
They also smell devine....thanks Mrs B. Xx
A good book to disappear into...
This was such a lovely story, an easy read....loved it!
Stitching day with friends in air con was very enjoyable. Brinton Hall got a bit more attention between laughter and chatter.
When we were without power hexie flowers were the way to go....4 more done!
Recently I had an in depth conversation with my Grandson who was telling me about a not so good day at school. He really liked the saying "Some days are diamonds and some days are stones" from the old John Denver song I told him about. Explaining that the not so good days made the good ones even better. His conclusion was that "if you didn't have dull stones you wouldn't know that diamonds sparkle" these precious moments.
I wish you all many 'diamond days' oh and some cool breezes!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Busy Week Roundup

This week has been quite busy and consisted of family, friends, art and EPP.
For my arty doings pop over HERE
Family wise we had a little sickie to mind and a special birthday for our eldest Grandson. Delicious cake....sampled by yours truly!
Time has just flown by......can't believe double digits are now on his cake.
Our local paper interviewed our son about his upcoming ride.
I had a lovely stitching day down by the bay at friend Sandras home mid week....great company and chatter and I worked on my hexies for Brinton Hall.
I now have all the hexie strips basted on the border and have begun to applique them down.

Yesterday was so hot I couldn't face the quilt on my lap so I started the hexie flowers for the next border.
This border has these star thingies  with the hexie flowers which don't appeal to me so I am going with a row of hexie flowers and my own version of a star in the corners.
So I am quite pleased with Brinton Hall progress this month.
My friendly postman bought me a very nice little package this week from my friend MARINA.....
Donations for my clamshells! Yummo!
Of course I popped them away to use another day.....NOT! I was like a kid with a new toy.....had to make some new clammies straight away....especially that gorgeous bee fabric.....
My Clamshell Quilt is becoming more and more special to me with pieces from lovely friends stitched within........ generously sharing some of their beautiful reproduction fabrics with me for it.....thank you xx
My walking regime has been adhered to but this weekend with the heat and humidity it has been abandoned. A swim will have to suffice!
Well lovely folks that is me all caught up.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Relaxing on Sunday

Happy Sunday folks! I am loving this little respite from the breezes encouraging my wind chimes to make soft tinkling  music.....nice hot coffee to sip whilst I write my post to you. Magpies looking for breakfast in the garden.....lovely!
I slipped out earlier this morning and bought an orchid spike in which one of my resident fat bottomed possums had snapped off. They love the tree where my orchids I popped them in a little bottle to enjoy for a while longer.
Because yesterday was a showery old day, inside pursuits were the go. I diligently worked on my No. 12 UFO.....Brinton Hall. At stitching group I worked on the hexie strips for the first finished the last one off and then sewed the small 2nd border on to the centrepiece.
All ready to take the papers out and applique the strips down next! Progress...yes!
February RSC circles are  now appliqued in place..... I went with more Lavender than Purple.
I also finished a little Anni Downs stitchery for a project I am aiming to complete soon.
Mr. R. tried his hand at baking some Foccacia and it was delicious......
He has plans for a more elaborate version as this one was a left overs effort! We had it with chicken soup...yum!
This morning whilst we snuggled in late No. 1 Son was up again at the crack of dawn, out doing his 1st Assessment ride for the Tour de Cure Signature tour coming up in  North Queensland in they are at Moggill Ferry after over 89kms. They have been training really hard in terrible heat some mornings. Bet they were glad it was cooler this morning too!
Yellow arrow is our boy.....he is only a smidge away from his target....thought he passed it Friday but not quite. We are very proud of his efforts to raise funds for cancer research. He has also been very humbled by donations by many generous people. These people are amazing.... this is what heroes look like in my book.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx