....ohh and pencils and paper

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Christmas is Done


Hello everyone. I hope you are all nice and relaxed now with Christmas 2020 behind us. We had a lovely family day......busy, noisy, happy kids and lots of delicious food. All "hot climate " Christmas food.....cold meats and salads, delicious tarts, trifle and pavlova....and a rumball or three.....

Our Grandkids always head to the pool for a swim and high jinks. My Daughter took this photo several years ago......their feet didn't touch the bottom then lol!
She thought it would be fun to recreate it this year.....
They are all growing like weeds lol! It was great to seem them.....having conversations and so happy to have fun together. 
Sunday we headed south across the border to visit my Brother and Sister-in-law for the day and to see my Mum......more delicious dinner that night!
My Husband, Sister-in-law and myself.
In a couple of days my Brother is having a special birthday and so I took his gift down to him.....just in case the border becomes an issue again. He loves the Parrots and Cockatoos that frequent where he lives.
So I drew him a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo (from a beautiful reference photo with kind permission by Gary Clift)

He really loved it and as he is a talented wood craftsman he is going to frame it to his taste and exacting standards. 
After dreading sitting in a long queue to return home back over the border into our home state, we left after teatime hoping it would be quieter and were so pleased with only a 12 minute wait. Excellent considering the queue we passed was kilometres and kilometres long on our journey down! Hats off to our boys and girls in pleasant and doing a great job trying to be as expedient as possible. 
No stitching has been done....but book reading and tea and coffee sipped.....certainly! 

I feel very blessed that I could spend time with all the special people in my life this Christmas especially the family elders and really feel for those who weren't able to.
Take care friends, stay safe and well.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Art and Baking

 My last Christmas gathering was on Monday. It was for my art group. 

We worked on our individual projects to start off the morning.....a couple of my clever friends  hard at work....

I worked away on a new project....a Dusky Moorhen on her paperbark nest.

We then all enjoyed a demonstration by fellow arty friend Trevor who has been experimenting with some gel painting printing using natural materials.......

He achieved some beautiful and interesting effects.....much much more effective in real life! I think Santa will have been asked for gel paints by a few people.

We had secret related.....lots of lovely art supplies, and little pieces of art were unwrapped with glee.
We finished with a delicious lunch. These are my partners in crime and constant inspiration most weeks.
Yesterday it was time for some Christmas baking and my youngest Granddaughter came especially to bake some Christmas bikkies and assist in the Christmas cake baking.
Her creations were decorated extensively with M & Ms....she had a ball!

I recieved more lovely Christmas mail....
This adorable little caravan decoration from friend Karen and a beautiful handmade card as well....thank you I just love it!
I also have a very nice friend in the UK who shares my love of BEATRIX POTTER. I am so thrilled when she sends me beautiful cards featuring Beatrix Potters artwork! This one arrived this week. Thank you are so generous and kind.
I have done very little stitching with trying to do some last minute Christmas preparations. Thank goodness no more shop visits required!
This will be my last post until after Christmas. Thank you for visiting my blog this year and taking the time to read my posts and leave me comments. I am so very thankful that I have had my stitching and art to keep my hands busy and my mind peaceful throughout this dreadful year. Also that we have kept each other company and encouraged each other via our blogs and video chats....we have been very fortunate to have this.
I would like to wish all of you and your loved ones are very Merry Christmas. My heart goes out to those of you that cannot be with family this year and hope that you can be with them in the very near future.
Take care of yourselves. I wish you peace, health and happiness this Christmas and hopes for a brighter 2021
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

FNSI December


Well here we are.....the last one for 2020. Thanks Wendy for gathering us together especially when you had difficulties to be dealing with.

I had a very relaxed FNSI. More little Heartstrings stitcheries were finished off....both only had a couple of stitches here and there. I usually have a couple started as I finish off any excess thread on another one rather than tediously winding it back on the card.

Because that was done rather quickly.  I got a couple more hearts appliqued for my pile. 

So that's my effort for the last month of the year. 
Short and sweet today after my long epistle last post.
Stay safe and well folks!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, December 18, 2020

Lovely Christmas Mail

 The weather has been a bit erk of late.....alternating between longed for downpours of rain that has sadly caused lots of flooding elsewhere and horrible humid heat.  My least favourite type of weather! But the upside has been playing with my pencils or stitching.

I spied an art reference photo by Gillian  Merritt of  a sweet English robin in holly that Gillian had generously shared for artists.....I loved it immediately and so set about drawing it to include in my Christmas decorating. 

I popped it into a frame I found.......
I think he may just become a favourite! 
Stitching has been working away on the Heartstrings stitcheries....there are 24!
I have managed 9 so far.....
My Postie has been a busy lady of late with some lovely cheery mail being delivered.
A beautiful card from my dear friend Ann who is a card marking wizard!

The sweetest Christmas tree coaster from beautiful! 

I think it may have to have a ribbon and go on the is too lovely to have anything slopped on it....especially by the Grinch who lives here lol!
My little EPP heart did a little flip flop when I opened Cheryl's gorgoeus it! 

And just for a bit of fun I can always rely on my Grinchy friend up the mountain, Fiona.....makes me giggle each time I see it and the card!

Love this wonderful wombat card (wombats are beautiful) and cute ornie from friend Sue....she knows me well!

Now in with the Grinch ornie was the most ungrinchy dear friend Fiona gifted me the most gorgeous book.....some of you may have seen the author's quotes and art on FB......I have loved them whenever I saw did she know?
Fiona also stitched a beautiful bookmark especially for it!
What a wonderful surprise this was....the kind that made my eyes leak.....THANK YOU!
I shall always treasure it!
Well I must get some threads sorted for tonight's last FNSI for 2020 with Wendy. A trip to get more may be required.....*sigh

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 

Monday, December 14, 2020

Sunday Stitchers Christmas Party 2020

 Well folks this post is very photo heavy, so you may need a cuppa to get through it! 

Yesterday Sunday Stitchers finished off this crazy year with a fun and festive flourish! 

We had two birthday girls.....Helen is our patient paparazzi. She documents all our doings for us.....

And Noela who sadly couldn't attend...this is Susan her birthday fairy with her goodies. 

Our gift giving this year was a reversible placemat and coaster swap....Christmas one side, everyday on the other. Inca was my Secret Santa and this is my placemat.

Lovely isn't it!  Maria received the one I made.

The other tradition is a Bon Bon swap.......inside we have to try and fit in....
1. A fat quarter 2. A button 3. An ornament 4. A treat 5. A surprise.
Trust me squeezing all that in is no mean feat.

I received mine from Marilyn....lovely goodies! 

Sandi once again made us a wonderful, fun photo frame to play with and bought props along as well. NOT BORING (you will see on the frame) is our group motto......and we try  hard to live up to it lol! Yours truly.....
The Southside girls...

The rest of the gang.....

Before we hopped across the road to Norfolk Tavern for lunch we squeezed in some UFOS and Show and Tell.....
Helens lovely Christmas quilt that gave her some angst..... but its beautiful now!
Quilts by Inca, Marilyn, and Susan and little zippy pouches in Liberty from Lynda.

And the prettiest little beaded Christmas ornament from Lynda..

Lovely Christmas goodies were given and received....

And this ornie from Helen, Sandi and Nor just about sums up 2020!

Our last job for the year was to mark the progress on our SAL Heartstrings. Our very loose schedule was to have the centre panel completed by Christmas breakup.

They are all looking wonderful.....and the variation in colour and fabric choice was so interesting! This is my Heartstrings centre.

So as they say in the movies.....that's a wrap! We certainly finished the year with a great day!
We are having some very wild weather up here in Queensland at the I am curling up with a book and a warm cuppa.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx