....ohh and pencils and paper

Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Exploring

As we arrived in Queenscliff quite early, we unhooked and sought a little sustenance at a very nice establishment called "The Rolling Pin"......this French Vanilla Slice was downright decadent ! I thought we were very good and shared it.
We then set off to explore Point Lonsdale....we seem to have a thing for lighthouses of late.
It was so deliciously warm I donned my shorts! More lovely Aussie coastline .
We wandered down on to the beach.....sandy toes yay!
Had a little read about the Australian saying "Buckley's and None"
A message from the traditional owners...
We finished with a stroll out along the jetty.

Very enjoyable!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Last Day on Phillip Island Part Two

After receiving very good advice from our friend Rhonda we headed off for lunch here.....
Hubby had been keen to try the pizzas here because Moto GP hero Valentino Rossi eats here and recommended it also.....bits of racing memorbillia around the walls....

These smiles are because it was the best Pizza ever....
Even took the leftovers with us . ..
Next day we headed up and around the bend to Sorrento to catch the vehicular ferry over to Queenscliff on the Bellarine peninsula ....

Quite a feat getting it into position ......

It was a bit breezy and choppy so I was not that pleased with the whole experience and stayed mostly outside watching the horizon....
We were surprised at the shortness of the journey and I for one was very glad about that.....

Another pretty spot to explore.....
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Last Day On Phillip Island Part One

Our last day on Phillip Island we popped over to historic Churchill Island. You access the island by a one lane bridge.
The island is credited with the first English garden in Australia.....we loved the Lavender Patch....
I love that ironwork.....they have several varieties growing.

They are also well known for there beautiful Clydesdale horses....lovely photo bomb!

The grounds are just beautiful with ocean vistas.

Loved  these sculptures.....

Some treasures from Amess house...
Inside the drawing room of Amess house ......
Volunteers had stitched this patchwork bunting....needleturn applique too. It was in a bit of a difficult place for a good photo but it was beautifully stitched .

This was so neat.....wildlife co-existing with livestock lol! Cape Barren Geese were everywhere !
As you can see it was a  tad warmer the Mister is in shorts lol!
Really enjoyed our visit here.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Little Penguins

Last evening after a busy day with my Grandies and Daughter In Law doing magicians puzzles and mazes and bendy mirrors, nearly getting blown to Tasmania at Seals Rock, we fronted up to see the famous little Phillip Island Fairy Penguins as they known, come ashore to their burrows at sunset.
This is the only photo, it was used from Pixabay as you are prohibited from photographing them on their nightly pilgrimage.
They are soooo darn cute and over 3,300 came ashore.
Whilst we waited for sunset, we nearly froze to the bench seats.....
I have never ever been so cold!! I mean EVER! Even number 1 son looked like a bank robber lol!
But what an experience to see them waddle along side the viewing boardwalks to their burrows, sqwarking and calling as they went in groups of tens and twenties. Close enough to touch....which is also not permitted for their saftey and ours as they do bite! The Grandies just loved it as did the big people once they thawed out lol!
Mr R and my Son had a great day today at the big race.....our Logan boy rode really well and Mr R's Fav came second ( he is a Yamaha fan from way back) so all is well in boyland!
Even though I feel as if I  shall never again feel warm, Phillip Island is a beautiful place.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, October 21, 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes

We left the beautiful Bunurong Marine park on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. .....
I stupidly risked life and limb to get yet another shot of the Eagles Nest and just one more before I left!
 Mr R. was keen to visit The Caves which has been designated as a dinosaur dig and is protected as such....
Unfortunately the land runoff from all the rain into the sea was a bit too violent to do much more than look!

Stiil a stunning coastline. ....

We arrived here....
For the other goal of our trip.....Father and Son to indulge their shared passion.....the Phillip Island Moto GP.
The rest of the family were less than impressed lol!
But you just can't keep a Queenslander down.....Miss C. getting into the action...ear protectors and all.
The sensible members of the family departed for warmer and drier accommodation after this.....
Really hoping we can explore more before we move on because I never realised what a pretty place Phillip Island is!
Ahhh another night with rain on the roof!!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx