....ohh and pencils and paper

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rainy Days

 Well we have gone from blue skies creating a delightful backdrop for my gorgeous Frangapani....

To wet, wet and wet!
I have focused my sewing attention on Letter to My Daughter blocks. I have made all the tiny hexie flower rosettes and am working away at the little stitcheries during hospital treatment appointments. They really are such cute little stitcheries. 

I have also stitched another applique block....this block was the one that drew me to the quilt for my DD. Her name means "Honeybee" and loves this motif on all kinds of it seemed perfect.  Pardon the pun....but such a sweet block!
Today I had some time at my machine.....
And now the first piece is assembled......the little stitcheries and hexie flowers need to be added to the top row of squares. 
Not being a fan of machine sewing I am going to habe to be very strict with myself with assembly! Lol!
Tags are getting quite close to the end. I thought I would share just how full my binder ring is at this point in time.

Tag 47 - a spotty dotty appliqued birdy.
Tag 48 - Sheaf Stitch.....a stitch I had seen in books but never executed.....enjoyed it!
Well lovely it's the maids day off I guess its up to me to make dinner AGAIN lol! So I best get to it!
Thinking of all my country friends caught up in rain deluge and flooding.....stay safe!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A New Project

 Hello friends, I have had my eye on the Homespun BOM by Natalie Bird.....A Letter to My Daughter quilt. I have been collecting the issues and putting them by until I decided on fabric choices and also how to substitute a couple of the blocks to better reflect my DD.

The brighter Tilda ranges seemed right so a gathering I went....quite a lot brighter than I usually work in but nice and happy colours. 

My DD is NOT a camper but still likes adventure so I omitted the caravan from Block 2.
Definitely NO sewing in her world either! However, she is a wonderful photographer. I found this free Camera pattern on Pinterest for Block 1.....I kind of think its very cute.
All the other blocks will be ok the way they Block 3 was as per the pattern.
I am really loving all the lovely sayings in this quilt. I have lots of little stitcheries on the go now for this as well.
Since I last posted I have added to my little hearts. 
And another block for my Where We Love Is Home.....Wash Day!
Tags are up to date and almost at an end....
TAG 44 - Cross stitches
TAG 45 - Fireworks
TAG 46 - Wrapped......I couldn't decide whether to go with something from Nature or utilise a beautiful thread holder I received from a dear I went with both....just because I could! 
So that's what I have been up to of late.....this week I am trying my hand at making a few Christmas cards....I shall show you my efforts later.
My Daughter showed me this photo of my 2 Grandsons when they were little.....they are cousins and became best mates almost from Day 1! I adore this photo of them xx
And they still have fun when they are together today......
These two make my heart happy.....such great young guys.....BIASED of course!
Take care everyone.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

 Hello all. The weather has been a bit a bit erratic of late and has dictated what I chose to stitch.

Stormy weather allowed me to get a bit more of my hand quilting done on Heartstrings. 

Humid warm weather plus a 33 degree day put paid to the hand quilting so I completed some piecing on Where You Love Is Home. Row 1 is now complete.....I am now working on the blocks for the next row and arrangement. 
I also  stitched some more of the small appliqued hearts to add to my diminished  pile....
I now have 20 new little hearts.
I couldn't resist a little bit of BEATRIX amongst them.
On the subject of hearts, as I was looking for a crochet hook needed for my latest tag, I came across a pretty crochet heart that I had made many years ago. It's about the size of my spread hand span.....
Not a clue what it was for. I used to crochet a lot in my teenage years and early twenties...all those lovely mini and maxi boleros, tote bags and even a bikini once!
It was a nice wander down memory lane.
Tags were created too.
TAG 41 - Bullion stitch beauties.
TAG 42 - Tag on a tag. I cheated a little in that I used a painted wooden tag for the smaller one. It was painted and gifted to me by a dear friend. I  love that it is no longer languishing in a box.
TAG 43 - Fringing. The reason for the crochet hook. I had plans to cut and shape the fringing when I had finished but I loved the colours and texture of the threads so left it alone. I was really happy to also use the scrap of background fabric....another old favourite.
On my drawing board I got back to a piece I had to do some problem solving on. It seems to happen a lot to me lol! My husband snapped this Moorhen getting comfortable in her newly constructed nest, made from sticks and strips of paperbark. All this was perched on a fallen paperbark tree in a lagoon in a place we enjoy visiting.
The nest was quite a challenge which I really enjoyed in the end.....the issue was the dark murky waters of the lagoon from all the leaf litter within. 
I  have done my best....could have kept fiddling with it forever lol! It is such a special feeling to draw something from nature that you have observed and taken an interest in!

It had been an up and down week last week and is often the case when you care for a loved one who is ill but these beauties cheered me enormously! 

Pure sunshine!
I  hope you are all well and safe. My Mister and I are off for our 2nd Vax tomorrow and I admit to feeling a sense of relief.
Take care
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

October Already

 Hello all! It seems incredible to me at how the days are flying by and it also seems to take me ages to get back to my blog these days. But here I am with my stitchings progress.

"Where We Love Is Home " is coming along with the centre house block completed.

It slots in about here.....
I have the Alphabet and Number stitchery blocks waiting in the wings too!

I am happy to see this quilt starting to develop. I was a bit worried that my scrappy fabric choices were a bit much but I think its starting to gel.
Before we had this recent spot of really warm weather I was making headway on my hand quilting on Heartstrings! 
Tags are up to date. Can't quite believe we are up to Tag 40
Tag 38 - Reverse Applique. 
We were asked to keep the bits we cut out for Tag 39.
Tag 39 - Applique. 

Tag 40 - Something "yummy" you had bought from a shop or craft show and never used.
I chose one of a pair of gorgeous ceramic Forget.Me.Not buttons, bought in regional Victoria on one of our wonderful road trips and a pale blue little lace motif, also one of a pair. 

Recently I spent a lovely morning with my littlest Granddaughter sharing some drawing. She loves to draw cartoon characters. Her story was a mobile phone and a packet of fries fell in love hahaha! Such a character and I love to see kids being creative.....just going with it!

Even at 8 years old she is so interesting to have a conversation with and has such a great imagination. My job on request was to draw her favourite....BATMAN! Lets just say Erin's idea of my ability far outweighed the! But she thought it was COOL!
I fancied a little slow stitching and have a little bit of secret stitching in mind....
So that's about it from me. 
Take care and stay safe one and all.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx