....ohh and pencils and paper

Saturday, September 22, 2018

FNSI September

WENDY from Sugarlane Designs hosted us again for our September blogging Friday night sew in.....thank you Wendy x
I cut out and basted a couple more circles.....
And then settled down and stitched some clamshells for Brinton Hall into a block.
Didn't quite get one all done but it was nice relaxed stitching.
This afternoon I have been sewing binding on.....
Will share when it's all for my favourite bit sewing it down and taking the opportunity to look at all those beautiful hills and valleys and all those little stitches you it!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, September 21, 2018

A Barrow Full of Beauties

Yesterday I finally got some spare time to plant out my "rusty wheelbarrow " which my dear friend Fiona had languishing at her place and no longer wanted. It looked like this then. Photo borrowed from Fiona x
And now I am a happy little gardner as it looks like this!
I am really hoping that I don't murder them and that they spread and are happy here.
My small garden that I play with had terrible soil and it is ongoing trying to improve it. I previously could always grow Azaleas but after a load of orgainic soil, one by one they perished. The conclusion was that its ph was all wrong for them.
So I thought perhaps a couple of pots with specialised soil may be the answer. A couple of very pretty victims have been purchased for the trial.

Fingers crossed.
My UFO CHALLENGE number this month is to work on Brinton Hall. I have the next row to sew on but I haven't found the time so I began working on the little clamshells for the blocks on the final border. They are very cute!
That is the sum total of my stitching. Any spare time I have had has been spent with my pencils which you can read about HERE should you wish.
Our focus this week has been our regular 3 monthly stress of our Sons scans. Hoping and praying that the news will continue to be positive and I feel blessed to say it was.

All the platitudes and urging to think positive although well intended just seem to irk and wear thin for me at this time and I find it just leaves me worn out and tired.
The one thing I know for certain is that there ARE no guarantees and my patience for the rubbish in life is very thin indeed.
So my friends I am going to take a deep breath, stop feeling sorry for myself and embrace this wonderful news. As many don't receive it...until it rolls around again.
Have a wonderful weekend and be thankful for those you love.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, September 17, 2018

September Sunday Stitchers

Yesterday I joined the Sunday Stitchers for our September meeting. There was lots happening. Some of the girls were working hard cutting and sewing charity quilt blocks and some joining crocheting charity blocks.
Lots of lovely show and tell again.

My show and tell was my No.8 UFO CHALLENGE. Last month another Yoko Saito block.
I took my charity circles to work on.
I feel now I am actually getting a nice little selection.
Our UFO CHALLENGE number for this next month is....

Today I met my friend Robyn for coffee and a chat and a handover of some gorgeous things which I will share in a later post....because they deserve one of their own.
Robyn was very naughty and gifted me one of her ever so cute knitted plum puddings for my Christmas tree......absolutely love it!
Such a beautiful little surprise. She is so clever.

Enjoy your week folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday is Here Again

My goodness the weeks just seem to fly by no matter how hard I try to live at a slower pace..... a wander in the garden always helps. I have quite a small garden and definitely not manicured or well tended but it's amazing how a bit of nature no matter how small can lift the spirits.
My Honey Gem Grevillea is  blooming its head off and looks gorgeous against our clear blue sky today.
This little pink bottlebrush is a pretty!
Can you see the pair of local Rainbow Lorikeets in the Honey Gem letting me know they were not happy about my intrusion.
Before those lovely tags got me sidetracked I was working on a sweet Anni Downs stitchery. I had stitched quite a lot of it. So with the tags all done, I have managed to happily stitch away at school pickup and get it finished.
I really like the DMC 840 thread for a change.
Of an evening I have been working on my charity circles and have 6 more for the pile.
With time approaching for our new UFO CHALLENGE number to be announced I thought perhaps my time was best spent getting last months finished.
I love embroidery but have never really been a fan of stem stitch in large lots, preferring back stitch wherever possible. The embroidery on my Yoko Saito block calls for stem stitch and let's just say after much reverse sewing and even trying back stitch I am not all that happy with the effect! But I am persevering.
Happy mail today! Months ago I preordered favourite author Kate Mortons new book which was released this week. It arrived today.....cannot wait!
A wonderful surprise inside......
Yes signed by Kate!! So looking forward to slipping on my reader's cape and slipping within the pages and into this brand new tale.

I wish you all a happy weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, September 13, 2018


We Wednesday girls have become a bit scattered, some living quite a distance away now. So it is so nice when we can all be together. Yesterday the Brissy girls headed up to Caloundra to catch up with the "Sunny coast" girls.
Our lovely friend Robyn M. welcomed us to her home. Also fed us delicious food.....
Robyn M. and Monica....
Sue, Diane, Robyn and Jan.
I got to give my best mate Ann a hug too.
Our home baked scones, rosella jam and cream were so yummy Robyn decided she needed to take some home on her phone for later...hahaha!

Thankfully it liked it and no harm was done from its creamy dunking!
Robyn P. always lines us up for a selfie....wouldn't be a get together without one!
Silly me forgot to take some piccies of Robyn M's gorgeous bears....oh I was in heaven and could easily have rehomed a few. But they didn't want to leave Robyn lol!
Not much stitching was done but loads of stitching related conversation took place...I think that counts. I basted a couple of small clamshells for Brinton Hall.
Thanks for a wonderful day Robyn M. and Sunny coast girls...we miss you all!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

In My Neck of the Woods

I  have washed and polished and  popped my treasures back where they belong in my freshly painted entry way. It is so lovely and bright.
Makes me happy every time I walk down the stairs!
Our beloved pooch "Doc" is back in his rightful place to oversee the coming and goings through our front door. Something he used to love to do before his departure over the rainbow bridge.
So all is well with the world.
My garden surprised me yet again with a fairly new addition to my tree orchids....gifted from a friend me 5 gorgeous blooms.
 I watched each little flower unfurl.....beautiful!
Funny little story, you may recall my being gifted lettuce seeds from my friends Dad. Well I went down to the patch with my seeds wrapped in a tissue to sow a few......big gust of wind.....they blew straight down the furrow I had prepared...the whole lot! Much too tiny to recover them. So....
Guess I might get a few! They go all the way to the back of the plot!
The task that I dislike the most about "patchwork ".....the cutting..... but it is happening for Ruth's Quilt. Still about 50 strips to go......argggggh!
Shoulder doesn't like it so the rest will have to wait a bit. I love how the fabrics are looking together. This has been a very nice detour off the road of "all things planned".
But I figured as I have been very industrious with my Ufos this year, it was allowed.
Also sewing bright circles.
And that's about it for my little corner of the world. I do hope you are enjoying your week.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, September 8, 2018

FNWF September

Last night I joined my blogging friends for a night of stitching.....sort of!
I was lured to the dark side by my coloured pencils in the afternoon and early evening which you can read about HERE So only a bit of stitching took place....but that little bit gave me a finish of sorts.....I had bits done on two tags for Ruth's Quilt and managed to get them both finished.
Which means I have now completed all these delightful stitcheries.....
Now to get them together into the quilt! Happy dance!
Thank you CHERYLL over at GONE STITCHIN for being our hostess. I enjoyed my Friday night. How about you??
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx