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Friday, August 31, 2012

I Don't Know Where to Start...

I feel this week as if all my Birthdays & Christmases have come at once in a good way of course. If you don't enjoy cups overflowing with Joy you should look away now as this post is simply full of it.
Most of you will know the simply gorgeous Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' and if you don't you should give yourself a treat and visit her lovely blog. Now Cheryll is the Queen of hosting lovely swaps bringing us like minded stitchers together. I was in her Santa Sack Swap last year and loved it but I was sad as I thought due to our trip I wouldn't be able to problems for our Cheryll. She said she would be my partner and wait until I got home just so I could be in it. Yippee! Said I!
When I got home from hols I got a lovely email from her telling me she was in fact here in Queensland (great excitement here) and was virtually going to be driving past me on the highway so we decided to have a 'van friendly' meet up so Cheryll could hand over my "Santa Sack/tote". We met at the Springwood Lions Club yesterday for cake and coffee.
What a delight she is in person. I loved meeting her and we talked and talked and could have kept talking if time had not intruded. Cheryll and I decided we would exchange tote bags to store our stash of Chrissy presents in waiting and mine is just gorgeous and in my favourite "RED" checks. Next to spots another big fav. A sweet red/white heart decoration on the handle is for my tree when it's Santa time.
I think some one has been telling Cheryll 'porkies' about my ability to leave pressies alone because it came with strict instructions...
As if I would!!! I bet it was that Shez!
My bag is full of 3months worth of gifties...oohh! Be still my beating heart.
Aren't the tags cute. It has made me come down with a huge case of "Yuletide" Happiness.
Of course like all bloggers we had to take a pic and Cheryll's very patient hubby obliged.
Thanks so much Cheryll it was wonderful to meet you and I wish you and Hubby safe travels home.
Now if that wasn't enough Joy for one day when I got home I found my "on line Friends Spring swap" parcel from Dale from Day-Days Blog which contained more gorgeous treasures which included this beautiful table runner from reproduction fabrics. There was cute sewing tools and sweeties....I was very spoilt. Thank you Dale....all just gorgeous.
Well you would think that would have been more than my allocation of happiness but wait like the Knives salesman says "There is More". When I went out this morning I had another parcel on my doorstep and I thought the DVD maniac in my house had been ordering more and was so surprised when I saw it was addressed to me.
The very naughty but extremely nice Fiona from Bubzrugz had sent me this gorgeous gift and when I read her card I was quite undone.....she said she loved this stitchery and it made her think of me. I love Anni Downs work and I very rarely get time to stitch other designers work and admit to a tinge of green when I see all the lovely stitching you girls do and now I have a special piece of my own.
Well this was followed by much blubbing on my behalf and it now has pride of place on a special little table I love. The card was beautiful and she knows me so well as it was accompanied by chocolate and gorgeous red fabric. I was (very unusual for me) totally speechless!
Thank you so much Fiona for your heartfelt kindness. My stitchery will always be treasured. I love it.
Well that as they say is that!! Wow! What a week I have had.
When I see the kindness and genorosity of spirit of my lovely blogging friends as I pop by to visit or experience it first hand it never ceases to amaze and delight me. It is not the 'things' that are given (although gorgeous) but the sentiment and affection with which they are given. It really reinforces what I believe, that the world truly is full to overflowing with simply wonderful people and I know a whole lot of them and call them friends.
Blessings Friends,
Michelle xxx
PS this is for my new follower Kat. I tried to answer your inquiry but my email bounced back to me...Sorry!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quilting with Friends

Still quilting here but today I got to do it with my friends at Kay's place. We had an extra catch up day because of the public holiday 2 weeks ago and two of our lovely ladies are off tripping around. Safe Travels to Lorel and Sandra. We are like a busy train station some one is always arriving or leaving. Makes for interesting chats when they return even though we miss them when they are away.
I also got to open another Birthday pressie...don't you just love it when your Birthday goes on & on or am I the only little 'gimme piggy' around here. Anyway Kay gave me a gorgeous mug ( just right for my hot choccies) and it gives twice as proceeds go to Breast cancer research. Kay also makes beautiful handmade cards and I just adore my bluebird card I received.
How pretty are these....thanks Kay for a lovely day and my gorgeous gift.

Most of you know that my logo is a little Angel hugging a heart with my Design name on a tag tied to the heart. This little Angel was not certain to be my logo but was one of the ideas I was thinking about and i had  drawn her up to see what she looked like. She inadvertently got sent away with some other paperwork and was printed as my logo. She seemed to have had a life of her own and in the end I couldn't do without her as  I became quite fond of her, so I decided to keep her. She has represented me beautifully in advertisements, on my business cards and also on my blog.
Now I always felt she was thrown together a little and I felt I would like to honour her in a way and make her truly my own. So I thought what better way than to stitch her using methods I am extremely fond I have used needle turn applique, embroidery and some stitchery to create her in fabric.
What do you think? I am not sure whether to make a small quilt or mount it on a canvas for my sewing room.
But I am really happy I did this and I feel that she and I are now truly a team.
Enjoy your evening,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Missed My 400th Post

I was so busy gas bagging I didn't notice that this is post number 402 so I thought a little celebratory giveaway is in order. This giveaway is only open to my lovely FOLLOWERS. You are such lovely people and I treasure your lovely comments and support of my creative endeavours. Also the help and answers to my dumb techie questions that seem to be like a foreign language to me.
If you would like to be in the draw for a copy of my "Stitchery Keepsakes" booklet, an oh so cute hand painted birdie from my gorgeous talented friend Tracey from Rose Petals Past, sweet fabric, William Morris gift card and a little birdie notebook just leave me a comment to that effect. I will draw it next Tuesday which will be officially ****SPRING **** and little birdies love Spring as do I.
A sneak peek in the booklet.
Good Luck to you all and thanks for being the nicest followers there are.
The postie bought me a special parcel last week and as it has been doing the rounds with friends and family I haven't had a chance to take a photo but I had my blog diary of our trip published and it's arrived.
It has been so much fun looking back over it all and Mr R and I are amazed at just what we got to see and do and how quickly it all went by. Our list in now 10 times longer than when we started of all the places we want to see together. So this is the reason you had to sit through all those holiday posts....Thanks!
On the sewing front I think I told you I had a little redwork project on the go because I go through withdrawals if I don't. Well here is a sneaky of it. Now I need to have another...just because! Am I crazy or what?
I have also been playing with "Merry Mistletoe". You may have seen some of my friends blocks from my private on line stitching group. I thought if some of my friends stitched along with me it would be a whole lot of fun. So I am playing with my blocks at present and I will be releasing a pattern when it's watch this space.

I have finally decided on a bit brighter fabric for it which is so different from what I usually do but I quite like it.
Well that's it from me I should of been out of here half an hour ago.
Have a wonderful day people.
"Any day stitching is a good day"
Blessings Michelle xxx

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Very Happy Monday

Not much stitching done here today except for a little more quilting but I did get to enjoy doing my Yoga class out in the gorgeous sunshine under the gum trees (even had a Kookaburra looking on...hate to know what he was thinking. LOL) and amongst the beautiful flowering grevilleas. It was so lovely.
I have also started reading a book by one of my favourite authors Diana Gabaldon. It is an off shoot from the Outlander series. So between quilting and reading I am having a very nice time of it today.
I have quite a busy week this week so I enjoyed having the day to do the things I love to do.
Well I am off to make some Lasagne for dinner, one of Mr R's favs.
Blessings Michelle xxx
Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, (Om Peace, Peace, Peace.)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quietly Quilting

It has been a lovely quiet weekend and apart from a visit out to a new "Creative Market" at our local school I have been quietly doing some hand quilting on My Country Garden.
I really like this block and the thing I love about hand quilting is the quiet reflection of the work you have already completed on your quilt as you go along. I love running my hands over the little hills and valleys the quilting makes. Does anyone else do this or is it just me???
2 blocks down and 7 to go.
While we were at the markets Gary managed to find the "Cake Stall" in record time (surprise!) and we bought home a small selection to share.
These were made by the clever girls at Velvetier (click on their name for the link) and when we got home were taste tested by our youngest Grandson who gave them the thumbs up.
It was a lovely little market and I hope it continues to grow. I think there is nothing nicer than a lovely original handmade gift.There was lots of beautiful funky fabric creations made by young women which was so nice to see. I bought some other bits and pieces but they are for my "secrets" stash. There was a yummy woodfired pizza stall and gorgeous coffee too.
Apparently the markets are going to be on the last Sunday of each month and there is a website As Springwood Central State School was where my children did their primary schooling and also the fact my most beloved Uncle Anthony was the first Principal of the school we always try and support their fetes etc.
We are looking forward to 30th September for the next one.
I am off to my favourite chair and my quilting now and I am still hopeful that the quilt in the "Naughty Corner" will behave and tell me how it would like to be finished.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Friday, August 24, 2012

Favourite Things Friday with Shay

The end of the week as arrived with a flourish and I find myself thinking this week "where did it go?" It has just flashed by. I have been lucky to have caught up with lots of lovely friends this past week and today my dear friend Ann is calling in for a catch up cuppa. It is so lovely when you know some one so well and they know you, that it doesn't matter if the house is not all sparkly and spotless ( I have vacumed and dusted) just saying that's all  and you just are happy to see each other. I guess the name for it is "Friend".
My "Favourite" this week is I am happily able to don my 'other' wardrobe. You know the first one is my PJ'S and the other one is "SHORTS".....woohoo! Yes! It is so lovely and warm I am wearing shorts and a T-shirt and I am barefoot as well. Bliss!
Now I hear you saying "wait a minute" yes it is an old photo but no one is home to take a piccie of me in my shorts and although I practise Yoga I am not that supple that I can take a photo of myself.
The other lovely thing about this time of year is the reappearance of the Blue Faced Honeyeaters gathering nectar from all the native shrubs in bloom. They also have a beautiful call. I was watching them this morning from my little verandah while I ate my breakfast calling to each other across the trees. When the Jacaranda blooms they love it. Just beautiful!
I know when Spring is right around the corner.
I wish you all a weekend of your choosing and a little saying I read on a cushion somewhere....
"Whether it's a lovely day is entirely up to you"
Blessings Michelle xxx

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last Block Done

I have finished doing all the stitchery on the "Miss Mistlemouse" blocks and am now looking at fabrics to put it all stay tuned. I hope she is finally satisfied and quiet (as a mouse. Sorry !)
I do love her though and think she is rather cute and she definitely was determined to make her presence felt.
Miss Mistlemouse also helped me resolve some issues with that 'other' project that wouldn't play nice so hopefully I have an answer.
Yesterday I went back to my stitching group who I had missed a great deal while I was away. It was so lovely to catch up and get lots of hugs even though several girls were absent ( more hugs next time). One of my dear friends lives down in our lovely Redland Bay area which is famous for it's gorgeous strawberries. I was very lucky to receive from her a big punnet of these gorgeous beauties. Check out the size of these.
That is a 50 cent piece there. They were also so sweet, just beautiful! So thank you Gaye. Don't you just love Mother Nature and the things she provides for us.
Well I must away as it is time to catch up with my old work friends for a coffee and 'decadent' cake again at our usual haunt.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Slow & Steady

I have been taking it easy and trying to get some order in my life since my return so back to Yoga classes, still trying to get some order in my sewing room. Two big bags of rubbish have been sorted, recycled and disposed of and it doesn't even look like I have put a dent in it, still I shall keep on a bit at a time.
The other thing I have been doing is wearing out my pencils and like I mentioned earlier 2 new little booklets have been born.....just need to get them printed up. I got a bit carried away especially as the groove I was in was Christmas folk.
Oh I have had such a good time.....but I have also been finishing off my special pattern for the Cookies and Cream Christmas Club (see logo on my sidebar) and it is already to be posted away now. Yipee! Here is a sneaky....
In between Domestic Goddess duties today I have managed to begin basting "My Country Garden" quilt so I can do some hand quilting and drew out another little Christmas stitchery pattern I had drawn earlier on to some fabric and It involves a very greedy teddy and some Pud so when I have stitched a bit I shall show you. I think it will make a really cute 12 inch quilt for the table top stands...... I just had to have some redwork to do...I swear I think I need help I love it so much.
I know I am an "antique" still basting by hand but I actually find it very relaxing especially listening to some lovely music.
Well I'm off to see if I can rustle up something to feed us. Don't you hate the day before shopping day (not that most of us in this country know what real hunger feels like) but not being the greatest cook I have to get a bit imaginative right about now. Still we never starve you only have to look at us to know that. LOL!
Keep cosy and enjoy your evening.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ruby Anniversary

Mr R and I have celebrated our Ruby Anniversary this weekend. Forty years has gone by so quickly and yet I can hardly remember a time when he wasn't in my life. It seems like it was only yesterday that we were ferrying kids to football and dance class and passing in the driveway with a quick kiss hello.We had talked about how we wanted to celebrate this milestone along with Mr R's big birthday and hence our trip came about as being together is our favourite way to be.
I asked our Daughter who loves dabbling in photography and is in my opinion very good at it if she would mind taking a couple of pics of her Dad and I up at Daisy Hill State Forest to mark the occasion. You never seem to take time out to this as you get older. I wanted them up there as I just love it and  is a very special place to me and has been a venue for fun family get togethers over the years as well.
I thought I would share a couple with you.......who ARE those babies in that photo????
It was a beautiful day and a couple of little wallabies came to see what we were doing and what the shenanigans were all about. We were very poor subjects for a very patient Melissa as we had trouble being serious as you can see and there was lots of laughter...well hysterics almost in some cases and lots of shaking of the head and sighing on her behalf.
I do really love the next photo......
There are lots of other lovely ones but are just for us. Unbeknown to us while we were up in the forest our lovely Daughter-in-law was at home making us a lovely afternoon tea which she and Melissa had been in cahoots about. It was a lovely surprise with the little boys and lots of yummies. Melissa created another gorgeous cake for us and I can tell you it tasted as good as it looks!
Cutting the cake together.....
Of course there is no show without punch or a pair of them actually and both were hanging out for that cake to get cut. Master L did himself proud with his piece and Master C polished off all the strawberries.
and his partner in crime....
We all paid for the sugar hit later on but hey that's what it is all about being with the Family we created together and love so much. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and love. xxx
We have been out for a lovely breakfast this morning just the two of here's to many more years together.
Happy 40th Anniversary Dear One,
Love Always Michelle xx

Friday, August 17, 2012

Favourite Things Friday with Shay

I am not sure if Mrs P. is hosting FTF today. I shall check later and link up if she is. But I thought as I had actually remembered I would do it anyway.
My Favourite thing today is lovely sweet Hot Chocolate with the must have pink/white marshmallows.
Riveting I hear you say.....but I am the "simple things" kind of girl. When I feel chilly I always want a warm drink to comfort me and recently when we were away in the 'freezing' bits of Australia I was having so many cups of coffee to try and warm up I was getting a little scritchy so to speak so I decided to have a hot chocolate instead.........YUM! Now I stopped feeling scritchy but I'm sure I started getting fatter so since I have been home I restrict it to a treat. I have tried lots of 'designer type and more upmarket' types of drinking chocolate but I just keep on coming back to the old fav Cadbury's ( I suppose being one of their greatest fans and devourer of the product could have something to do with it) and it is not because it matches my Hot Chokkie mug either. A simple but delicious FTF.
On the sewing front I have sorted my backing fabric and wadding for "Country Garden" and will get to tacking that up next week. I have also been keeping Miss "Bossy Mouse" quiet by paying her a fair bit of attention in the stitching department. A friend lent me a beautiful CD and so I have tucked myself up in my favourite chair with my pencils, pens and paper and have drawn many new friends which always makes me feel great. I am sure you will love them too.
Now the thing is who to make happy first.....those of you who wanted a little stitchery booklet filled with "Snowmen" or those of you who have asked for a little stitchery booklet just about "Gingies"....dilemma!!

I wish all of you a weekend doing something you for me I am very joyous as I get to go to the beautiful and talented Katie (she work miracles) and shed myself of  the "very wild and lived in look" I have been sporting since my trip. Someone told me it is typical of Leos, they hate Bad Hair days. Gosh I have had a Bad Hair month so I am getting a wee bit desperate right about now.
One last thing 2 more days left of my $8.00 Pattern sale..... finishes Sunday 19th August 2012.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Lovely Birthday Wishes

I feel very fortunate as my Birthday has been continuing on since the day and special wishes and gifties ( what can I say I love them) keep coming my way. This week I received 4 more yummy fat quarters from my online friends group from the lovely Jeanette from Jeanette's Place  and Jeanette was sweet enough to pop in a big favourite of mine a yummy Toblerone...Thanks so much Jeanette. The other parcel was from Sandy from Sandy's Patchwork Angel   and she also sent me a very cute pair of embroidery scissors, a cute owlie charm, a babushka nail file and the sweetest notebook from Hatched & Patched....Thank you Sandy. I feel throughly spoilt girls it was lovely. I can very happily add some more fabric to  my stash for my Applique quilt.
I got a great deal of satisfaction from throwing the non co-operating project that I have been struggling with into a corner of my sewing room until it decides to play nice and tell me what it would like for it's borders. Why is it that you never have just the right fabric in your stash when you decide to be good and not buy any new fabric and then it is off to the fabric shop in search for something that will suit what you chose from your stash to use it up and thus creating more leftovers in your stash. Does this happen to anyone else???  Well until it becomes clear to me how to finish this project I am going to sit quietly and do some meditative hand quilting on "My Country Garden" quilt and continue stitching 'bossy mouse'.
Being with some very enlightened friends today made me realise pushing too hard for something is the same as setting up  resistence to it and so I think myself and the offending project will fare much better if I just allow it to sit for a while. Hindsight and all that. I am looking forward to doing some hand quilting and I do love this little quilt as I got to do more embroidery on this one and it made me realise how much I enjoy it.
And finally it was such a glorious Brisbane winter's day here 23 degrees and loads of sunshine. It certainly puts a little spring in your step even if it is not quite here yet. I thought I would share last years Azalea blooms and it might make it seem like it is not to far away. I know it's cheating.
Enjoy your evening,
Blessings Michelle xx
PS Don't forget my pattern sale on until the 19th August 2012. See earlier post.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

Tuesday has rolled around again and as I was thinking about my 'treasure' to share this week I was replacing matches into a box after lighting my lovely new incense sticks from the Japanese Gardens in Cowra. It occurred to me that this box was something I hold dear and treasure as it was handmade for me by my Brother a number of years ago.
It is beautifully crafted and in it I keep my favourite Meditation CD's, matches and my gorgeous Tibetan Amber Mala beads ( I bought them because the money went to aid Tibet). Mala beads are used to help you remain focused during meditation by aiding in counting the number of times a Mantra is repeated. There are 108 beads on the strand and the large bead lets you know when you have done 1 round ( thought I should explain). Treasures inside the box. Love Sacred Earth's devine music too.
My Brother is responsible for transforming my little "Angel" logo into a lovely business card for me also.
So my lovely box and it's maker plus the treasures inside are what I am sharing today by linking up to my lovely friend MELODY for "Tuesday's Treasure". Be sure to pop over and take a peek and see who else is sharing their treasures.

On the sewing front I have been as busy as a little bee with several deadlines looming and more than one project in various stages of construction and pattern writing up to wazoo!! Not complaining (only a tad) as I love it. "Mistlemouse" is a very happy little mousey as all her stitching is just about done. I had finished when she whispered a "Santa Sack" might be nice....sooooo back I went to the pencils and paper.
She is one very bossy little mouse!!!!
I think every designer and probably every quilter goes through staring at completed blocks and thinking "Ok! What now! How is this going to come together in a way that won't make me want to cut it up with sharp scissors!!!". Well I am going through this in a big way at the moment. Along with this comes the big cloud of self-doubt about what you are creating and you decide everyone else has a handle on it all except you (I know that's not true but I am really good at telling myself fairytales) it all adds up to being in a big "Funk". It usually passes if I leave well enough alone and remind myself in the scheme of things it's no big deal but of course the temptation is to just start something new. I am trying to sit on my hands so  I don't. I'll let you know how my resolve holds up.
Ok enough of the little "pity party" as I want to remind you to check out my previous post for details of
Here's to stitching.....somewhere warm I hope.
Blessings Michelle xxx

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Warm Winter Bargains!!

ALL PATTERNS $8.00 each for 8 DAYS IN AUGUST !!!!!! I am having a little sale for this 8th month of the year starting today the 12th August 2012 and ending next Sunday 19th August 2012. So if there is anything you fancy just email me with your order and I shall post your bargains out to you. Postage is free within Australia. Payment can be made through Paypal or cheque or money order.
I hope you are enjoying your Weekend,
Blessings Michelle xxx

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quiet Weekend

I am having a nice quiet weekend and with our yearly visit from the chilly and gusty Westerly Winds I have stayed very close to my fire which is just perfect for sitting and stitching. I haven't really minded as I am throughly enjoying being at home with my own things around me.
I have had to take stock since coming home and while I thought I was up to date with my 'secret women's business' I have had to admit I needed to move myself a little and so I ventured into the disaster zone which is better known as my sewing space and can happily report some little 'secrets' are looking a lot closer to being finished.....a little sneaky peek.
The little grey cells have also been mulling over the new Christmas Quilt which I have called "Home for Christmas" and I made a start on putting it together today so I also have a sweet little pile of 2 1/2 inch squares to show for my bravery in entering that room!!! 
It has been nice having my Mum here to bounce ideas off as well.
That's it from me. I am off to have some yummy warm left over lamb stew with crusty bread and then settle down to watch the remainder of "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo".
I hope whatever you are doing you are happy doing it.
Blessings Michelle xxx